Good Morning George (also known as The Chocolate Factory) is the first song from Rack, Shack, and Benny. It is sung by Laura Carrot, Mr. Lunt, Rack (Bob the Tomato), Shack (Junior Asparagus) and Benny (Larry the Cucumber).


Laura Carrot: Good morning George, how are you? I hope you're feeling fine! I'd love to stay and talk but it's almost eight o' clock, and I haven't got the time.

George: See ya later!

Laura: Because we work real hard at the chocolate factory. We start at eight and we don't get lunch till three. I've gotta drive a truck, to make a buck. So I can send it home to my family.

Mr. Lunt: Well now, you are in trouble! Your timecard is a wreck! It's almost two past eight, I'll tell Nezzer that you're late and he'll take it from your check!!

Laura: Yes, Mr. Lunt.

Mr. Lunt: Oh yes, we work real hard at the chocolate factory.

Pea Worker: Excuse me, Mr. Lunt, but I've got an injury.

Mr. Lunt: Now get back on the line. You'll be just fine. With all this work to do, we've got no time for sympathy.

Benny (Larry the Cucumber): We used to be so happy.

Rack (Bob the Tomato): We used to laugh and run.

Shack (Junior Aspragus): Now there's no time to play, 'cause we've gotta work all day, and it isn't very fun!

Rack: I'm Rack!

Shack: I'm Shack!

Benny: I'm Benny!

Rack, Shack, and Benny: We work here in the plant. We'd like to take a break for goodness sake, but Mr. Nezzer says...

Mr. Lunt: "You can't!" Ha!

All: We all need a vacation. Our schedule is severe. We're getting very tired, but stopping gets us fired. So we'll have to stay right here! Because we work real hard at the chocolate factory. We start at eight and we don't get lunch till three. We work the whole week through to make a buck or two So we can send them home to our families. Someday they'll come and join us...We'll live in harmony! We hope the day is near. Until then, you'll find us here at the Nezzer Chocolate Factory!

Fun Facts


  • Mike Nawrocki did the voice of the injured worker in the song.
  • In the album version of the song, George's "See ya Later!" line was removed.


  • In the shot where Rack, Shack, and Benny are singing, their shadows reveal that they're slightly floating above the ground.
  • During that same scene, one of the bunnies' ears disappears for one frame.
  • In the instrumental version of the song, some bits of the vocals slip in (i.e. breathing, "-ck" from Mr. Lunt's line "Your time card is a wreck!" and "S–" from the characters singing the line "Someday they'll come and join us...").



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