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Epiphanus and Tona were wealthy parents to Nicky.


On one day when Nicky wanted to go fishing, his mother told him they need to do their church service before they can. He didn't like this as it could take hours, though Epiphanus and his son eventually went after it was over. While fishing, Epiphanus was telling Nicky about the importance of helping others and how they're called God's hands and feet, though his son didn't pay attention too much. After Gustav fired his employee, Epiphanus gave them a free fish to help them out, with Nicky fearing what may happen if his parents give too much away.

One night, Epiphanus and his wife Tona got a message from a woman that her husband was ill, and they needed them to help out. Nicky worried that they'll get sick, which they did later and died afterwards. After Nicky went to the Holy Lands, he later found out the reason why his parents love helping others.


Like most parents, Epiphanus and Tona love each other and their son. They also like worshipping God, love having fun and have a good joke, and help others in need.

Physical Appearance

Epiphanus is a yellow gourd with a green nose, brown hair and beard. He sports a tunic with a red coat with a gold chain.

Tona is a green okra with a beauty mark on her left and brown curly hair. She sports a blue silk dress with a gold crown.


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Fun Facts

  • Their names are based off of the real Saint Nick's parents, Theophanes and Nona.