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This is the transcript for Destination: SPACE STATION!.


(The episode opens to Larry singing and dancing around space while riding a rocket ship and wearing a helmet)

Larry: (singing) I'm the first cucumber in Space, the first veggie ever to enter this place

I'll fly through the stars, visit Venus and Mars

I'm the first Cucumber in Space

(he dodges 2 asteroids but continues singing)

I'll make my way through the galaxy

Jump super high without gravity

Watch me zoom up over the moon

I'm ridin' my rocket into history

Lookin' back at tiny earth, I travel through the universe

Write my name in the hall of fame

As a veggie astronaut I am the first

(Larry picks up an asteroid and starts dancing with it)

I'm the first cucumber in space, the first veggie ever to enter this place

I'll fly through the stars, visit Venus and Mars

I'm the first Cucumber in Space

(The asteroid is really Bob the Tomato, Bob calls Larry's name as Space fades back to Bob and Larry's house thus, Larry wasn't really in Space).

Bob: Why were you singing about Outer Space?

Larry: (picks up Bob) Why weren't you singing about going to Outer Space? I gotta go to Outer Space, Bob! I just gotta!

Bob: You can't just go to Outer Space, it's not that simple.

Larry: (pacing the floor) Don't you have, like, blueprints of a rocket ship we could build a rocket and go?

Bob: (laughs) No, Larry, I don't have blueprints to a rocket... (gasps) Oh, yes, I do (Pulls one out).

(Larry says "Aha and grabs the blueprints and says "Let's Make it" 3 times).

Bob: Okay, we'll make a rocket and go to Outer Space.

(Fade to the construction site where Bob and Larry are reading the blueprints and dressed with construction gear a la Very Silly Songs!)

Bob: These blueprints are pretty complicated, We're really gonna have to take our time and pay attention to every small detail. Uh... Larry? (gasps) (Larry is driving the bulldozer)

Larry: Make way for the dozer!

Bob: (gasps) Larry, No! (he runs over in front of the dozer to stop it). If we're gonna do this you have to have patience. If we rush it, something might go wrong when we're in space.

Larry: But we'd be in space right? You win some, you lose some.

Bob: Have a little patience, let's get to work and we'll go to space when we're finished (opens up the blueprints).

Larry: Fine.

Bob: See, taking our time can be fun.

Larry: I can't think of a less true sentence (sits down).

Bob: Let's see what's next (opens up the blueprints) "Step One: Pile up Rocks", "Step Two--"

Larry: Go to Space?

Bob: No. "Send rocks up to the construction platform."

Larry: (sighs) What do we need rocks for anyway?

Bob: Because it's a Rock-et ship (he goes up the elevator).

Larry: Makes sense to me.

Bob: Alright, Larry, send them up

(Larry then tosses rocks into the tunnel up to Bob, he goes too fast making Bob tell Larry to "Slow Down" twice, Larry then trips into the tunnel screaming, Bob screaming too, Larry flies into Bob knocking him over, they both fall off the ledge and onto the ground).

Larry: Butterfingers.

Bob: Next Step, "Attach the Beams." You use the crane and I'll guide you (he climbs up a gray ladder) Okay real slow!

Larry: Let's get this show on the road (he pushes the lever making the beam go out of control).

Bob: Whoa! Oh, No. (Bob jumps away as the beam flies around hard enough to hit Bob but he dodges and goes down the elevator) Out of Control Construction Beam (x2).

(As Bob slides down one of the beams on the ground, the beam is released and falls down towards Bob)

Bob: This can't be good

(he beam lands on another beam making a screaming Bob fly into the tunnel, while he's in, he demands Larry to Catch Him, Larry blocks the tunnel exit with a bucket and Bob flies right into it away from Larry's hand, Bob falls out of the bucket and on his head dazed).

Bob: Anybody catch that license plate of that construction beam? (Mumbling) Larry, you can't rush things like that.

Larry: It was an accident, an accident that lead to terrifying peril but an accident nonetheless.

Bob: (sighs) I'm gonna take a Lunch break, but when we get back to work, you have to slow down.

(Fade to Larry entering a restaurant which would be Burger Bell).

Larry: At least a hamburger should be fast. One burger, please (hands a bill).

Cashier Carrot: (hands Larry a burger) Here you go, sir.

Larry: (walking over to a table) See? Was that so hard? I wanted a burger and instantly got it.

Tina: Instant satisfaction, isn't that the best?

Bacon Bill: Yeah. If there's one thing I don't like waiting for, it's everything.

Larry: That's what I've been trying to say!

Madame Blueberry: Having some troubles, Lawrence?

Larry: I wanna go to outer space right now!

Tina: Outer...

Bill: ...Space.

Larry: Exactly! But Bob thinks I should be patient while we build a rocket, (sits by Bacon Bill) What do you think, Madame B?

