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Glued at the Hip
Directed by

Craig George

Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


March 25, 2016


11 minutes

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Glued at the Hip is the first half of the ninth episode from the third season of VeggieTales in the House.


Larry is riding his bike on the ceiling, when Bob tells him to stop riding his bike on the ceiling. Larry tries telling Bob that he is not on the ceiling, but rather Bob is, though Bob tells Larry that he is the one on the ceiling, which turns out to be true. When Larry realizes this, he asks Bob how many times he told him this, and Bob answers a million times, though Larry says that he will take a million and one times before he resumes riding his bike on the ceiling. Bob, now even more frustrated than before, tries telling Larry to please stop riding his bike on the ceiling before he goes to read his book, while Larry still keeps riding his bike on the ceiling. Larry then says that this time, he is going to ride his bike on the ceiling while gargling water, but accidentally spills water on Bob's head when he drinks it. This time, Bob has had enough as he tells Larry that he needs to be alone, which surprises Larry into stopping his bike and falling off when he hears Bob say this, then asks how he participates in that, but Bob tells him that he does not. Larry then tells Bob that he is not the only one who wants to be alone and says that he is going to go be alone by himself in his room, then asks Bob if he wants to join him, but Bob refuses, to which Larry also refuses as well.

Larry is in his room as he realizes that "being alone stinks" then wonders what Bob is up to. Larry is about to leave his room when he hears Bob tell him not to come downstairs, which causes Larry to say that he won't. Larry then looks out the window to see Pa Grape before greeting him, asking him if he's out for an evening stroll, though Pa says that he can't remember where he parked his car. Larry tells Pa that he could use some advice then asks if the Bible says anything about friendship, Pa confirming that it does, saying that Proverbs 18:24 says, "A man of many companions comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Larry is interested from hearing this then goes back into his room, just as Pa is about to say what it means, but sees that Larry is gone. Larry then enters the living room again, just as he pulls out a tube of glue, misunderstanding what Pa said about sticking closer than a brother, then puts some glue on his hip, just as Bob comes up to Larry, who quickly throws the glue away. Bob apologizes to Larry for snapping at him like that, while Larry apologizes back to Bob then asks Bob for a hug, which Bob accepts as he and Larry hug. However, after Bob has hugged Larry, he ends up getting glued to Bob, which causes him to ask Larry why he can't stop hugging him, and why he's sticky, and why he smells glue. Larry repeats to Bob what Pa told him about Proverbs saying that there's a friend who sticks closer than a brother, which causes Bob to realize that Larry covered himself in glue and now they're stuck together. Larry then proceeds to say, "I will not tell you that's exactly what I did!", which causes Bob to give off a Big "NO!". Bob tries different methods to remove the glue, such as using a nail file, a jackhammer, and using a rope to pull himself away from Larry, but none of these methods work.

Larry tells Bob that the glue is dry, while Bob tells Larry that he can't believe that he'd do this, while Larry says that he thinks it's perfectly within his realm of behavior, which Bob has no choice but to agree with, then says that they should watch TV and hope that the glue wears off. Bob tries to hop off, but because he's still glued to Larry, the glue causes him and Larry to crash off-screen, before Larry uses his tooth to drag himself across the floor while Bob is sitting on top of him, before making it to his chair. Bob then decides that it's time for the news as he turns on the TV, showing a boring newscast with two carrot forecasters, one of them saying, "We now return to hour sixteen of our live coverage of 'City Hall Grass Growing'". Larry disagrees with Bob's choice, telling him that it's cartoon time, changing it to a TV show with a crazy corn man who says, "And now, back to hour sixteen of 'Wacky Silly Grass Growing'". Because of this, Bob and Larry get into a fight over what the other wants to watch on TV, while Larry says that he wishes that he never glued himself to Bob, which Bob agrees with. Before Bob and Larry can resume fighting, Mr. Lunt is heard on TV asking if anyone finds themselves in a sticky situation, which catches Bob and Larry's attention, before Mr. Lunt continues asking if you cat is stuck to a toaster and if you cannot peel apart your dirty dishes, then asks if someone covered themselves in glue and now they're stuck to them. Because of this, Mr. Lunt then says to come on down to Mr. Lunt's Shop and that they guarantee to unstick them or their money back at twelfth of what they paid. After the ad ends, Bob elated says that they've found the solution to their problem, though Larry says that their cat's not stuck to a toaster, but Bob corrects him that he means them.

