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This is the episode transcript for Celery Night Fever.


Opening Countertop[]

(We fade to Bob and Larry on the Countertop)

Bob: Hi Kids, I’m Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I’m Larry-

Jimmy: The guy who ate my pie!!!!

Larry: No, it’s just “the cucumber.”

Bob: What’s wrong Jimmy?

Jimmy: What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! I’ll tell you what’s wrong! Jerry, bring in Exhibit A. (Jerry shows up with a pie can and shows Bob that the pie is empty) That’s what’s wrong.

Larry: Oops.

Jimmy: The three of us made this together.

Jerry: Yeah, together.

Larry: I was super hungry.

Jimmy: We were supposed to split it three ways. You ate all the pie and didn’t include us. Did you ever stop to think that Jerry and I might be super hungry too? 

Jerry: Yeah, super.

Jimmy: And that we might be looking forward to enjoying our pie? 

Jerry: Yeah, our pie.

Larry: I’m sorry, guys.

Jimmy: You can’t put whipped cream on sorry, buster.

Bob: Was there an Exhibit B? Usually when there’s an Exhibit A, there’s an Exhibit B.

Jimmy: I was thinking the pie was Exhibit B.

Bob: Wasn’t that Exhibit A?

Jimmy: No, the pie tin’s Exhibit A. The pie itself is Exhibit B.

Larry: Which we can’t really get to right now because it’s in my stomach.

Jimmy: Oh, that hurts! Like a pie in the face.

Jerry: Ouch.

(Jimmy and Jerry left offscreen angrily)

Larry: No, wait, I wasn’t- Guys, I’m super sorry. Uh, pretty sure pies to the face don’t really hurt.

Bob: This reminds me of a message we got from Jason, way up in Bangor, Maine.

(Qwerty opens up a message)

Bob: “Dear Bob and Larry, My little brother is super annoying. He rode my bike without asking and it got a flat tire. Now, I can’t ride it! I’m really mad at him. What should I do? Your friend, Jason.”

Jimmy: Hmm?

Bob: Hey, Jimmy. Well, Jason, and Jimmy, and Jerry, and Larry, I think I’ve got a story that can help. 

Jimmy, Jerry, and Larry: Really?

Larry: What’s it about?

Bob: It’s about friendship and forgiveness. 

Jimmy: I was hoping it would be about pie. 

Bob: Roll Film!

(fade to black)

Celery Night Fever Act I[]

(The story starts with the title card and a disco background then we fade to the Celery Park in 1975. The Groovy Brother members are Dennis (played by Bob), Lanny (played by Larry), Alister aka Big Daddy Al (played by Archibald) and Stixs (played by Khalil). The song they are singing is Together.)

Groovy Brothers: As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Uh Uh Get in the Groove

Uh Uh Nothing to lose

Uh Uh Oo Oo

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Hey Hey got something to say

When I'm feeling down you bring a smile my way

Gonna Dance around cuz you make my day

Oh its a celebration

Hands High

All of my friends

We gonna jam out

We gonna do it again

Right on Right to the end

We gonna keep on celebrating

As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Uh Uh Get in the Groove

Uh Uh Nothing to lose

Uh Uh Oo Oo

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

(We pan to the classroom)

Petunia: Now that's music! Thank you, Mr. McMurray for bringing in your film.

Curtis: See you tonight, grandpa!

Mr. McMurray (George): Copy that, Curtis.

(Mr. McMurray opens and closes the door)

Petunia: Our next special guest for Grandparent's day is Laura's grandfather (Cut to Laura's smiling while Petunia's talking) Lead singer and woodblock player for the Groovy Brothers.

(Lanny who's elderly now, enters the classroom as the class cheers)

Petunia: So, tell us Mr. Wilson, what was it like being a Disco star?

Lanny: Um, my disco days are over, who wants to see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?

Kids: (cheering) I do!

Lanny: (noticing there's no rabbit in his hand) Heh, whoops, forgot my rabbit. (Leaving the class in confusion) But I did remember my... flowers. (Pulls out flowers with the wand and while the class claps, he bows and throws them in Petunia's hands)

Petunia: Uh, thank you, maybe you could share with the class what it was like to be in the Groovy Brothers, best band ever!

Lanny: I don't really like to talk about the band.

Petunia: But why did you break up? You were such a great band.

Lanny: Oh look! A Blimp!

(While everyone is distracted, Lanny poofs and invisibly exits the classroom while closing the door, now everyone is absent-minded and surprised)

Petunia: Mr. Wilson? Mr. Wilson?

???: (Off-screen) Let's keep this show moving. (Cut to reveal Bruce Onion at the class entrance) I've gotta walk my pekanese poodle in a half an hour. (Shuts the door and walks to the front of the class)

Petunia: Class, this is Mr. Bruce Onion, Stevey's Grandfather.

Stevey: Hey, Grandpa!

Bruce Onion: How you doing, grandson? It's grand to be my grandson, isn't it?

Stevey: You know it.

Petunia: Boys and girls, Mr. Onion is real estate tycoon.

Emily Evert: Is that like a hurricane?

Bruce Onion: No, little lady. You're thinking of a tyfoon. That's a force of nature that wipes out buildings and businesses and roads and...YOu know what? That's pretty much what I do too!

Petunia: Oh, my...

Bruce Onion: See, I'd buy an old runt down useless property and redevelop it. Places like Celery Park.

Petunia: (giggles) Well, I, uh, I wouldn't exactly call Celery Park useless.

Bruce Onion: I would. The playground looks like a junk yard had to go on a business sale.

Petunia: That's a bit harsh.

Bruce Onion: You know what's harsh? That mud pit they call a baseball field.

Laura: Mr. Onion, my name is Laura Carrot. And I like to know what you plan on doing with the park.

Bruce Onion: Great question, little girl. Not really sure yet. I'm still spitball an idea to be honest. Something classy like a strip mall or a motel!

Kids: Awww!

