Daniel and the Lions' Den

Phil Vischer


Phil Vischer

Daniel and the Lions' Den is the first Bible story told by VeggieTales and the second segment of Where's God When I'm S-Scared?.


A long time ago in a far away country called Babylon, lived a young man named Daniel (Larry). When he was a boy, he was taken from his home from Judah and taken to Babylon where he went to school in the palace of the Babylonian king. As he grew older, he prayed to God that his family would be protected and that he himself would be protected as well. Over the years, he grew up to be one of wisest men ever. One night, Babylonian ruler, King Darius (Archibald) had a dream. He summons his wisemen (The Scallions) to his palace to explain his dream to them, but they have no success. Daniel soon comes into the palace and is able to explain the king's dream. Happy with Daniel's talents, Darius appoints him as second in command of Babylon. Jealous that they didn't get Daniel's position, the scallions begin to think of ways to get rid of Daniel. Scallion #2 comes up with an idea and everyone else agrees to it.

The next morning, they go to King Darius to tell him of a new law: every citizen in Babylon must pray him or be thrown into the lion's den. Darius signs his name on the document stating the law and the scallions head out. Every citizen hears the law, including Daniel. But Daniel will not compromise to the new law and as always prays to God on a regular basis. While Daniel is praying in his house, the scallions bust Daniel and arrest him. They take him on over to the lion's den, toss him in, and place a rock over the entrance to prevent him from escaping. While down there, Daniel is frightened by the lions but an angel of God comes to tell him that God is always protecting him, even in the lion's den. King Darius, upset of losing Daniel, prays to God for protection of Daniel.

The next morning, the scallions and King Darius come to see Daniel's fate. But it is revealed that Daniel is alive and well and had pizza with the lions. King Darius, thankful to God for Daniel's safety, declares a new law that every citizen must pray to God. He also finds out of the scallion's crimes and runs after them as they head towards Egypt for a new life.

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