Bob and Larry go to leave, but when they try to go out the door, they end up getting stuck but manage to get out as Larry says, "And away we go!", dragging Bob with him, but end up tripping over each other. Bob tells Larry that they have to work together, before Larry suggests a bike and a skateboard, Larry saying that he'll ride the bike while Bob skateboards beside him, then asks "What could possibly go wrong?" The instant Bob and Larry pull it off, Larry says in realization, "This is what could go wrong!" while he and Bob are swerving past the other citizens, even swerving towards a carrot woman's car, but Bob is able to jump over the car, while he and Larry then swerve past a lamppost. Meanwhile, Mr. Lunt is bored with the prospect of a business devoted to unsticking things, calling himself a fool for such a notion, just as Bob and Larry tumble in front of Mr. Lunt. Larry tells Mr. Lunt that him and Bob are glued together and that they need him to un-glue them and that they'll pay anything. Mr. Lunt retracts his earlier statement, instead calling himself a genius, while Larry tells Bob to drop the skateboard, but Bob says that he can't because he's stuck to it, just as the skateboard, with Bob and Larry on it, starts to roll away from Mr. Lunt then past him. Mr. Lunt tells Bob and Larry that he'll get them unstuck in no time, saying that he's unstuck himself from a weight set, a kangaroo, a refrigerator, a monster truck, and a cactus, then tells them to trust him when he says that he knows how to unstick a thing or two. Bob tells Mr. Lunt to unstick him and Larry first, then tell them about the many times he's unstuck other things. Mr. Lunt says that he'll get right on it, while Bob says that on the bright side, at least they're not glued to a third person.

Mr. Lunt then comes back while holding a spray bottle full of what he calls his 'unstick spray', before he sprays it all over Bob and Larry and the skateboard. Unfortunately, when Mr. Lunt tries to pull them apart, he ends up getting stuck to Bob and Larry as well, which causes Mr. Lunt to realize that he's stuck too, which Bob is frustrated about as he says, "Are you kidding me?" Mr. Lunt realizes that what he sprayed on Bob and Larry wasn't his unstick spray, but rather his super-stick spray, which Bob is even more angrier about, before he and Larry roll away, but not without pulling Mr. Lunt with them. Bob now starts dragging himself, Larry, Mr. Lunt, and the skateboard across the ground, while saying that once he's free, he's gonna find a friend who doesn't glue himself to him, while Larry says that he'll find a friend who'd be more fun to be glued to, while Mr. Lunt says that he'll find customers who can at least appreciate the efforts, even if he makes things worse. Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt try to pull themselves free from the glue, but end up getting stuck back together again, while Bob asks how this could possibly get worse. Mr. Lunt comes up with an idea, saying that he once heard that cod liver oil and sand can work as a "sticky remover", Bob asking him where he heard that, Mr. Lunt answering that it was his Uncle Jim, or the Encyclopedia of Horrible Ideas, which was written by his Uncle Jim. Larry then announces "To Pa Grape's store", before pushing the skateboard, with him, Bob, and Mr. Lunt on it, as they swerve around the street until entering Pa Grape's store. Bob tries pulling himself and the skateboard, Larry, and Mr. Lunt across the floor, but the three end up acting casual when a broccoli woman comes by while pushing a shopping cart, just as Pa comes up to them. Larry tells Pa that they need cod liver oil and sand and for there to not be any questions, but Pa immediately figures out that Larry glued himself, Bob, and Mr. Lunt together, Larry telling him that he said no questions. Pa also figures out that Larry took his advice too literally, before Bob asks Pa to take them to the cod liver oil and sand, which Pa obliges to, leading Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt down the aisle while they are still stuck on the skateboard.

