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Goliath is a recurring character of VeggieTales franchise.


While played a villain, the Israelites agreed with their enemies the Philistines that they would choose two champions to fight each other, and whoever's side won would rule over the other. The Philistines chose the giant Goliath, and Dave volunteered to fight for the Israelites. Even though Goliath was much bigger and stronger, Dave defeated him with a slingshot and a pebble, but most importantly, with the help of God.

Goliath makes a brief appearance in Josh and the Big Wall!, having a cookout with his family in the Promised Land, but unfortunately scaring away the Israelites who arrived there.

He also appears in Madame Blueberry on a menu in Stuff-Mart, fighting the Fib.

In The VeggieTales Show, Goliath reveals that he is just performing his villainous role in Dave and the Giant Pickle.


Young Ebenezzer

But there's nothing here! Not even a jellybean...

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Physical Appearance

Goliath is a big green pickle. He has warts and hairs all over him. He has a big nose and eyes. When he fought Dave, he changed into red wrestling pants and a pair of red boxing gloves.



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Fun Facts


  • He is the first limbless character to wear gloves.
  • The size of Goliath is somewhat inconsistent.
    • In both How Many Veggies? and Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!, he is depicted slightly larger than Mr. Nezzer.
  • In Dave and the Giant Pickle, given that he is gigantic, he shakes the ground when he hops. Bizarrely, he does not shake the ground in further appearances, that is, until Naaman Takes a Bath.
  • He is almost three times the size of Larry even though in real life, pickles are smaller than cucumbers.
  • Phil Vischer, who voiced Goliath, recycled his voice for Apollo Gourd.