Charles Pincher is an old, scruffy, and crotchety scallion that is a minor character in the VeggieTales series.

He can most often be seen in antagonistic roles, but has also acted as a teacher and guide for other characters on occasion.

Being outside of the main cast of characters, not much is know about Charlie. He often speaks with a Cockney accent, though he has also been seen speaking with a North American accent.

Physical Appearance

Charlie is a pale green scallion with three long curly stalks. He has a long and bulbous pink nose with liver spots, as well as pink eyelids. Atop his eyes sit bushy, brown-ish gray eyebrows. He also has a definitive oval-shaped chin and a dark five o'clock shadow.

Charlie's body shape is unique compared to other scallions, having a more oblong look to him, almost resembling the shape of a vertical infinity symbol.

Charlie originally had a visible tooth protruding from his lower jaw, but it hasn't appeared consistently.

Having only been seen in character roles, Charlie does not have a casual outfit like many of the main VeggieTales cast. His wardrobe changes depending on what role he's playing.


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