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God Wants Me To Forgive Them Card

This is an episode transcript for God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!.


Opening Countertop

(The scene opens to Bob and Larry on the countertop.)

Bob: Hey, kids! Welcome to VeggieTales! I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: And we're here to answer your questions.

Larry: Yep.

Bob: Now, Larry.

Larry: Yeah, Bob?

Bob: The other day, I was walking home from my bowling league, when I bumped into Marco, one of our TV friends.

Larry: Oh. That... That's great!

Bob: Mmm-hmm. Now Marco has a question for us... He said that when his baby sister does something that makes him mad & then she said she's sorry, Marco's mom says he need to forgive her. Why does he have to forgive?

Larry: Oh, that's a good question. Hmmm....Oh, I know! I'll tell Marco the story of "The Grapes of Wrath"!

Bob: Oh, that's a classic! This will be good!

Larry: Once upon a time, there were some very cranky grapes.

Bob: Um, are you sure that's how "The Grapes of Wrath" goes?

Larry: Oh, yeah.

Bob: Oh, okay.

Larry: Uh, Bob?

Bob: W-yeah, Larry?

Larry: Try not to interrupt.

Bob: Oh, sorry.

Larry: Once upon a time, there were some very cranky grapes.

The Grapes of Wrath

(The scene switches to a forest scene. Sunny the sun looks down to see four grapes driving through the forest in their jalopy.)

GrapesWe are the Grapes of Wrath! We'll never take a bath. It is our style to seldom smile and never laugh.

Pa Grape: We are the...

Grapes: Grapes of wrath! So stay out of our path! There's no escape from cranky grapes. We are the grapes of wrath!

Ma Grape: I'm Ma.

Pa Grape: I'm Pa.

Ma Grape: This is our brood.

Pa Grape: We're grumpy and we know it!

Ma Grape: That's Tom & Rosie.

Pa Grape: They're both rude!

Ma and Pa: & not afraid to show it!

Tom and Rosie: We're not the folks you'd like to meet, we bicker by hour.

Tom: While other grapes are nice & sweet...

Rosie: We're really rather sour!

Grapes: As we go driving by...

Tom: I might spit in your eye!

(Tom does so to a tree.)

Rosie: Or throw a snake in your milkshake to make you cry!

(Rosie does just that)

Pa Grape: Cuz we're the

Grapes: Grapes of wrath, so stay out of our path! There's no escape from cranky grapes. We are the grapes of wrath! There's no escape from cranky grapes. We are the grapes of wrath.

(A tree who was about to be run over comes to life and jumps into a nearby pond)

(the music ends)

Larry: One day, the grapes were out riding around in their car. When suddenly, they hit a bump.

(Pa Grape hits a tree stump and Rosie and Tom fly out of the car)

Pa Grape: We must've hit a bump.

(camera shows the tree stump that the car hit)

Tom: Hey! What'd you do that for?

Rosie: I didn't do. You did it, you big possum head.

Tom: I did not, you taco salad rabbit nose.

Rosie: You did, you casserole head pimento loaf iguana boy!

(everyone goes into silence)

Tom: Pa!

(Pa Grape steps out of the car)

Pa: Now Rose, apologize to your brother.

Rosie: Huh? What for?

Pa: Well, you know he just turned eighteen years old.

Rosie: Yeah, so?

Pa: So, that would make him a casserole head pimento loaf iguana man!

Rosie: Ah, yeah, sorry about that, cabbage-nose Elvis puppy.

Tom: Yeah, and don't you forget it!

(camera turns to Junior)

Rosie: Pa! There's somebody over there!

Pa: Eh? Ooh. Oh, you're right! Uh. What kind of fellow do you suppose that is, Ma?

Ma: Oh, let's see. Hm, It's no grape, that's for sure.

(everyone agrees)

Pa: It must be some kind of a bean or something.

(everyone agrees again)

Tom: Well, what's that thing he's got on his head?

Ma: Well, it's yellow.

Rosie: Um, cheese is yellow.

Ma: Mm-hm.