Madame Blueberry: I must go to the far reaches of the galaxy this instant galaxy.

Larry: But how? How?

Bacon Bill: I got an Idea! Okay! (mumbles incoherently)

Larry: Bill, those aren't words.

Bacon Bill: Oh, sorry. Here's my plan. If we want to go to space right now, what we do is... (whispering)

(Fade back to Bob making some progress on the rocket and hammering and Larry comes up to him).

Bob: Sorry I got a little heated.

Larry: That's okay.

Bob: Great. Ready to slow down, do some work, and make a rocket?

Larry: Nope.

Bob: Uh, what?

Larry: Bill, Tina, and Madame B, and I are going to space right now! (they pop up behind Larry)

Bacon Bill: (shouting) Hi Bob, we're going to space!

Bob: And how are you gonna do that?

Tina: We ordered a rocket off of the website

Bacon Bill: Only cost us 25 cents.

Madame Blueberry: I haggled them down from 50.

Bob: Bu... you're still gonna have to wait for it to get here.

(Suddenly a Delivery Pea shows up)

Pea: "Special delivery for the cucumber-comma-Larry".

Larry: That's me. (to Bob) you were saying?

Pea: One rocket ship. (The Big Rocket ship is actually made of cardboard and thuds but the Pea picks it up).

Larry: Thank you very much, let's go to space.

(Bill, Tina and Madame all chant space as they walk over and get inside the cardboard rocket).

Larry: (to Bob) You coming?

Bob: No thank you, that doesn't look safe. Just have a little patience, Larry. Wait with a happy heart. A heart that trusts God.

(Larry pulls the rope a few activating the engine).

Larry: Sorry, Bob! No time for patience, only time for... going to Space.

(No matter how hard the rope is pulled, it doesn't work, Larry screams in frustration but after one more hard pull, the engine works and Larry is excited now, he dashes inside the rocket, throws Bob a radio signal and pulls one out of his own). See you up there when you finish.

Tina: Yeah, like in 50 years (laughing).

(the engine on the rocket sputters but blasts off quickly into space with the passengers cheering).

Bob: (sighs) This won't end well.

(And off the rocket flies into space whirring and clattering).

Larry: See, who needs patience when you can order a rocket ship from a poorly designed website?

Madame Blueberry: Good Point.

(Now everyone inside the rocket are floating around).

Bacon Bill: Wow!

Larry: Can you believe it? We're in Outer Space,

Bacon Bill: I never knew the Earth was so small. How'd we all fit on that?

(Suddenly the engine starts sputtering and clattering).

Tina: What's that noise?

(The rocket starts whizzing around and everyone is screaming).

Madame Blueberry: What is happeneing?

Larry: I think the engine blew!

Bacon Bill: What do we do? (shrieking) What do we do?

(As the engine sputters we see Bob finishing up on the rocket).

Bob: Almost... done. There ready for space. (Radio static)

Larry: Bob, come in, Bob! Do you read?

Bob: Larry, how's space?

Larry: Terrible! Our engine blew up, and now we're spinning out of control! I should of listened to you, Bob! I should of taken my time! You gotta help!

Bob: (gasp) I'm on my way (tosses the ladder away) Let's do this. (Bob jumps on the crane and into his rocket and flies off cheering, once he gets to space, he's surrounded by asteroids so he dodges them, cut to cardboard rocket still spinning).

Bacon Bill: Remind me to never go to space again in a spinning, crazy rocket ship with a full stomach ever again.

Tina: It's Bob (x2)

Bob: Just sit tight, I've got to use the super-scientific rocket-Reacher. (A rope pops out and grabs onto the cardboard rocket). Gotcha, Whoa. (Both rockets are dragged out of control, the engine sputters on the cardboard rocket but Bob's rocket screeches, the rope creaks and drags the cardboard rocket over).

Larry: You saved us, Bob, Thank you! Over!

Bob: I'm just glad you're all safe. Over.

Larry: This is all my fault. If I had just been patient, we could of just gone to space safely, Over,

Madame Blueberry: That goes for all of us, Lawrence. Over,

Tina: I wish could stay up here longer. Over.

Bob: I do have blueprints to a Space station but it'll take a long time to build.

Larry: We can wait, and build it right. Over.

(And with that, everyone starts working on the Space Station as the "Blue Danube Waltz" plays. As it's finished building, they all enter and they have all big smiles).

Larry: This... place... is... awesome!

Bob: Captain?

Larry: Yes, Co-Captain?

Bob: I'm proud of you for taking the time to build this space station right. Was it worth the wait?

Larry: Most definitely. But there's something that most cannot wait, Lieutenant Blueberry?

Madame Blueberry: Sir, yes sir.

Larry: Where's the bathroom?

Madame Blueberry: Third door on the right, sir.

(Larry and Madame Blueberry leaves and Bob smiles at the camera and the episode irises out).

(end of transcript)