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Ephraim Apply is an immigrant who came from the Cauliflower. He is an ancestor of the Bad Apple.


Apply was one of the passengers on the Cauliflower who wanted to find land. After Obadiah Bumbly founded the land that would become Bumblyburg, Ephraim wanted to take over the village and made Apply's Funhouse, an attraction that would distract the villagers. Unfortunately, this was foiled by the founder when he saw the lack of construction and stop the apple's bad deeds. Because of this, he was banished by citizens, never to return again.

His descendant would later take revenge on this.


Ephraim is very sneaky and cunning, and always wanted to take over Obadiah Bumbly's village.

Physical Appearance

Ephraim Apply is a red apple with green facial hair. He wears a cream ruff around him.



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Fun Facts

  • According to the Bad Apple, Ephraim is her great uncle. This is somewhat incorrect as she would have been much older. Though like with Larry with his ancestors in Mac and Cheese, she probably wants to simplify the "greats."
  • He looks similar to Bob.
  • The Cauliflower is a parody of the Mayflower, the boat that carried the pilgrims.
  • He could possibly be of Hebrew descent, since Ephraim is a common Hebrew name.