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Colossians 3:23 is a song from VeggieTales in the House episode, Motato Gets a Job. It is sung by Larry and Pa Grape


Larry: I could turn the tables

Upside down

Dress like a clown

And clown around

Build a can-wall

In front of the wall

Make funny faces

And roll on the floor

But by goofing off

Pa Grape: Don't be goofing off

Larry: I won't please the boss

Pa Grape: And I'm the boss

Larry: I'll do all the work

I promised to do

Instead of goofing off

Pa Grape: No, don't be goofing off

Larry: Cause when I do the job

Pa Grape: You're gonna do a good job

Larry: I'm pleasing God

And in life I'm getting ahead

No goofing off!

Pa Grape: No goofing off!

Larry: No goofing off!

Pa Grape: No goofing off!

Larry: And whether I'm being paid

Or workin' for free

Pa Grape: Well, I'm gonna pay you somethin'!

Larry: My reward

Pa Grape: His reward

Larry: Is in pleasing the Lord

Pa Grape: It's in pleasing the Lord

Larry: Cause I believe in

Pa Grape: Cause he believes in

Both: Colossians 3:23