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Einger Warblethroat is a famous Austrian yodeler.


A native in Austria, Einger was born in the village of Glutenhimmel. He spend his childhood being chased by the ferocious alpine rabbits. During his free time, he studied the art of yodeling under the illustrious Heinz Vonderbonnet. After warbling his way to victory in the great Monkey Yodel-Off and Chinese Cooking in Baderbiederboff, Einger went on world tour. To this day he remains on tour, mostly because the alpine rabbits are still chasing him.

Einger came to Bumblyburg for the first annual Yodeling Festival at the Bumblyburg Music Hall, though he was captured by Greta Von Gruesome. He was eventually rescued by Larry-Boy along with the other four yodelers.

Physical Appearance

Young Ebenezzer

But there's nothing here! Not even a jellybean...

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