Bruce Onion: Come on, kids! Motels are fine! Lots of free towels and little soaps.

Stevey: Really, Grandpa? That park's kinda cool.

Bruce Onion: Tell you what, Stevey. Kids, put your hands together and tell me what you think I should do with it.

(The kids cheer)

Petunia: Actually, Mr. Onion, that's a wonderful idea!

Laura: I wanna keep Celery Park a park!

Bruce Onion: Come on, little girl! This town has plenty of parks!

Laura: But, it's named after our town's greatest hero, General Celery!

(We cut to the drawing as General Celery is riding a horse)

General Celery: Radish are coming! Radish are coming!

(We cut back to Laura)

Bruce Onion: Don't you try to make me cry. You make an onion cry, you start crying! Everybody cries.

Petunia: Okay, class. New Assignment!

(As Petunia is talking, Junior is drawing some pictures.)

Petunia: I want you to work and parce to create a project about what you think should be done at the park. And at the end of next week, we could turn them in to Mr. Onion.

Bruce Onion: (to himself) Might be a little late by then.

Petunia: What's that?

Bruce Onion: Oh, nothing! Just a little fresh airone.

Laura: Miss Petunia, may I do my project on why I think the town should buy back the park for Mr. Onion and fix it up?

Petunia: Certainly, Laura!

Bruce Onion: That's a tall order, little lady!

(Laura is drawing the box by "Save the Celery Park" on her clipboard.)

Bruce Onion: That park cost me $100 grand. That's a lot of bate sales!

(Laura stares at Bruce Onion in confusion)

Bruce Onion: (chuckles) Well, kids, can't wait to see what you've got! (to Laura) And uh, I'm sorry, I forgot your name. Uh, Laura, right? You are some go-getter. You keep it up and one day, I might be working for you!

(Bruce Onion exits)

Petunia: Okay, class, choose your partner and come up with the plan!

Laura: Junior, did you hear that? We're gonna work together on it!

(Junior isn't paying attention. He is still busy drawing.)

Laura: Junior? Junior? Junior!

Junior: What? What's going on?

(We fade to Laura's house. Junior is flipping the page of drawings as they are mimicking Bruce Onion and Laura.)

Junior: (mimicking Bruce Onion) Ha ha! I'm gonna tear down your park! (mimicking Laura) No, please, Mr. Onion! Don't tear down our park!

Laura: I don't sound like that.

Junior: Now, I'm gonna roll over you and sit on you!

(Bruce Onion was about roll over Laura, but Laura dodges. Then, Junior appears with his Anti-Gravity Spray.)

Junior: That's what you think, Mr. Onion!

Laura: Yay. My hero.

Junior: I'm gonna spray you with my Anti-Gravity Spray!

(Junior sprays on Bruce Onion, causing him to fly away.)

Junior: That's as far as I've gotten. So, do you like it?

Laura: Sure. Let's see, light kit, extension cords, battery packs...

Junior: I was thinking that maybe we could use it for our class project?

Laura: No, Junior! I want to do something serious!

Junior: Do you even know what happens when the guy gets hit with Ant-Gravity spray? This is pretty serious.

Laura: (sighs) Junior, we have a chance to do something important here, to save a part of history. (closes the suitcase) Tomorrow morning, we have an appointment to speak with Mr. McMurray.

Junior: Curtis's grandpa?

Laura: Yep. I'm hoping he'll tell us the secret to Celery Park's success. Once, Mr. Onion knows that, he'll be sure he'll keep it apart! (notices Junior drawing) Hey, are you even listening to me?

Junior: Yes.

Laura: You were drawing, weren't you?!

Junior: (sheepish) Maybe.

Laura: Seriously?!?

Junior: What? I needed air support.

(Junior shows a drawing a picture of Mr. Onion and a dragon. A Dragon spits fire at Mr. Onion, killing him. Laura sighs in annoyance as she gave the notepad to Junior.)

Laura: Okay, I think I've got everything. (checks off the things she packed) Check, check, and check. Now, all you have to do is make sure that you have your camera at the park at precisely 8:00 A.M. Can you do that?

Junior: 8:00 A.M. (Laura nods) On Saturday? (Laura gives him an annoyed look) Of course. Piece of cake.

Laura: Junior, this is very important. Mr. McMurray has a plane to catch. So, you cannot be late.

Junior: What? When am I ever late?

(We cut to a montage of Laura waiting for Junior. The scene switches to Cabbageville, Bumblyburg Science Museum, Spring Valley Mall Diner, the playground, and the ice cream stand.)

Junior: So, maybe I've been late a couple of times. I'll be there. I promise.

Laura: Okay, just promise me you won't stay up all night drawing?

Junior: Oh, no. (yawns) I'm pretty tired already. I'll probably go to bed early tonight?

Laura: Excellent, this is gonna be awesome! Thanks for being such a great friend, Junior! See you in the morning!

(We fade to Junior's house at night. Junior broke a promise that he wouldn't stay up all night drawing, and he just did it. The sun is rising as the rooster crows. We cut back to Laura's house in the morning. Checkmarks begins as Laura turns off the alarm clock.)

Laura: 6:00, the sun is shining on my face

Where's my list? It's gonna be a busy day.

Get up, check! There's no time to waste

I love checkmarks!

Junior: 6:00, I don't have to be there till 8

Where's the snooze? A few more minutes would be great.

Get up, nah, I think I'd rather wait.

(yawns) I love snooze bars.

Laura: Shower, Check! Brushing teeth and hair

Check and check. Clean room. Check!

Say hello to the paper boy. ("Hi Gary!" "Good morning, Laura") Check.

Splash in a puddle, check. Hopscotch Check! (textes Junior on her phone) Junior, on my way. See you there!

(Junior's phone starts ringing, causing Junior to get up.)

Junior: Gotta get up, time really flew.

I can't be late, or I'll be through.

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, she'll be mad.

Where are my socks? I can't find my socks!

Why do I need socks? Uh oh, uh oh!

