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Don't Sink in the Sink! is a board game released in 1999/2000, when Big Idea was about to switch animation software programs.

Game Instructions[]

The rules to the game were simple. Around 2-4 players were allowed. You could play as either Larry the Cucumber, Larry-Boy, Junior Asparagus, Bob the Tomato, or Laura Carrot. Each player would take turns spinning a wheel. If the arrow on the wheel pointed to "1," you would move one space ahead. "2," you would move two spaces, and "3," you would move three spaces. If the arrow lands on "the floatie," you would then be able to pick up the floatie game piece and attach it to your character. However, you could only use it for one turn. The goal of the game was to be the first one to get to the finish line without "sinking" into the sink. The design of the board game was shaped like a box with several slits marking the top so the game pieces could fit inside. However some of the slits were slightly bigger than the rest, making it possible that your character could fall into the box, thus forcing you to start over with a new character and try your best to catch up. The floatie game piece can be helpful. Because if you land in a sinking spot with the floatie on, the floatie will prevent your character from falling into the box, however yet again this is only allowed to keep the floatie for one turn.