Pa then gives the cod oil liver and sand to Bob, who then starts sprinkling it all over himself, Larry, and Mr. Lunt, while Larry complains that he got sand between his teeth, while Mr. Lunt complains that he got cod liver oil behind his ears. Larry then asks how this could possibly get any worse, before the combination of cod liver oil and sand causes Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt to get itchy spells, which they try to deal with, before they accidentally run into Pa, before he likewise gets stuck to them. The foursome then roll down the aisle on the skateboard, before they also end up running into Madame Blueberry, who also gets stuck to them as well, while Pa says that he should have seen this coming. Mr. Lunt says that it's the last time he follows advice from the Encyclopedia of Horrible Ideas, which is what he said the last time something similar to this happened, while Madame Blueberry angrily says that this is no way to treat a lady, a lobster maybe, but not a lady. The lobster, which is also stuck to the group, pinches Madame Blueberry's nose, which causes the group to tumble out of Pa Grape's store, before they also land on Ichabeezer who also gets stuck to them as well, then tumble across the ground. Ichabeezer says that he can't imagine how they all ended up like this, but what he does know is that it's Larry's fault, which everyone else agrees with. Larry says that he's glad that they like his work, while Rooney becomes excited as Ichabeezer tries telling Rooney to stay back and that it's a bad time for snuggles. Madame Blueberry says that at least now things can't possibly get worse, but unfortunately, Mr. Lunt holds up a stick for Rooney to fetch. Bob, realizing what Mr. Lunt is about do when he sees that Ichabeezer, who is now stuck to them, is still holding on to Rooney's leash, tries to stop Mr. Lunt, while Ichabeezer tells him not to throw the stick, but it's too late, as Mr. Lunt has already thrown the stick, while Larry, Madame Blueberry, and Ichabeezer each give off a slow-mo Big "NO!".

The instant Rooney sees the stick flying past him, he runs after it, pulling Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt, Pa, Madame Blueberry, and Ichabeezer with him, pulling them on the skateboard and past all of the other citizens. When Rooney pulls the group past a carrot man, the carrot man angrily tells Madame Blueberry to watch where she's going, prompting Madame Blueberry to ask why he only yelled at her. The lobster then pinches Larry, which causes him to pull the others up with him when he does a pained jump, pulling Rooney into the air as well, before the group falls back down and end up stuck to the side of the refrigerator. Larry says that he now at least knows how things could get worse, while Ichabeezer says, "This is just great!", before Madame Blueberry asks how they will get down. Pa assures Madame Blueberry that someone will be here any minute to help them. Night falls and no one comes while Mr. Lunt tells Pa, "You were saying, Pa?", while Ichabeezer says that at least Rooney's having a good time, while Rooney is swinging himself down below. Larry then asks why they can't because Pa told him that there's a friend who sticks closer than a brother and that he thought it meant that if you want a good friend, you should just glue yourself to someone, but now he realizes that it meant that when you find a friend who will stick with you through thick and thin, it is like you are family. Bob agrees with Larry, saying that he couldn't ask for a better friend to be stuck to, before Larry says that they should make the most of their sticky situation. Bob and Larry then start singing a song about how they are good friends, even in spite of being stuck together and all the things that they have been through together. After the song ends, everyone starts laughing, even in spite of their situation, before Ichabeezer asks how they are going to get down from the refrigerator. Mr. Lunt says that his Uncle Jim has an old trick for unsticking large groups of people from refrigerators, but everyone turns him down.


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  • It is never explained in later episodes how the characters got unstuck.

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