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Christian Hit Music
Music by

Christopher Davis

Distributed by

Big Idea


August 21, 2007


53 minutes and 59 seconds

Christian Hit Music is an album with the Veggies singing popular songs by Christian artists.


  1. Big House (feat. Audio Adrenaline)
  2. In the Light (originally by DC Talk)
  3. Flood (originally by Jars of Clay)
  4. I Can Only Imagine (originally by Mercyme)
  5. Shine (feat. The Newsboys)
  6. Dive (feat. Steven Curtis Chapman)
  7. Meant to Live (originally by Switchfoot)
  8. Sadie Hawkins Dance (originally by Relient K)
  9. Baby, Baby (feat. Amy Grant)
  10. I'll Take You There (Originally by The Staple Singers)
  11. Blue Skies (originally by Point of Grace)
  12. Made to Love (originally by TobyMac)
  13. Smellin' Coffee (originally by Chris Rice)
  14. Trumpet of Jesus (originally by The Imperials)
  15. Place in This World (originally by Michael W. Smith)


Fun Facts


  • This won a GMA Dove Award for the 2008 Children Music's Album of the Year.
  • This CD had an original cover design featured in a God Made You Special Pamphlet.
  • This is the first time Mr. Lunt refers to Mr. Nezzer by name, as opposed to calling him "boss." He does so at the beginning of Trumpet of Jesus.


Inside References

  • A brief excerpt of This Little Light of Mine is sung near the end of Shine.
  • During I'll Take You There, Mr. Nezzer says "You know that's right," which is a nod to one of his lines from his debut episode.
  • During Smellin' Coffee, one of the things that Larry mentions as part of his "morning routine" is finding his hairbrush.

Real-World References

  • One of the lyrics Mr. Lunt sings near the end of Made to Love is "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah-de-all-da-day." This is a possible reference to the song, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, from the 1946 Disney film, Song of the South.

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