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"I will not be afraid, I will not run and hide!"
— Esther deciding to be brave, also a part of The Battle Is Not Ours

Esther is the titular protagonist of Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen. She was a young, ordinary peasant girl before she was chosen to be queen of Persia, as well as the successor of the former queen, Vashti.


Prior to her arrival to Persia, Esther lived in Babylon with her grandmother. She is also Mordecai's cousin. She was asking for advice from Mordecai about what she should do with her friend stealing an apple. Mordecai tells Esther to tell her friend that she should pay for the apple, but Esther was too afraid to do it. Mordecai then tells Esther she never needs to be afraid to do what's right. Just then, she was picked for being one of the eligible maidens to be King Xerxes' wife and queen. She originally didn't want to, but her cousin hesitated due to Haman's behavior.

Esther awakens in Xerxes' palace and meets up with her cousin. Mordecai explains to Esther that Haman hated their family and that if he knew they were related, Esther would be in danger as well. He then tells Esther not to let anyone know that they were in the same family. Esther becomes frustrated about having to stay in the palace, and asks Mordecai why she has to stay here. Mordecai was unsure, but tells Esther that God knows why she is here, before he leaves the palace, promising Esther he will visit her again. Esther then asks God why she is in the palace, and what she should do now.

Later, Esther sings a song her grandmother taught her to Xerxes and Haman. Both enjoy it, and Esther eventually became queen of Persia. However, Esther was a bit unsure about her new position, but Mordecai comforts her by saying things will be fine.

The next morning, Esther is fetched by Haman to Xerxes. Mordecai then spots the Peaoni Brothers trying to kill Xerxes and explains to Esther about it. Esther warns Xerxes about the Peaoni Brothers' trap on time, and Xerxes successfully avoided the trap. Xerxes thanks Esther for saving his life, but Esther truthfully tells Xerxes that Mordecai was the one who saved his life because he alerted her.

That night, Mordecai explains to Esther that Haman is trying to banish all their families to the Island of Perpetual Tickling. He tells Esther that she must go to Xerxes to tell him about Haman's plot, but Esther is afraid, knowing what will happen to her if she approaches Xerxes uninvited. Mordecai advices Esther that God had a reason for everything that happened to her, and that she never needs to be afraid to do the right thing, before he leaves the palace again. Esther once again asks God why she is in the palace and what she should do. Later, she finally decides to embrace her position as queen and save her family.

The next day, Esther approaches Xerxes and Haman. Even though it was forbidden for anyone to approach Xerxes uninvited, he allowed Esther to visit him whenever she wanted. Esther initially wanted to tell Xerxes about Haman's plot, but she gets frightened by Haman's glaring and instead invites Xerxes and Haman for dinner. However, Esther still could not tell Xerxes about Haman's plot that night, and again invites the two for dinner.

The next night, Esther finally musters up the courage to tell Xerxes about Haman's plan to eliminate her and her entire family, and that Mordecai is her cousin. After hearing this, Xerxes gets angered and banishes Haman to the Island of Perpetual Tickling instead.

The story ends with Mordecai replacing Haman as Xerxes' right-hand-man, and Esther smiling as she gazes at the sunrise, feeling proud that she saved her people.


Esther is a kind and noble queen who believes in God. She was formerly afraid sometimes, like when Mordecai said that she had to go to the King, which she overcame. She also disliked her new position as queen at first, possibly because she can't leave the palace and she had to follow Xerxes' rules. But later, she finally embraces her position as queen and begins to become braver, and did the right thing, saving her people and confronted Xerxes about Haman's plot.

Physical Appearance

Esther is a green onion (leek) with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pink lipstick.

Throughout the episode, her clothes change. In the beginning, Esther wore a white-brown servant clothing. After she is taken to Xerxes' palace by Haman, Esther wears a red audition dress which had a white collar, a red top shaped like wings, a gold belt and long red skirt. When she is crowned queen of Persia, Esther wears a white-pink robe with a yellow-feather collar. She also wears a yellow tiara with pink-orange jewels, with a white diamond on top of it.


For the story, the production team needed to make a new veggie character. There was different options on what they were going to make Esther look like. They were going to make her a chili pepper with the same eyes like the other veggies, then a scallion with a hair bun. Concept artist Joe Sapulich didn't want to exaggerate the looks too much, stating she looks a lot like a movie star. At the time, he had a daughter named Sarah who had long bangs in the front and got the inspiration for Esther's hair. Joe was pleased what he came up with, but this was a nightmare for the animators because her hair wouldn't react the same with her head movements. Hence why she only appeared in that one episode.

Another nightmare that happened during production according to Phil was that the first time they rendered the episode, her eyes were brown entirely, making her look like an amphibian.


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Fun Facts

  • Esther is the only character with detailed eyes.
    • These kind of eyes would be carried onto the Netflix spinoff series for the redesigns of all the characters.
  • She was originally going to be a chilli pepper.
  • According to the commentary of the episode, Esther's tiara represents her responsibility.
  • She was never used again after her debut episode because her hair was too difficult to animate.
    • Because of this, she would eventually be replaced by a new female lead named Petunia Rhubarb.