Fly By Might

Larry Whitaker


Jeff Holder
Jason Vanborssum


Kent Redeker

Music by

Scott Pinkerton
Thomas Chan


March 16, 2002


7 minutes

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Cuke of All Trades!

Fly By Might is the first LarryBoy Super Short.


Mild-mannered Larry is relaxing outside his mansion and is planning to take a snooze, until a fly lands on his nose. He gets very annoyed about this, so he plans to get rid of it. Larry tries to use bug spray and a water hose, but these backfire. So he puts his LarryBoy gear on and uses his plunger ears to catch the fly, only to stick himself to a fast-moving truck. After LarryBoy smashes into the truck, he launches a frog out of his utility belt, but the frog hops away on the road. He then uses a vacuum, which gets damaged due to a pillow getting stuck.

Finally, the cucumber of steel gets into the LarryMobile and uses it to try to run the fly over. But it topples over when the fly put its leg out. LarryBoy decides to transform it into its LarryPlane mode and uses the plungers underneath to pull a part of land with the fly on it. Unfortunately, the LarryPlane cannot carry the piece, which then plummets towards the ground. LarryBoy survives, but he gets tired out, and the fly relaxes on top of LarryBoy's head, finishing the story.


Fun Facts



  • The sound effect of the vacuum getting buffed up by the pillow is the same sound effect used for the orange Undo button in VeggieTales Creativity City.


  • LarryBoy's nose vanishes after the vacuum explodes, but he regains it in the close-up.
  • LarryBoy's straps are missing in the title card.



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