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Classics from the Crisper!
Directed by

Mike Nawrocki
Tim Hodge
Tom Bancroft

Produced by

Jennifer Combs

Written by

Mike Nawrocki
Phil Vischer
Eric Metaxas
Tim Hodge

Music by

Kurt Heinecke
Phil Vischer

Distributed by

HiT Entertainment and Blockbuster Video


November 20, 2001


2 hours

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Classics from the Crisper! is a VHS-exclusive compilation of three stories and also the last spin-off of Bob and Larry's Favorite Stories!.


VeggieTales is the award-winning kids' video series that teaches values like honesty and kindness in a delightfully wacky way. Combining top-notch computer animation, infectious songs and lovable characters helps to create the kinds of stories that can only be VeggieTales!

Classics from the Crisper! contains three full VeggieTales episodes:

Esther...The Girl Who Became Queen[]

When a regular girl wakes up one day with the weight of the world on her shoulders, can she find the courage to do what's right?

Lyle the Kindly Viking[]

A small Viking sets out to prove that sharing gets us more of what we really want...friends! Voted "Best Direct-to-Home-Video Production" at the 2001 World Animation Celebration.

The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown[]

Join the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything in this rollicking musical countdown of the ten silliest Silly Songs of all time!

When it comes to teaching values in a whole new way, there's never been a show like VeggieTales!


  1. 1996-2003 Lyrick Studios/HiT Entertainment FBI/Interpol Warning screens
  2. VeggieTales Intro
  3. Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen
  4. Lyle the Kindly Viking
  5. The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown
  6. The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown Title and End Credits
  7. Lyle the Kindly Viking Title and End Credits
  8. Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen Title and End Credits
  9. 1997-2005 Big Idea logo (Esther variant)



  1. VeggieTales Theme Song

Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen[]

  1. Lost Puppies
  2. The Battle Prelude
  3. Haman's Song
  4. The Battle Is Not Ours

Lyle the Kindly Viking[]

  1. Classy Songs with Larry: Larry's High Silk Hat
  2. We're Vikings
  3. What's Up With Lyle
  4. Dear Monks
  5. Not So Fast
  6. Look Olaf
  7. What Do You Think You're Doing
  8. My Share
  9. Dear Monks (Reprise, final part only)
  10. My Share (Reprise)
  11. We're Vikings (Reprise)
  12. What Have We Learned

The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown[]

  1. 10. Endangered Love (16, 215 votes)
  2. 9. Dance of the Cucumber (17, 534 votes)
  3. 8. Larry's High Silk Hat (17, 919 votes)
  4. 7. The Water Buffalo Song (19, 677 votes)
  5. 6. The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps (23, 979 votes)
  6. 5. The Song of the Cebú (32, 078 votes)
  7. Do the Moo Shoo
  8. 4. His Cheeseburger (38, 508 votes)
  9. 3. Love My Lips (46, 673 votes)
  10. 2. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (51, 930 votes)
  11. 1. The Hairbrush Song (53, 290 votes)
  12. Silly Song Remix Medley

Fun Facts[]


  • This is the first and only "Favorite Stories" compilation to be distributed by HiT Entertainment after its acquisition of Lyrick Studios.
  • The title of this home video is not to be confused with Tales From the Crisper, the very first story of VeggieTales in its very first show, "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?".
  • This compilation was released in the same month as The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown.
  • Just like Junior's Favorite Stories!, all the shows featured on this release had already been available individually in the mass market beforehand.
  • Just like the last three compilations, this release was exclusive to Blockbuster Video.
  • At the end of the video, the title of each show would show up for a few seconds before cutting to its respective credits.



  • While the HiT Entertainment logo is seen on the back cover and ink label of the cassette, it oddly does not appear before the video starts, causing 20 seconds of a black screen of death between the FBI/Interpol Warning screens and the theme song.
  • Some copies of the tape have an error in the credits that mixed up the titles of "The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown" and "Lyle the Kindly Viking."



If you want to see the Galleries for the episodes, see Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen/Gallery, Lyle the Kindly Viking/Gallery, and The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown/Gallery.