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Daniel and the Lions' Den
Directed by

Phil Vischer

Written by

Phil Vischer

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


December 1993


12 minutes

Daniel and the Lions' Den is the first Bible story told by VeggieTales and the second and last segment of Where's God When I'm S-Scared?.


One night in the palace of Babylon, the Wisemen (The Scallions) are summoned to the palace of Babylon. King Darius (Archibald) appears explaining that he has experienced a dream and wants to know what it means. The Wisemen are unable to provide an answer, but Daniel (Larry) emerges and explains the dream. He is soon promoted to second-in-command, much to the chagrin of the Wisemen because each one of them wanted that position. Soon, they begin plotting to get rid of Daniel.

The next morning, the Wisemen trick Darius into signing a law declaring Babylonians must pray to Darius or be thrown into the Lions' Den. Daniel is soon caught praying to God by the Wisemen, who then sentence him to consumption by the lions. After being thrown into the den, two of the Wisemen taunt Daniel about the predicament that he is about to face. As soon as the lions start growling and staring at Daniel, he panics. Soon enough, an angel reassures Daniel that God is always protecting him, even in the lions' den. Meanwhile, the Wisemen celebrate the success of their scheme while King Darius prays that Daniel's God can keep Daniel safe.

The next morning, everyone goes to the lions' den to see what was left of Daniel. Miraculously, Daniel emerges from the Lions' Den unharmed, to the shock of Darius and the Wisemen. After Daniel says goodbye to the lions (whom he apparently made friends with) and thanks them for the pizza, Darius implements a new law stating Babylonians must pray to God instead of to himself. He then quickly realizes that the Wisemen had came up with that scheme. The Wisemen, in fear of having been caught in the act, flee to Egypt with Daniel and Darius chasing after them.

Fun Facts[]


  • This segment was featured on Where's God When I'm S-Scared?, and Heroes of the Bible!: Lions, Shepherds and Queens (Oh My!). On the former, it is paired with Tales From the Crisper.
  • In the King Darius Suite, the beginning had the first part of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" jump.
  • This is the first Biblical adaptation in the series.
  • In the original Bible story, the Wisemen, along with their wives and children, are brought back to the Lions' Den and thrown in, where they are instantly devoured by the lions, for their crimes against Daniel. However, because VeggieTales is a kid-friendly show; this ending merely involves King Darius and Daniel chasing after the Wisemen.
  • In the original Bible story, King Darius is not the Babylonian king that has dreams that Daniel interprets. The king was actually King Nebuchadnezzar (whom Mr. Nezzer was based off of) who was famous for dreaming of the fall of Babylon through a dream about a statue made of 4 different metals that was destroyed by a stone from a mountainside. this dream was interpreted by Daniel that foretold that all kingdoms will fall and the kingdom of God shall prevail. The king knew Daniel was telling the truth.


  • How on earth did both Daniel and the lions have pizza down in the lions' den? Lions have no opposable thumbs. Also, Larry has no hands. They also didn't have a pizza oven, coal, wood and they obviously had no telephones or pizza parlors in ancient Babylon. Also, there wasn't electricity nor were there fridges in ancient Babylon. So, storing the ingredients to make pizza in the lions' den would certainly be impossible to do and the dampness would have made all the food go to waste. So there is no way the lions and Daniel should be having pizza. Besides, Wiseman #1 should not have asked "They had pizza?" because ancient Babylonians should not have any idea what pizza is. Also, pizza was invented in Gaeta, Italy in the late-990s C.E.; not in ancient Babylon. Why this was added into the story is certainly questionable.
  • It is unknown who removed the rock that the wisemen put at the lion's den. It may have been the pizza guy if the lions & Daniel ordered pizza.
  • When the Wisemen are about to throw Daniel in, Daniel says he sees his house. How does Daniel see his house? Also, Daniel should not be getting a phone call. As established earlier, there aren't any phones in ancient Babylon and wouldn't exist until it was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.


  • If you listen very carefully to the sounds the wisemen are making as they're walking towards the golden gate after hearing about King Darius having a dream, you can hear a Foley artist crying out "OH!"
  • During the shots when King Darius was talking to Daniel, his mouth has vanished.
  • The signed document contains only a signature line and nothing else, although it is possible that it does contain extra information. However, presumably because of time, it is omitted.


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