Laura: Almost 8, the sun is shining on my face.

I've got my list, good thing 'cuz it's a busy day.

Arrive check! With some breathing space.

I love checkmarks!

Junior: What's happened here? This can't be right, I've got it backwards

My tighty whites! Uh oh, uh oh Yeah.

Laura: The checkmark, it has such a simple grace.

Two lines, converge at a point in space.

It puts me, in such a happy place.

I love checkmarks!

Bruce Onion: What's that happy singing sound?

(We cut to Junior walking out of his house. He's about to ride a bike to go to Celery Park, but it has a flat tire. So, Junior has to walk to the park.)

Laura: Park, check. Lighting, check. Mr. McMurry, check. Makeup! Check. I love checkmarks!

(Checkmarks ends)

Laura: Okay, everything is all set. Now, the only thing we need to capture this historic information and save the park is the camera!

(Laura watches for the clock to tick. And after a few seconds, it goes to 12:00 P.M. Junior shows up on time.)

Junior: I'm here!

Laura: (sighs in relief) Thank goodness!

Junior: What? Were you worried? I told you I was gonna be here! See? You have to learn to trust me.

Laura: Okay, okay. I trust you. Now, let's set the camera up over there and we'll get started.

(When Junior opens up his backpack, he is forgetting one thing: The camera. It was standing there by the sink. We cut back to Junior)

Junior: I think we might have a problem.

Laura: No.

Junior: I think so.

Laura: No!

Junior: Cookie?

(Laura yells in frustration and she gets an idea)

Laura: Mr. McMurry, would you be so kind as you turn off your hearing aid for a moment?

(Mr. McMurry turns off his hearing aid as Laura yells at Junior for forgetting the camera, causing him to fall over. Mr. McMurry puts his hearing aid back on.)

Junior: My pretzels are all broken!

Laura: I knew it! I knew that somehow you would mess this up!

Junior: I'll get it! I'll go home right now and get it!

Laura: There's no time!

Junior: Mr. McMurry, can't you stay a little longer? I just have to run home and get the camera!

(The Airport Shuttle bus pulls up and starts honking.)

Mr. McMurray: Hey, that's my ride! I'd love to, kiddos, but their here to take me to the airport.

Laura: But...But...

Mr. McMurray: Nice meeting you! Good luck on your video!

(As the bus is driving away, Laura is completely angry.)

Junior: Laura, I'm so so...Maybe we can grab the camera and follow him to the airport!

Laura: It's over! (closes the suitcase in anger) Okay? He's gone!

Junior: We can always use my flip book!

(When Laura writes something on her clipboard, she shows it to Junior. It says...)

Junior: "No longer be friends with Junior." Oh, Laura, please! I know you're upset, but please don't check that! I know I mess up and I'm sorry!

Laura: You always mess up!

Junior: I know! I know, but I'll try to do better!

Laura: It's too late for that!

Junior: Laura, please! Don't check that box! I'll try harder, I promise!

(But it's too late. Laura has checked the box)

Junior: We're...we're best friends!

Laura: We "weren't" best friends!

(Laura walks away with a huff, leaving Junior alone. We fade to Laura's House. As we cut to inside, Lanny is playing cards and Laura is looking at memories of the Groovy Brothers)

Lanny: Pick a card!

Laura: Mr. Onion bought the park, and at the end of the week...

Lanny: Not that one.

Laura: ...he's going to tear it down and turn it into something else!

Lanny: That's it! Any card at all!

Laura: The park has been around since you were a little boy.

Lanny: Wha? Could it be? Your card rises from the deck!

Laura: Sorry, grandpa, my card was a jack of diamonds.

Lanny: Really? Yes! I'm getting closer!

Laura: Look at this picture. That's your band in Celery Park. Your band started right up there on that stage. Wait a minute. I think I've got an idea! A really, really good idea!

Lanny: No, Laura, don't get any ideas!

Laura: Yes! The Groovy Brothers! A reunion concert! We can raise the money we need to save the park!

Lanny: No! Absolutely never ever-

Laura: Don't worry, grandpa. All you have to do is put the band back together. I'll take care of all the rest.

Lanny: Not listening! Not listening! (puts the two magic wands in both of his non-existent ears) La la la la la la-

(The magic wands poof into flowers as Lanny falls down.)

Laura: Love you!

(Laura closes the door.)

Lanny: Can't hear you! Got daisies in my ears!

(cut to black)

Perfect Puppy[]

Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

(shows Bob and Larry in a room looking at books and a newspaper)

Announcer: We join Larry in his search for a vegetable's best friend.

Larry: The perfect puppy

I woke up dreaming of a friend

Perfect puppy

The happy hour we could spend

I've been a little lonely

I thought, if I could only

Only look up and see

The perfect puppy for me

Bob: How 'bout a French poodle?

It's very smart and curly.

Larry: Je ne parle pas francais

I hear they wake up early

Bob: Maybe Dalmatian

It rides around on fire trucks

Larry: Those spots make me dizzy

Those sirens drive me nuts

Bob: You like chihuahua

It's as tiny as can be

Larry: Si senor, it's mucho small

I might squish it accidentally.

Bob: Okay, a Great Dane

It's really, really big

Larry: Yeah, but feeding it, and feeding it

Would become my only gig

Bob: Uh oh, that wouldn't be good.

(switches to them at a jeep)

Larry: The perfect puppy

To always be right by my side

Perfect puppy

To find those toys that try to hide

My heart is so wide open

I spend each moment hopin'

Hopin' I'll look up and see

The perfect puppy for me

Bob: Have you ever seen a Shar Pei?

It has really wrinkled skin

Larry: I'd like to iron out those wrinkles, but where to begin?

Bob: A Chow Chow?

It looks like a lion, but it's nice

Larry: I only got time to feed it once

And a Chow Chow eats food twice

Bob: Havanese?

Larry: No.

Bob: Pekingese?

Larry: No.

Bob: Maltese?

Larry: No, none of these

Bob: Shih Tzu?

