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Fidgel is the science officer of the Rockhopper.


Fidgel received his advanced doctoral degree in psycho-aeronautics, after completing his dissertation, which proved that penguins, are in fact, aerodynamically capable. They just choose to waddle instead of fly because "waddle" sounds funnier, and Penguins are one of the few birds capable of sustained comedy.

While technically the only member of the Penguins' crew with no musical talent, Fidgel invented a guitar that is controlled by how he imagines he could play if he did have musical talent. This patented technology has since been used in numerous boy-band records.


Fidgel has extensive knowledge in various scientific fields, but he lacks an understanding of things as simple as jinxes.

Physical Appearance

Fidgel is a Macaroni Penguin. He has six blond crests, three on each side of his head. He has floating eyebrows. He wears round silver glasses, black gloves that are longer than elbow-length, and a light orange jumpsuit with the letter F on the emblem located on his collar. He is the only penguin to wear a cream labcoat.


Fidgel appeared in every episode of 3-2-1 Penguins!.

Voice Actors



  • Akram Halim (Arabic dub)
  • Jakub Saic (Czech dub, TV Nova)
  • Vesa Hämes (Finnish dub)
  • Gadi Levy (Hebrew dub)
  • Manolo Coego (Latin Spanish dub)
  • Gordana Kamenarović (Serbian dub)

Fun Facts


  • According to Zidgel, Fidgel is color blind.
  • Fidgel's favorite food is watercress sandwiches.
  • Fidgel bears an uncanny resemblance to Jason and Michelle's Granddad.
  • Fidgel is the only member penguin to wear glasses and the only one to be eyeless.
  • He is the second Big Idea character to have expressive glasses. The first was the Rumor Weed.
  • In early concept art, Fidgel's costume was white.
  • He and Zidgel are the only penguins who mentioned about their families. In Fidgel's case, his brother-in-law Ray. However, he does not say whether Ray is his spouse's brother or his sibling's husband.
  • According to an older version of the Big Idea website, if he wasn't on a spaceship crew, he would be teaching astrophysics at Cambridge, writing packaged food nutritional information, or watching a lot of Animal Planet.
  • In the original episodes, he has shoulder pads like the other Penguins. They vanished when the series was revived for television.
  • According to an older version of the Big Idea website, his signature color is orange.
  • Fidgel is the only breed accurate penguin; Zidgel is a Rockhopper, another crested penguin breed, but does not have the yellow crests on the side of his head.



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