Pa: So that would make him a cheese-headed bean boy!

Everyone else: Ooh!

Junior: [clears throat] I'm not a bean, I'm an asparagus.

Pa: What'd the bean boy say?

Rosie: He said he was an aspara-mawhoosit.

Pa: Huh?

Junior: Asparagus! A plant of the Liliaceous genus. From the Greek: Aspharagos.

Everyone else: Ooh!

Junior: And this is not cheese on my head! It is a hat. A yellow hat. (he removes his hat)

(everyone else starts laughing)

Pa: Look at that crazy hair!

Tom: It looks like peas! Hey, bean boy! You been gluing peas to your noggin?

Junior: No...

(Junior is about to cry)

Bob: Well, that's just terrible. Don't those grapes know it's not nice to make fun of people?

Larry: Well, that's just it, Bob. They didn't know how bad it made Junior feel.

Bob: Well, jeepers, Larry. What happened next?

Larry: Luckily, Junior's dad heard them laughing, and came outside to see what all the commotion was about.

(Junior bursts into tears as his father comes out of the house.)

Mike: Hey, what's all the commotion out here? Ooh, grapes!

Junior: They were calling me bean boy and telling me I had peas on my head!

Mike: Is that true?

Pa: Oh, no, no, no, we would not do such a thing as what you have said we would have done, except, for maybe we did that I guess, now that you...oh...well, okay, we did that. Yep, that's what we did.

Larry: (narrating) So, Junior's dad explained to the grapes that when we make fun of people and call them names, that makes them feel very bad inside. He also told them that God wants us to be kind to everybody, and that when we act mean, it makes God feel sad too.

Pa: Well, uh... gee... I guess we never really stopped to think about it, well, how it was making you feel and all.

Rosie: Yeah, we was just having some fun, didn't mean nothing by it.

Tom: Yeah, sorry. Sorry.

(Everyone else apologizes.)

Pa: We'll never be mean again!

Mike: Okay, that's better. Now Junior, is there anything you'd like to say to the grapes?

Junior: Um. Like what?

Larry: Junior's dad explained to him that when someone says they're sorry for hurting you, and they really mean it, we need to forgive them. That way, we all feel better.

Junior: Oh, I get it! Okay, I forgive you, grapes.

(everyone else sighs in relief)

Mike: All right, now does everyone feel better?

(everyone else says yes)

Mike: It's almost time for supper. Come on inside, Junior.

Rosie: Junior?

Tom: His name is Junior?

(Tom and Rosie laugh hysterically, which makes Junior shake angrily)

Tom: That's a funny name!


(Junior walks toward the grapes, but he accidentally steps on a hoe, making him fall down on a toy dump truck. The dump truck moves down the hill to the sandbox, launching Junior into the air, as the grapes watch him land in the sandbox. Junior gets up covered entirely with sand and he coughs before lying down in the sand. Tom and Rosie start laughing again which makes Ma and Pa Grape more annoyed and unamused.)

Mike: Hey, I thought you said you weren't gonna tease anymore!

Pa: Well, that's exactly what we said, and we grapes always try to keep our promises. Isn't that right?

Tom and Rosie: Sure, yes, that's right. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Sure.

Ma: Now what you kids have to say to Junior?

Tom and Rosie: Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry.

(Junior shakes the sand off.)

Bob: Boy, I sure am glad they got that straightened out.

Larry: Yep, the grapes were really sorry this time, so once again, Junior forgave them.

Junior: What?!

Larry: Ahem, I said, "once again, Junior forgave them."

Junior: Are you serious?

Larry: Well, I think so, Bob am I serious?

Bob: Oh yeah Larry, oh yeah. You- you're serious. Mm-hmm.

Larry: You see.

Junior: I'm supposed to forgive them again. After they just did to me?

Larry: Well, uh yeah.

Junior: Sure, I forgave them for calling me "Bean Boy" and saying I had cheese on my head. But now they're making fun of my name and they laughed when the hoe almost smacked my face clean off, and then the truck picked me up and threw me in the sand. And you're telling me I'm supposed to forgive them again?