Larry: No.

Bob: Cockapoo?

Larry: No, these won't do.

Bob: What's wrong with you?

(switches to the outside of the animal center)

Larry: Maybe I'm afraid of hair

Pick up poo, I wouldn't dare

But my biggest fear might be

Will I love it

And will it

Looovvveeee meeeee

Bob: Larry.

Larry: Sorry.

(the building prop turns into the inside of the animal center. Larry spots a dog that looks like him, they both hop to each other, in slow motion)

Larry: He's awesome!

Hey pal, I'll tell you what

Some say you're just a mutt

But when I look up I see

The perfect puppy for meeeeeee!

Dog: Arrroooowwww!

Announcer: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Bob say...

Bob: He looks familiar to me.

Larry: I think he might be a Cuke-a-poo.

Bob: Does he look familiar to you?

(fade to black)

Celery Night Fever Act II[]

(We fade back to Laura's House. As we cut to inside Laura is checking on all the stuff she has needed)

Laura: I've got flyers done, recharge the video camera and ordered a disco ball. How's it going with the...

(We cut to Lanny with his disco outfit, but he is very nervous about reuniting the Groovy Brothers)

Lanny: Laura, I really don't think this is such a good idea.

Laura: Please, grandpa? It's the only way to save the park!

Lanny: (sighs) Okay.

(We cut to Lanny sitting on a couch as the camera is rolling.)

Laura: (offscreen) So, are you excited to put a band back together again?

Lanny: I don't know. I haven't seen those guys in years. I don't even know if they want to see me. I guess I'm mostly nervous. But I did hear Stix is working at the Beni Ha-Ha.

Laura: (offscreen) Well, let's go see him.

(The camera went static as we cut to Lanny and Laura going to the Beni Ha-Ha. Laura is putting the Groovy Brothers poster on the pole before going inside. Bruce Onion and the Turnips look at the poster)

Bruce Onion: Groovy Brothers? (scoffs) Lanny's all alone. Nobody's gonna see that Sad Sack on stage by himself.

Carrot Man: I might!

Bruce Onion: Nobody.

Carrot Man: Right, sounds silly.

(As we cut to the inside of Beni Ha-Ha, Lanny and Laura sit down on the table.)

Lanny: I wonder where Stix is?

(The concert is starting as Feel the Beat starts playing.)

Announcer: It's time to prepare for a feast of the eyes. I give you, the Great, Stix!

Stix (Khalil): I know what I need, I need

That beat up loud and strong

That boom in that beat my

Melody, my energy, my song

Love it when a rhythm takes a hold of me

Makes me feel better how I like to be

Makes me move my body makes me move my feet

That beat, that beat, that beat

That swing that tempo that bounce

That bump that pulse is the sound

Of my heart beating

Bum, Bum, bum, bum bum

(When he feels the beat)

No matter how much I chop

(When he feels the beat)

There is no way I can stop

Long as the rhythms hot

I'm gonna be cooking up a lot

Let me break it down

Let me break it down

(When he feels the beat)

I'm beating my drums I'm having my fun

Yea, I got flair

I'm slamming that kick

I'm hitting them hats

I'm snapping that snare

Gotta feel the rhythm, gotta feel the beat

Feel it in my heart so close to me

Makes me move my body makes me move my feet

That beat, that beat, that beat

That swing that tempo that bounce

That bump that pulse is the sound

Of my heart beating

Bum, Bum, bum, bum bum

(When he feels the beat)

No matter how much a slice

(When he feels the beat)

Or how much chicken I spice

(When he feels the beat)

Long as the rhythm's strong

I'll never get your order wrong

Let me break it down

Let me break it down

(When he feels the beat)

All: When he feels the beat

(The curtain closes as the crowd applaud.)

Lanny: I'm not sure if I can do this. We should go.

(Stix jumps on Lanny, causing him to fall on the floor.)

Stix: You've come back! (Lanny nods) To put the band back together! (Lanny nods again) Okay. I'm in.

(Stix jumps off Lanny's chest and walks off. We cut to the outside. We see Bruce Onion wearing the fedora.)

Bruce Onion: Visiting some old friends?

Lanny: Yeah. Sorry, who are you?

Bruce Onion: Just a fan of the Groovy Brothers, until they broke up. You guys never could get along, could you?

Lanny: It was a long time ago.

Bruce Onion: What makes you think they're gonna forgive you now, after you left them behind?

Lanny: I'm...I'm sure they've forgotten about all that.

Bruce Onion: (scoffs) Have you?

Laura: (offscreen) Grandpa, are you coming?

Lanny: Yeah, wait up!

(Lanny ran up to Laura as we cut back to Laura's house. The camera is facing to Stix, who is sitting on a couch.)

Laura: (offscreen) So why did the band break up?

Stix: All relationships have a beat. (picks up the drum sticks) Kind of like this. (plays the drum sticks) Whatever the melody goes around it, the beat remains steady. Now if you take away the beat...

(Stix throws the drumsticks at Lanny offscreen)

Lanny: (offscreen) Ouch!

Stix: You have nothing, except maybe a bandmate with a bruise.

Lanny: Would you please look before throwing around metaphors?

Stix: Hey, man, it hurts when you lose the beat.

Lanny: I still haven't had any luck tracking down Al.

Stix: Well, I know where Big Daddy Al is.

Laura: You do?

(We cut to the Philhaharmonic Orchestra as we see the poster of Big Daddy Al. Then, we pan down to Laura, Lanny, and Stix, going to the Orchestra to see Big Daddy Al. Eventually, the people are looking at the poster of the Groovy Brothers.)

Turnip #1: What till the boss hears about this.

(Bruce enters)

Bruce Onion: I already know.

Turnip #2: He's got two band members, sir. And they're going after a 3rd.

Bruce Onion: Let 'em try. Ten minutes together and they'll be fighting again, just like old times.

