Foul Play is a VeggieTales comic that was included in an issue of the What's The Big Idea? newsletter. It was written by John Duckworth and illustrated by Jody Nilsen.


On the day of the Thanksgiving play at school, Junior Asparagus is jealous of Laura Carrot, since she has lots of lines, while he only has one. Laura tries to explain to him that he should be thankful that he has any lines at all, but he ignores her. He then decides to make a grand entrance, so then he'll be the star. Once it's time for Junior's line, he climbs onto a tall stack of chairs, and attempts to swing onto the stage by a wire. However, the wire snaps, and Junior falls into the giant pot that was used during the play. When Junior is unable to say his line, Laura says it for him, which results in a grand applause. Laura then explains to Junior that he did have something to be thankful for, and that even one line can make a big splash!


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