Larry: Um well, are you guys really sorry?

Tom and Rosie: Oh we're sorry, and we'll never do it again!

Larry: You see, Junior? When we do bad things, it hurts God's feelings, too. God wants us to tell Him that we're sorry. The Bible says, when we told God that we're sorry, He will always forgive us.

Junior: No matter what?

Larry: No matter what!

Junior: Wow!

Bob: That's right. And because God always forgives us, we need to forgive others when they hurt our feelings, too.

Junior: Well, how many times am I supposed to forgive them?!

Larry: Um, well um Bob?

Bob: Gee, you know, I'm not sure. Let's ask QWERTY.

(QWERTY plays a game that looks like Pong before Bob and Larry tells him about multiplying in the Bible)

Bob: Hey QWERTY, can you help us? We need to know how many times we're supposed to forgive people, according to the Bible. Maybe um, seven times?

(A light-bulb appears on QWERTY's screen before the verse appears)

Bob: Matthew 18:22. Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven."

Larry: Oh! 70 times 7.

Bob: 70 times 7. I see.

Larry: Um, do you know what 70 times 7 is?

Bob: Um nope, how about you?

Larry: Nope.

Bob: Well, does anybody know what 70 and 7 is?

(Camera cuts back to the grapes and Junior.)

Ma: 9?

Pa: Let's see, I remembered, when, oh, I was in college. Oh it was uh... pi r...boy, ooh...

Tom: Or it is 2? Or maybe 7?

Rosie: 490!

Both: Ooh!

Mike: That's one smart grape.

Larry: Well, there you have it, 490 times!

Junior: Wow! So I guess we need to forgive each other. Even we make the same mistakes more than once.

Mike: That's right, Junior. Now do you have something to say to the grapes?

Junior: Yeah, I forgive you guys again.

Both: Thanks, yeah. Thanks, thanks a lot, Junior.

Pa: You know, now that we're going to be nice and all, I don't think we should be called the Grapes of Wrath anymore.

Both: Yeah, Mm-hmm, you're right. Mm-hmm.

Tom: Well, what should we be called then, The Grapes of Nice?

Pa: No, that's not it.

Mike: That little girl of yours has quite a head for numbers. Maybe you could be, The Grapes of Math!

(The grapes cheer for their new name. Afterward, as Junior and his dad go into their house, the Grapes get back in their car and go home themselves.)

Larry: Well, everyone was very excited about their new name. But it was time for Junior to go inside and eat supper. So with the sun setting in the west, and Rosie happily quoting a quadratic equation in the backseat, the Grapes of Wrath, I mean Math, drove off to share their niceness with the rest of the world. The end.

Bob: Wow! That was great, Larry. But um, are you sure that's how this story goes?

Larry: Oh yeah.

(Larry winks with a grin. Camera fades to black background)

The Forgive-o-Matic

Scallion #1: Hey, kids, have you ever been bad? (A picture of a ball hitting and breaking a vase drops from the ceiling) Do you remember when you broke your mom’s favorite vase and then stapled it back together and hope she wouldn’t notice? That was bad! (A trumpet blare plays and the picture is yanked up and replaced with a picture of a lady screaming at the sight of a snake in bed) Do you remember when you put your pet snake in Aunt Millie’s pajamas and she ran 5 miles without ever getting out of bed? That was bad too! (A trumpet blare plays and the picture is yanked up and replaced with a picture of a teddy bear being ripped up in a blender) Do you remember when you stuffed your sister’s teddy bear in the food processor and told her it got chewed up by a "giant bear-eating lizard"? And she believed it? That was really bad! (A trumpet blare plays and the picture is yanked up, then we see all 3 pictures lined up vertically.) The Bible calls the bad things we do, “sin”. And when we sin, we need to be forgiven. That’s right! (on TV) So I know what you're thinking. "Jeepers, I've been bad! How do I get forgiven?" Am I right? (onscreen) Well, moms, dads, and kids of all ages, have I got the thing for you! The new WrongCo Forgive-o-Matic. (on TV) Yes, sir! The new WrongCo Forgive-o-Matic slices dices and purees your sins away. It's as easy as this. (offscreen) Just dial up your sin here, press this button, and... bingo! God forgives you of your sin! (onscreen) But wait! There's more! Order now, and you also receive a set of Gin-Sue steak knives, the strongest knives on earth. Just listen to this.