(Bruce Onion and the Turnips laugh evilly as we cut to the inside of the orchestra. As Lanny, Stix, and Laura enter, we see Big Daddy Al is rehearsing with the people on stage)

Laura: Junior would not like it here. He doesn't like classical music.

(As Laura picks up the video camera and films it, the people notices it, especially, Big Daddy Al.)

Big Daddy Al: What are you doing here?!

Lanny: We need to talk to you.

Big Daddy Al: I'm a little busy!

(Big Daddy Al drops his baton.)

Scallion #2: Hooray, Maestro Alister!

Stix: Maestro?! Ha!

(Big Daddy Al picks up his baton and straightens the music lyrics.)

Big Daddy Al: (laughs) Oh, they're just old fri-(ahem) People who are rudely interrupting our rehearsal. (to Lanny, Laura, and Stix) Go away!

Lanny: Look, Al...

Big Daddy Al: I go by Alister now, by the way.

Stix: Yeah, I'm not calling you that.

Lanny: Alister, we need you. We're getting the Groovy Brothers back together.

Big Daddy Al: You're WHAT!?!

Scallion #2: You guys are the Groovy Brothers?! They look so different!

Stix: That's because we're old.

Big Daddy Al: Getting the Groovy Brothers back together? Why in the world would you need me for that?!

Stix: Maybe, hot shot, because you were in the band?

(The people gasp)

Scallion #2: Maestro ALister used to be Al of the Groovy Brothers?!

Gourd Man #1: No way!

Stix: Oh, yes! Big Daddy Al was a Groovy Brother!

Gourd Man #2: Big Daddy Al?!

Big Daddy Al: It was a stage name. I was...young.

Lanny: It's true. He played the keys and he was awesome!

Performers: Wow! That was great! Oh, man!

Big Daddy Al: Well, I don't know if "awesome" is the right word, but I was known to "rock the Roland' with spectacular flare!"

Performers: (mutters in amazement)

Big Daddy Al: But a last, the Wild Oats of my youth are all behind me now.

Scallion #2: Well, maybe you could give us a demonstration?

Gourd Man: Yeah, show us!

Gourd Man #2: We wish we could play the disco.

Jean Claude: Disco is cool!

Big Daddy Al: Really? You'd like to play disco?

Performers: Sure! Of course! Absolutely!

Big Daddy Al: Well, it's not really all that difficult, you just have to get funky.

Scallion #2: How do we do that?

Gourd Man: Yeah, how do we get funky?

Big Daddy Al: Well, I suppose I could show you, just once. Let's take it from the top. Only this time we'll take it funky.

(Big Daddy Al and the performers start playing the music, but funky this time. Then, the disco ball appears)

Laura: This is great! He's in!

Stix: You groove that thing, Al!

Big Daddy Al: I will indeed groove this thing!

(As Lanny, Laura, and Stix gets on stage, Laura records the video camera)

Laura: Actually, Junior would've love this place!

Big Daddy Al: I am grooving this thing!

(As Lanny, Big Daddy Al, and Stix start dancing, we cut to them knowing where Dennis is.)

Big Daddy Al: I'd love to do it, but you'll never get Dennis.

Lanny: Well, it doesn't matter, 'cause we don't even know where he is.

Big Daddy Al: I do.

Laura: You do?!

Big Daddy Al: Sure. He's shooting a video right down the street from here.

(We cut to Big Daddy Al playing the piano as the camera is recording)

Big Daddy Al: You see, my dear, music and relationships are all about the harmonies. When friends are in harmony, it's a beautiful thing. But do you know what happens when you lose the harmony? (bangs his head on the piano) Sore ears!

(The camera went static. Then, we cut to the park as Laura puts another poster of the Groovy Brother Reunion. Then the people are seeing it, as Lanny, Laura, Stix, and Big Daddy Al are approaching the Budget Productions Company)

Lanny: This is it?

Big Daddy Al: That's what I heard?

(Then, Bruce Onion and the turnips, who are in the car approaching the company.)

Bruce Onion: That girl just won't quit. A real Go-getter.

Turnip #1: I thought Dennis and Lanny couldn't stand each other.

Bruce Onion: They can't. Never could. But get in there and make sure!

(Bruce Onion drops off Turnip #1 as he pulls off. We cut to Dennis rock and rollin' with his electric guitar. Then the film ended)

Director: Aaand, cut! Good take, everybody. Move on to the next setup.

(Jean Claude grabs the electric guitar as Lanny, Laura, Stix, and Big Daddy Al enter to meet Dennis.)

Lanny: Dennis?

Dennis: Lanny?

Lanny: I gotta say, you look like you're doing well.

Dennis: Oh, uh, yeah, I'm doing great! I mean, you know me, right? It's all about staying true to the music! It's all about the art!

Director: Okay, Denny, that was great. Now the next time, I want you to look right in the camera and say, "It's the Rock Reverse Mortgage, the only mortgage that rocks in Reverse! Oh, yeah!" Got it?

Dennis: Dennis. My name is Dennis.

Big Daddy Al: Wait a minute, this is a commercial? You're doing a commercial for a reverse mortgage?!

Director: Not just any reverse mortgage, it's the Rock Reverse Mortgage! The only mortgage that rocks in Reverse.

Big Daddy Al: Well, I'm sold.

Stix: (with the pre-approved paperwork application) Woo-hoo! I'm Pre-approved!

Lanny: Dennis, we're getting the band back together. We're putting on a show to raise money to save the park.

Dennis: The park?

Laura: Please, Mr. Dennis? If you don't play, we're gonna lose our park!

Lanny: Come on, it'll be great! Just like it used to be.

Dennis: Like it used to be?

(We fade to Lanny and Dennis on stage as How it Used to Be starts playing)

Dennis: I wish we could go

Back, back, back, back, back

Maybe we could go

Back, back, back, back, back

Lanny and Dennis: Cause I've been thinking

Bout all of the good times

Jammin' in the park

Best friends, I'm missin

How it used to be

Dennis: We were the best band

We rocked the big crowds

We made them clap hands

And sing out loud

Crowd: Hey!

