• Species: Green Onion
  • Hair color: Brown

Esther is the queen of Persia.


Prior to her arrival to Persia, Esther lived in Babylon with her grandmother. She is also Mordecai's cousin. He told Esther to tell her friend that she should pay the apple, but then she was picked for being one of the eligible maidens to be King Xerxes' wife and queen. She originally didn't want to, but her cousin hesitated due to Haman's behavior. She eventually became queen of Persia.

After her coronation, Mordecai warns Esther that Haman is trying to banish all their families to the Island of Perpetual Tickling.


Esther is a kind queen, who believes in God. But she is afraid sometimes, and is tomboyish, as she didn't want to be the queen of Persia. But later, she finally embraces her position as queen and becomes braver, and did the right thing, saving her people.

Physical Appearance

Esther is a green onion with brown hair and brown eyes.


For the story, the production team needed to make a new veggie character. There was different options on what they were going to make Esther look like. They were going to make her a chili pepper with the same eyes like the other veggies, then a scallion with a hair bun. Concept artist Joe Sapulich didn't want to exaggerate the looks too much, stating she looks a lot like a movie star. At the time, he had a daughter named Sarah who had long bangs in the front and got the inspiration for Esther's hair. Joe was pleased what he came up with, but this was a nightmare for the animators because her hair wouldn't react the same with her head movements. Hence why she only appeared in that one episode.

Another nightmare that happened during production according to Phil was that on the first time, her eyes were brown entirely, making her look like an amphibian.


Voice Actresses

Fun Facts

  • Esther is the only character with detailed eyes.