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Curly is a partner who works for the Bad Apple.


He first helped out the Bad Apple by giving out the temptations of Mayor Blueberry, Petunia Rhubarb, and Larry-Boy. Unfortunately, he still hadn't figured out the hero's temptation yet, though he tracked him down and found out not only Larry-Boy's, but also Alfred's temptation.

Curly later helped out the Apple by inflating the new Apply's Funhouse and tried to persuade the citizens of Bumblyburg inside. However, this was stopped by Larry-Boy, and he was arrested.


Very sneaky and smart, Curly can pass through others without anyone noticing. He is also shown to be a good speaker who knows how to attract consumers.

Physical Appearance

Curly is a skinny worm with purple eyelids and wears a light brown stetson. He also speaks in a Brooklyn-esque voice, making him sounding like a carnival barker.


Tim stated he wanted to create a worm character to be paired up with the titular villain, but because of why they changed Khalil, they faced a challenge on how to make him not slither like a snake. So Tim Hodge designed him to move like some sort of a spring, similar to Doug TenNapel's Earthworm Jim.

Voice Actors



Fun Facts

  • He is the first character to find out the location of the Larry-Cave.
  • Tim Hodge designed him to move like some sort of a spring, instead of slithering like a snake.