Lanny: If we got the band together

It'd be such a thrill

We could make the magic happen

Imagine how good it'd feel

To be back in the groove

Show off our coolest moves

Both: That's why

I wish we could go

Back, back, back, back, back

Maybe we could go

Back, back, back, back, back

Cause I've been thinking

Bout all of the good times

Jammin' in the park

Best friends, I'm missin

How it used to be

Dennis: Wait a minute

I remember Lanny

What you did

It's your fault

You walked out

I'll never forget

You went solo

That was so low

I thought we were friends

I thought we were friends

We had the perfect thing

I thought it'd be forever

You turned your back

And now you want us back together

But I'm not ever goin' back

It'll never be the same

No way, no way

No waaaaay

Lanny: We could go

Back, back, back, back, back

Dennis: We can never go

Back, back, back, back, back

You can just forget about

Both: The good times

Jammin' in the park

Dennis: We're not friends

Listen, we're not

What we used to be

(The song ends as Dennis went to go straight to the closet.)

Lanny: But, Dennis we were best friends.

Dennis: Yeah, we were.

(Dennis went to go to the closet angrily)

Laura: Grandpa, are you okay?

Lanny: (sighs) Come on, let's go home.

(Lanny, Laura, Big Daddy Al, and Stix exit the building as Dennis is feeling bad for not going back to the band to forgive Lanny for what he did 38 years ago. Then, we fade to Celery Park as Junior is drawing a picture of Laura and him as best friends. Then, Junior is still feeling terrible for what Laura did to him.)

Ice Cream Vendor (played by Oscar the Polish Caterer): Here you go! Wait a minute, where's Laura?

Junior: (sighs sadly)

Ice Cream Vendor: Ah, touchy subject, got it. Still want it?

Junior: Half it.

(Ice Cream Vendor took a knife and cut the ice cream in half and gives it to Junior.)

Junior: (sighs) Thanks.

(Bruce Onion and the Turnips enter)

Turnip #2: Lanny was all "But we were best friends!"

Turnip #1: Dennis was all "Yeah, we were!" Ha ha! Oh, snap!

Bruce Onion: Snap is right! Snap like a snap Pete! Snap like a rubber band! (laughs) (picks up a twig, pretending to be Lanny and Dennis's friendship) Here's Lanny, here's Dennis, here's their friendship. (snaps the twig) Snap!

(Bruce Onion and the turnips laugh evilly)

Bruce Onion: One more day, one more day and the park is all mine! The only songs we're ever gonna hear from the Groovy Brothers on the radio, a radio from 30 years ago!

(Bruce Onion and the turnips laugh evilly once again, as the Ice Cream vendor gives Bruce Onion the popsicles)

Bruce Onion: It's payback time, and it tastes as good as a popsicle on a sunny day!

Turnip #2: What are you gonna do with that band, boss?

Bruce Onion: Same thing I'm doing to this park! I'm gonna tear 'em down!

(Tear It Down starts playing)

Bruce: Wait 'til they get a load of me

Tearin' down Celery Park

This is what it will be

A glorious parking lot

Haa haa haa haa! We're gonna tear this baby down! Turn that park into a parking lot!

Junior: (gasps) Oh no, this is terrible!

Bruce and minions: I'm gonna tear it down

Minions: Down (8x)

Bruce and minions: I'm gonna tear it down

Minions: Down (8x)

Bruce and minions: I'm gon' tear the park down

Tear the park down

I'm gon' tear the park down

Tear the park down

I'm gon' tear the park down

Bruce: No monkey bars no swings

No more picnicking, Nah

Fill it with cars they'll see

Nobody can upstage me, Ha

Those Goovy Chuckleheads are gonna be sorry they ever ignored me! Let's see who gets noticed now!!

Junior: I gotta tell Laura! He doesn't want to save the park; he wants to destroy it!

Bruce: I'm gonna tear it down

Minions: Down (8x)

Bruce: I'm gonna tear it down

Minions: Down (8x)

Bruce and minions: I'm gon' tear the park down

Tear the park down

I'm gon' tear the park down

Tear the park down

I'm gon' tear the park down

Tear the park down

I'm gon' tear the park down

Tear the park down

I'm gon' tear the park down

Boy: Awesome. You guys should start a band.

Bruce: Hit the road, jack! What you waitin' for, a Silly Song?

(The camera records on Lanny who is sitting on a couch)

Laura: (offscreen) Grandpa, what happened? What happened to the band?

(As Lanny explains, the Groovy Brothers are performing and the crowd goes wild. Then there are fans around Dennis and Lanny, but then, Lanny ran off with the fans, leaving Dennis alone. Then the newspaper as been on Lanny. Then, Dennis, who is feeling left out, walks away. Then we see Lanny on the stage, playing on the Woodblock. There are 3 hit single songs: Knock on Wood, Wood Night in Bangkok, and I Heard it Through the Woodblock.)

Lanny: (offscreen) Dennis and I were best friends. We thought we might have something, so we decided to put a band together, The Groovy Brothers. It started getting big. We got popular so quickly. And I was so young. It was so much, the fans, the theme, the fortune, the headlines, you should've seen 'em. They said I was brilliant in the best Woodblock player that ever lived! I led it all go to my head and at the height of the band success, I walked away.

Laura: (offscreen) But why did you leave?

Lanny: (offscreen) I wanted all the spotlight, so I started a solo career. I was the best woodblock soloist in the business! Had three hit singles: Knock on Wood, Wood Night in Bangkok, and I Heard it Through the Woodblock.

(The flashback ends)

Lanny: I know the guys didn't want me to go, but I didn't care. I was very selfish. But after all my success, I couldn't shake the fact that I did it by hurting my friends. I tried to go back, but they wouldn't have me. I think I've hurt Dennis the most. We were best friends and I let him down! I don't think he'll ever forgive me.

Laura: Grandpa, how are you gonna do the show without Dennis?

