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Electro-Melon/Ed Blinkenderfer
  • Species: Watermelon
    String bean (Ed Blinkenderfer)
  • Hair color: Dark Green
    Olive Green (Ed Blinkenderfer)

Electro-Melon (real name Ed Blinkenderfer) is a superhero and is one of Bok Choy's students at Bumblyburg Community College.


String bean Ed Blinkenderfer accidentally became Electro-Melon when electrical nexus struck him, creating a emotional energy to be a large melon.

Whenever he's Electro-Melon, he uses his powers to create electric for the Bumblyburg General Hospital.

During class, he tells Bok Choy that being angry is the only way to become the superhero he is. But his teacher tells him that he needs to let go of his anger.


Young Ebenezzer

But there's nothing here! Not even a jellybean...

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Physical Appearances and Abilities

Because of his size, Electro-Melon is very strong and can pick up any object that is too heavy for anyone to hold. He also has electric powers.

Electro-Melon is a large green watermelon with big eyebrows and dark green hair. He wears a pair of torn up purple pants that resemble a ring on his body.

When he is calmed down as Ed Blinkenderfer, he is a light green string bean with olive green hair and a goatee.

Voice Actors




LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures

Fun Facts

  • Both his physical forms and strength are based after Marvel's The Incredible Hulk. His electric powers are possibly based after Electro's from the same series.
  • On the Bumblyburg Map, some of his color schemes on his skin are different than what he has in the actual show.