(A potato miner named Henry rises on a platform from the floor)

Henry: Hi. I'm a miner from West Virginia. In the last 3 weeks, we dug 2 miles through solid granite, all with one gin-sue steak knife and it’s still going strong.

(Platform sinks down)

Scallion #1: That's right. You get the Forgive-o-Matic and the steak knives all for one low price of just nineteen-ninety-five [$19.95]. You’ve never seen a deal like this before! Isn’t that right?

(Henry rises on a platform from the floor again)

Henry: That's right.

(Platform sinks down again)

Scallion #1: So don't delay, order today. (Junior appears from behind the curtains) Operators are standing by. Remember, you get the Forgive-o-Matic and the steak knives all for just nineteen-ninety-five [$19.95].

(Music ends and Scallion #1 smiles)

Junior: Ahem.

Scallion #1: (Turns his head to Junior) Not now, kid. Can't you see I'm "busy"?

Junior: But, I know lots of people who've been forgiven for bad things they've done.

Scallion #1: Oh, yeah? Well, they must have Forgive-o-Matics then. Huh?

Junior: Nope.

Scallion #1: Well, sure! You-you can't be forgiven without a Forgive-o-Matic. Isn't that right?

(Henry rises on a platform from the floor one more time)

Henry: Stop yanking me up and down. I'm getting sick.

(Hops to the right of the screen, then crashes off-screen, causing the set of knifes to dangle, then drop onto the stage. One knife ends up on the rotating stand.)

Junior: The Bible says, if we ask for God to forgive us, then He will.

Scallion #1: Y-you mean, all you have to is... ask?

Junior: Yep.

Scallion #1: You don't need a... a Forgive-o-Matic?

Junior: Nope.

Scallion #1: Are you sure about this?

Junior: I sure am!

(After hearing the truth, he realizes the product won't sell now, so Scallion #1 tries to improvise to convince the audience.)

Scallion #1: Did I mention that they also make great Julienne fries? Well, just drop a potato in here, uh, push the button, and presto! Out come the best fries you've ever tasted!

Junior: (Faces the camera) Oh look, it's time to go!

Scallion #1: But wait! There's more! (Runs off stage, then comes back with a tray displaying a shrub version of the Forgive-o-Matic) Just spread these seeds on here, and... and in a few weeks... (Pushes the Forgive-o-Matic off the rotating platform) Voila! (The Forgive-o-Matic rolls down and hits the floor) Chia Forgive-o-Matic. Isn't that... cute?

Junior: Say "Good night, Gracie".

(Hops off the stage just as the stage lights start to turn off one by one)

Scallion #1: Good night, Gracie.

(A spotlight shines on him, until the two final lights shut off, leaving his eyes visible in the dark, Scallion #1, finally giving up, hops away, but yelps as he ends up tripping and falling onto the floor.)

Larry's Lagoon

(Back to the countertop with Bob and Larry)

Bob: Do you remember when we learned about forgiveness?

Larry: Oh my goodness! How could I forget?

Bob: Well, do you think the kids at home would like to hear about it?

Larry: Oh, most definitely.

(Larry turns to the viewers)

Larry: You would? Would ya?

Bob: What'd they say?

Larry: Um, I don't know... I think they said yes.

Bob: Okay! Great! Well, should I tell them or should you?

Larry: Oh, go ahead.

Bob: Alright, well, it all happened one summer while Larry and I were running a tour boat service.

Larry: Yeah, you see? We have this boat, and we take the people, then we put them on the boat, and we give up a ride way out on the ocean! You see?

Bob: (unamused) Ahem.

Larry: Sorry... go ahead.