Lanny: I don't know, Laura. I don't know.

(The camera went static as we cut to Celery Park. Then, Lanny, Stix, and Big Daddy Al are performing, but they went terrible.)

Stage Manager (played by Jimmy Gourd): You guys are on in 3 hours and you sound horrible!

Big Daddy Al: The symbols aren't supposed to come in until the measure later! (bangs his head on the keyboard) Laura, can you give me a little more boost on the keyboard?

Laura: Uh, coming up!

Lanny: It's been 38 years, Al. It's gonna take a little time.

Krazy Kenny: That's the Groovy Brothers?

Stage Manager: Yep.

Krazy Kenny: There's only 3.

Stage Manager: Yeah, Number 4 better show soon.

Laura: Oh, boy. (sighs) This is not good.

Big Daddy Al: I'm still not hearing myself.

Laura: Working on it.

(Then the screech sound is heard, hurting Big Daddy Al's nonexistent ears)

Big Daddy Al: Ow!

Laura: Sorry!

Junior: Laura! (enters the stage)

Laura: A little busy here.

Junior: Laura, I've gotta talk to you! It's really important!

Laura: I thought I made it pretty clear! We're done!

Junior: And once again, I want to apologize! I'm really sorry I stayed up so late drawing when I told you i wouldn't! And I'm really, really, really, sorry I forgot the camera!

(The microphone goes down.)

Laura: Junior, can't you see I'm kinda busy? I don't need anymore worries! Would you please just leave?!

Junior: But... But...


(Then, it broke Junior's heart. Junior sadly leaves the stage. Later that evening, some of the people enters the park, especially Petunia.)

Stage Manager: Huh?

Petunia: Woo-hoo! Lanny!

Stage Manager: Oh, this isn't good! This isn't good at all! They're expecting a reunion! This...This isn't a reunion, this is a concert with a bunch of old guys! I quit!

Krazy Kenny: (to Laura) Don't worry about him. He quits all the time.

Stage Manager: I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!

Krazy Kenny: He says that too.

Big Daddy Al: I should've known better. Without Dennis, this is going to be a disaster!

Laura: What if we got another guitarist?

Lanny: Replace Dennis?! Laura, we can't do that! Dennis and I came up with these songs together, as a team! He was like a brother to me. There's no replacing that.

Big Daddy Al: Alright, that's it then. It's over. I'm out of here.

(Big Daddy Al starts to leave, but Laura stops him.)

Laura: What?! But, you can't leave!

Big Daddy Al: I'm sorry, Laura.

Stix: Yep, me too. (Stix starts to leave too)

Laura: You mean you're just gonna walk away?!

Big Daddy Al: If Lanny didn't walk away 38 years ago, Dennis would still be here!

Laura: But...But...

Lanny: He's right, Laura. It's all my fault. It's all my fault.

Laura: But Grandpa, I told all those people out there that they were going to hear a concert and-

Lanny: Please don't ask me.

Laura: Grandpa, will you go on?

Lanny: Oh, Laura, I can't. I can't play my solo act.

Laura: (sighs) I understand Grandpa. I'll go tell the crowd.

(Laura walks away to tell the crowd but Lanny stops her)

Lanny: Laura, wait.

(Then, Lanny comes up to the stage, as the crowd goes wild)

Petunia: Woo! Lanny!

Bruce Onion: (smirks) Hm.

Lanny: Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

Petunia: Yay! Lanny!

Lanny: I'd like to welcome you to the "Save the Park Musical Benefit." This is the song about friendship. It's called "Together."

Petunia: This is so exciting!

(Lanny plays the Woodblock as the song plays, but as he sings, he starts to cry)

Lanny: As long we're together

Everything is better (sniffs) We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky! (sighs)

Carrot Kids: Huh?

Lanny: Uh Huh Get in the Groove

Uh Huh Nothing to lose

Uh Huh Oo Oo

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Crowd: Hey, what's going on? Where are the Groovy Brothers?!

(Then, Big Daddy Al, and Stix stop and look at each other.)

Bruce Onion: Like I always say, "Once you break up, you never make up."

Laura: Hey Hey got something to say

When I'm feeling down you bring a smile my way

Gonna Dance around cuz you make my day

Oh it's a celebration

Laura and Lanny: Hands High

All of my friends

We gonna jam out

We gonna do it again

Right on Right to the end

We gonna keep on celebrating

(Then, Stix and Big Daddy Al got back to the stage)

Stix: You can't groove without the beat!

Big Daddy Al: And we can't leave a brother hanging!

(Then the music starts playing)

Lanny, Laura, Big Daddy Al, and Stix: You and me

We're family

So sing with me


As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

(That's not all, Dennis enters, with a disco outfit and his electric guitar. Then the crowd goes wild, but Bruce Onion is in shock)

Bruce Onion: WHAT!?!

Lanny: Dennis, you came back! Does this mean you forgive me?

Dennis: You bet I do. Will you forgive me too?

Lanny: Of course.

Dennis: Let's groove, brother!

The Groovy Brothers: As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Uh Huh Get in the Groove

Uh Huh Nothing to lose

Uh Huh Oo Oo

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Petunia: Best concert ever!

Bruce Onion: We'll see about that.

(Bruce Onion and the turnips hop on the stage to ruin the reunion. Then, Krazy Kenny brought the goal bar and the bucket so the people can put the money in.)

Lanny: Come on, everyone! Let's get the sugar flowing! We need more shells in our buckets! Big Ben needs more Frankin! Where's the love, people!

Laura: I think my grandpa means we need more money to reach our goal! Please give as much as you can!

(The goal goes up)

Bruce Onion: We've gotta stop this concert!

(The turnips enters with the fog machine with stink bomb)

Bruce Onion: Did you load that fog machine with stink bomb?

Turnip #2: Oh, yeah, Mr. O. Loaded to the top!

(Turnip #2 turns on the fog machine, but it got experienced technical difficulties.)

