Déjà Grape

Tod Carter


Chris Wall


Tod Carter
Mike Nawrocki


October 14, 2008


4 minutes

Déjà Grape is an alternative ending for The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.


Sometime after the events of rescuing Alexander, George tells Sedgewick to get rid of his devices as they're troublesome. Sedgewick tries to convince him that they're useful. George notices that one of the devices is the Helpseeker, which Sedgewick states he modified it so he can get a whole armada of rowboats.

However, it first brought a rowboat that almost hit the trio. George gets mad about and nabs the device from Sedgewick. But then he gets a illusion of himself from a few minutes ago, which sort of caused a riff of the space-time continuum. Elliot decides to give a gizmo a go, only to turn into an infant. They decided to use the Helpseeker to transform Elliot back to his adult self, only to keep switching body parts and shapes in the process. Once they turn back to normal and another boat almost hits them, Sedgewick finally gives in.

What they don’t notice while they’re getting ice cream in the end is that Sedgewick became part fly.



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