Bob: Thank you. As Larry said... we had a boat, and we would give people rides on the ocean.

(camera starts moving directly to the kitchen light)

Bob: But I'm remember that day...

(The next story is a parody of Gilligan's Island, known as Larry's Lagoon*)

Bob (voiceover): That fateful trip.

Larry (voiceover): Why yes! It started from that tropical port, aboard our tiny ship.

Bob (voiceover): Now Larry, he was a mighty sailor man.

Larry (voiceover): And Bob, he was great and sure!

Bob (voiceover): And uh... Were there five passengers we brought along that day, on our three hour tour?

Larry (voiceover): Ah yes! Our three hour tour.

(the professor comes in the port)

Bob (voiceover): Okay let's see... there's was the professor.

Larry (voiceover): And we were there.

Bob (voiceover): Well yeah. And uuuh, a millionaire.

Larry (voiceover): Um, and his wife.

Bob (voiceover): And wasn't there a movie star and umm, that other girl?

Larry (voiceover): Yeah, but they cancelled.

Bob (voiceover): Oh, oh yeah. Well anyway, there we were on our three hour tour, doing our best to entertain the passengers.

Bob and Larry (singing): Some veggies went to sea, sea, sea, to see what they could see, see, see, but all that they could see, see, see, was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea!

Larry: See?

Archibald: Yes, that was just dandy. But isn't a time we left the dock?

Bob: Heheheh! Okay, firing up the engine, first mate Larry!

Larry: Aye-aye, skipper!

(The boat engine starts up and the boat pulls away from the dock.)

Larry: Lovely day, isn't it?

Bob: Oh yes. Why... just smell that salt air.

Larry: Aaaah. Mighty nice.

Bob: I think I'll go back to see how the passengers are doing... can you take over here?

Larry: No problem-o, skipper.

Bob: It's a big responsibility. You won't day dream, will ya?

Larry: Don't worry about the thing, I got it covered.

Bob: Okay! Thanks, Larry.

Larry (in his head): Oh boy! This is the life! There's nothing I'd rather be than first mate Larry. Well, nothing that is. Except...(Larry starts to daydream and picture himself as a Russian icebreaker driver. And in his fantasy, he sports a Russian accent.) Captain Larry Romanov, the famous Russian icebreaker pilot. (The ship plows through the ice.) Today, Captain Larry must free whales. Two great whales trapped in ice.

(Whales groaning and fighting while stuck in ice)

Larry: But, there is problem... a large iceberg stands between Captain Larry and whales. There may not be enough time to go around it, but surely even Captain Larry is not brave enough to smash through the iceberg! No one has ever done such a thing!

(After looking at the iceberg, Captain Larry increases the speed of the ship)

Larry: Yes! This is no time for cowards! Captain Larry will smash the iceberg and free the whales!

(A door opens and Russian Bob appears)

Larry: Ah! Commander Boblov has come to congratulate Captain Larry for his bravery.

(Scene fades back to normal Bob)

Bob: Hey, Larry. We're making snow cones back there. Do you want peach or strawberry?

Larry: Um, not now, Bob. First I have to smash through this iceberg and free some whales.

Bob: There are no icebergs around here.

Larry: Oh, yeah? Well, what do you call that?

(They approach a rock and Bob and Larry scream. Larry tries to steer the boat to the right, but it's too late. The boat hits the rock and they all fly out and land on the beach.)

Lovey: Oh, the brochure didn't say anything about layovers.

Archibald: Well you see, Lovey, I believe we had some sort of an accident, Skipper?

Bob: Yes, we most certainly had an accident, and I think (turns to Larry) someone has some explaining to do.

Larry: Well, um, you see, there were these whales, and they were stuck in the ice, and well, the only way to get 'em out was to smash right through that iceberg over there, except it turned out to be a rock, and rocks are a lot harder than icebergs.

Mike: It just so happens that the nearest iceberg is 2,640 miles away. What were you thinking?!

Bob: (angry) You smashed our boat! Now what are we gonna do?!

Lovey: (angry) You have ruined our vacation. What do you have to say for yourself?

