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Foreign Exchange Veggies is a song from VeggieTales Greatest Hits. It is a medley of several songs sung in different languages.


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Songs sung in different languages

Fun Facts

  • Originally, Kurt Heinecke and Mike Nawrocki wanted to put the full German version of "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" song, but was considered "too rowdy" for English-speaking ears, although a snippet of it can be heard.
  • The snippets of most language versions of the songs heard originated from the following dubs:
  • Endangered Love uses an Ecuadorian dub for its Spanish version, despite the song having been dubbed by the Miami voice actors. Although it is possible that this is because its origin episode, King George and the Ducky, was dubbed in Ecuador.
  • The German version of the VeggieTales Theme Song used in this medley is similar to the more common Musikclip recording, albeit with different instrumentation and a different kids cheering sound effect at the beginning.