Larry: Um, I'm sorry? At least the boat is still floating. (The boat sinks into the bottom of the ocean) Oh.

Archibald: Hey, I need to call my broker. I'm going to look for a phone.

(They all hop away. Fade to later that evening.)

Bob (voiceover): That evening, we all worked together to build some huts to sleep in, But we were still pretty mad at Larry.

(Inside one of the huts, Bob and Larry are laying in their beds)

Larry: Gee, it's kinda nice out here. Maybe this isn't so bad after all, Huh Bob?

Bob: Not so bad? What do you mean "Not so bad"?! Our boat is at the bottom of the ocean and we're stuck on this island, in the middle of nowhere, with no way to get home!

Larry: I said I was sorry. At least you could forgive me.

Bob: Well it's just that we're-- well, can't you see we're-- I just-- I just can't! Oh!

Larry: I said I was sorry.

Bob: Well, that's just not good enough. Goodnight.

(Bob goes to sleep with Larry confused)

Larry: "Not good enough", Not good enough?! He means-He means I'm not good enough. They all think I'm not good enough. I bet they'll be happier if I just left. So that's what I'll do. (climbs out of bed) I'm just gonna-gonna take my things and just go away, Yeah. I don't have any things, so I'll just go...with just my hat. Goodbye Bob, I hope you find a first mate that's good enough.

(Larry then sadly hops away. The next morning, Lovely and Archibald come out of their hut)

Archibald: I wonder where the Skipper is.

Lovey: Who?

Archibald: Oh, you know, dear, the bright red, round fellow.

Lovey: Oh, yes. Where is he anyway?

Archibald: I don't know. That's what I was wondering.

Lovey: Oh, I see.

Bob (Offscreen when the camera faces the bottom of the palm tree): Has anyone seen Larry?

Archibald: Did you say something?

Lovey: No, it was that tree over there.

Archibald: Really? Well, what did it say?

Lovey: I believe it's looking for Larry. Who's Larry?

Archibald: Oh, you remember. He's the chap who smashed the boat.

Lovey: Oh, and ruined our vacation.

Archibald: That's the one.

Lovey: Oh. Well, I hope that tree gets him, serves him right.

Archibald: Here, here.

Bob: Hello, people! (Camera pans up as he is on top of the palm tree) Have you seen Larry?

Archibald: Oh look, Lovey, it's the Skipper!

Lovey: Oh, I didn't know tomatoes grew on trees.

Archibald: Well, actually... oh, never mind. Skipper, what are you doing up there?!

Bob: I'm looking for Larry! When I woke up this morning, he was gone!

(Mike comes out with a catapult he invented)

Mike: I've got it!

Archibald: Got what?

Mike: Our ticket outta here! We can build a giant catapult to fling us back home. Here, I'll demonstrate with this working model. You wind it up. Then, someone sits here, say, Bob, for example. (Places a coconut on the catapult) Now just pull this cord and...

(The catapult flings the coconut, which hits Bob on the head, making him fall out of the tree and onto their house, destroying it.)

Lovey: Our house!

Bob: Ow.

Mike: Oh dear.

Archibald: Look what you've done to our house!

Bob: You bumped me in the head with a coconut!

Mike: Wow, I did not mean to do that. I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

Bob: Well, I guess it was an accident and you did say you were sorry, so I forgive you.

Mike: Thanks.

Bob: I'm really sorry about your house. I'd be glad to help you fix it if you want me to. Do you think you could forgive me? 

Archibald: We know you didn't mean to do it, so, we forgive you.

Bob: Oh, thanks.

Mike: Gee, it's sure does feel good to forgiven when you make mistakes.

Bob: Yes sir! Boy, if I said I was sorry for doing somethin' wrong and really meant it, and people still wouldn't forgive me, I'd feel just terrible!

Mike: Oh yeah! Definitely.

(everybody looks down, realizing their mistake of not forgiving Larry)

Bob: Well... Larry said he was sorry for smashing the boat.

Mike: And that was just an accident too... just like when I hit you with that coconut, or when you fell through the roof.

Lovey: And we wouldn't forgive Larry at all.

Bob: So that's why he ran away! He must feel terrible! We've gotta find him! Come on, everybody! I think he's over here, maybe!

(everybody starts searching for Larry in the tropical forest)

Bob: Larry! Laaarry! Hey, little buddy! Larry! Larry! LarryLarryLarryLarryLarry!

(Bob is out of the forest and he sees that Larry's sailing away on a bamboo raft)

Bob: Hey, little buddy! Come back! We have something to say to you!

Larry (distance): You guys don't like me anymore! So I'm just gonna leeeave!

Bob: What?

(Larry blows and turns the little boat to get closer)

Larry: I said... You guys don't like me anymore! So I'm just gonna leave!

Archibald: We do like you, Larry.

Lovey: Yes, and we forgive you for smashing the boat.

(The raft reaches the shore.)

Larry: You do?

Bob: We realized that everybody makes mistakes sometimes, and it was wrong of us not to forgive you when you said you were sorry.

Larry: Yeah?

Bob: Yeah! Can you forgive us for not forgiving you?

Larry: Um, okay, I forgive you, guys.

Archibald: Oh, good.

Palmy the Palm Tree: Hello?

Archibald: Did you say something?

Lovey: No it was that tree again.

(Palmy approaches the group.)

Palmy the Palm Tree: I'm so happy to see you forgiving each other. It makes me want to sing. Do you mind?

All: No!

(Steel drum style music starts)

Palmy the Palm Tree: You know that in love, we can forgive, it is the only way to live, obey God and see, that we can live in harmony! (In harmony!) Since God has forgiven us, it's true, you forgive me, I'll forgive you, I'm gonna start to show forgiveness from my heart!

Both: Oh, summer!

Lovey: Yes, now if only there was a way for us to get back home.

Bob: Yeah. Well, at least were all friends again. Hey, has anybody seen the professor?

Larry: Nope.

(The shadow of a helicopter appears, surprising Bob.)

Bob: Waah!

Mike: Hey! Do you like it? I made it entirely out of bamboo and coconuts! Pretty good, huh? Well, climb aboard!

(A ladder falls down from the helicopter and everyone else gets on board.)

Larry: Hey, Bob?

Bob: Yeah, Larry?

Larry: Um, next summer, let's just sell lemonade, like everyone else.

Bob: That sounds like a good idea.

(The song continues as the veggies fly away from the island.)

Palmy the Palm Tree: You know that in love, we can forgive, it is the only way to live, obey God and see, that we can live in harmony! (In harmony!) Since God has forgiven us, it's true, you forgive me, I'll forgive you, I'm gonna start to show forgiveness from my heart! So do your part, and show forgiveness from your heart!


Closing Countertop

(Fades back to the countertop with Bob and Larry)

Bob: We've sure learned a lot about forgiveness on that island.

Larry: Yeah! Well, we also learned about how many things you can make with bamboo! We made a bamboo raft, a bamboo hut, a bamboo catapult, a bamboo helicopter...

Bob: Ahem! We get the point.

Larry: Bamboo.

Bob: It's time to talk about what we learned today.

(The What have we learned song plays)

(Larry interrupts while Bob tries to say something)

Larry: Bamboo-bamboo-bamboo!

(The song continues before Bob and Larry recap the stories.)

Bob: Junior Asparagus learned that it is easier to forgive others when we remember that God always forgive us, no matter what we do.

Larry: Yep! And on the island, we learned that everybody makes mistakes sometimes, and when we forgive each other, we all feel better inside! (beat) And about bamboo.

Bob: Let's see if QWERTY has a verse for us.

(QWERTY opens a verse for Colossians 3:13b.)

Bob: "Colossians 3:13b. Forgive others as the Lord forgave you." Hmm, so, so that's why we need to forgive. Well, we're out of time for today. But remember.

Larry: God made you special and He loves you very much.

Bob: Bye!

Larry: Bamboo!

(End of transcript)