Bruce Onion: Is this supposed to do that?

Turnip #1: Who left the cap on?!

(The fog machine hit Bruce Onion and the Turnips.)

The Groovy Brothers: You and me

We're family

So sing with me


As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

(Bruce Onion and the turnips coughs off the stink bomb. Bruce Onion saw the sandbag and gets an idea.)

Bruce Onion: Drop the sandbag on those drums!

Turnip #1: Fire away!

(The sandbag didn't drop the drums, it also grabs Bruce Onion, causing him to swing.)

The Groovy Brothers: Uh Huh Get in the Groove

As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

(The crowd goes wild. The Groovy Brothers embrace and hug each other)

Dennis: I've got something to say. 38 years ago, I've turned my back on my best friend. That's way too many years without the friendship, without the laughs, without the memories...Can you imagine losing your best friend for such a long time?

Lanny: Yeah, buddy, but I messed up.

Dennis: Well, I mess up all the time too. All the time that God forgives me. (As Dennis is talking, Laura looks at her keyboard and she looks at "No longer be friends with Junior sign" that she just checked, realizing what she had done.) And if He can forgive me over and over for all the times I mess up, I can certainly forgive my best friend, right?

Lanny: That's right. And Dennis, I'm so sorry for walking out of the Band. I promise I'll never walk out on you again.

Dennis: From now on, this town in this park will be seeing a lot more of The Groovy Brothers!

(The crowd goes wild, but Bruce Onion interrupts it)

Bruce Onion: Not if I can help it! (hits the drums and falls on the floor) You can sing all the songs you want! But it won't make enough money to beat me! It's over!

(As Bruce Onion is talking, Dennis smells Bruce from the stink bomb in the fog machine)

Dennis: What is that smell?

Bruce Onion: It's the smell of payback!

Lanny: No, it's smells worst than that.

Stix: It's like a cow buster on a hot day.

Bruce Onion: Who cares who smells like what?! Do you old softies really think you can just hug and make up. Don't you remember what this clown did to you?

Dennis: All that doesn't matter anymore.

Bruce Onion: Oh, yeah? What have I told you that Lanny's got a sweet deal going through his granddaughter by putting this concert together?!

Dennis: What kind of deal? (Lanny shrugs)

Bruce Onion: This was never about making up with you guys, this was only about trying to get Laura an A on her class Assignment!

Dennis: Well, I should hope she would get an A, because that little lady deserves it.

Petunia: She gets an A! She gets an A! Any student of mine who reunites the Groovy Brothers definitely gets an A!

Bruce Onion: Oh, for the love of mayonnaise! Can anybody but me hold a decent grudge around here?!

Laura: What have you got against this park in The Groovy Brothers? Can't you be happy for them?!

Lanny: Wait a minute! I remember you! You used to play, didn't you? What was it? Was...It was tuba, that's right.

Bruce Onion: Ah, so you do remember. It was 39 years ago.

(The flashback begins as The Groovy Brothers starts playing on stage as the crowd goes wild. Then, Bruce Onion waits in the backstage, waiting for them to get off the stage so he can perform. Then, the clock turns into 2 hours. Then, they keep playing. It makes Bruce Onion mad and got out of the stage and quit.)

Bruce Onion: (offscreen) I was at the top of my game. Maestro of the sousaphone. I had practiced for months and finally my time had come! And I was supposed to go on right after you guys finished your set.

Lanny: (offscreen) Oh, okay, one more.

Bruce Onion: (offscreen) But my time never came, because of you! They wouldn't let you off the stage and I never got my big chance to play.

(The flashback ends)

Bruce Onion: You lowdown scallywags took my sousaphone dreams and crushed into itty-bitty pieces! Just like I'm gonna do to you in this park! Now behold! WITNESS THE POWER OF THE ONION!!

(Then thew tractors and the bulldozers enter, making the crowd gasp)

Bruce Onion: That's right! The onion's coming to make you cry!

Lanny: Wait a minute, all you wanted to do was play up here?

Bruce Onion: Well, yes. But I never got that chance, did I?

Lanny: You wanna play with us?

Bruce Onion: What?!

Dennis: We could always use a tuba player?

Bruce Onion: You mean me? With you guys?! Up here?!?

Lanny: Sure, why not?

Bruce Onion: You must think I'm full of birdbrains! After 39 years of feeling sorry for myself, drowning under a sea of bitterness and resentment, you think after all that, I'm just gonna let it all go and forgive you?!

Lanny: Um, if you want?

Bruce Onion: Let's do this!

(Then, the crowd starts to go wild once again. This time Bruce Onion is playing with The Groovy Brothers. Together Finale starts playing)

The Groovy Brothers: Hey Hey forgiving is great

Gonna do it today

There isn't the wait

It's the only way we can really relate

Oh it's a celebration

Hands High

All of my friends

We gonna jam out

We gonna do it again

Right on Right to the end

We gonna keep on celebrating

You and me

God's family

He's forgiven me

And I'm forgiving you

As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Uh Huh Get in the Groove

Uh Huh Nothing to lose

Uh Huh Oo Oo

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

(Junior shows up)

Junior: Laura?

Laura: (hugs) Junior!! I'm so sorry. I was really mean to you and that wasn't right.

Junior: I'm really sorry I forgot the camera.

Laura: I forgive you. Will you please forgive me. I don't wanna waist 38 years of you not being my best friend.

Junior: Me neither, Laura. I forgive you too!

Laura: You're my best friend, Junior. Always have been, always will be.

(Junior and Laura hug)

Bruce Onion: Jumping Jalessica! This is the most fun I've had in you!

Stix: Oh, I think I'm gonna cry!

Bruce Onion: That's just me! I'm an onion! Shake it off!

Laura: But what gonna happen to the park?

Bruce Onion: (grabs his $100,000 check) The park! Check this out! I'm not gonna buy this park, I'm gonna use my money to restore and improve the park!

(Bruce Onion puts his check in the goal bucket, making the goal go completely up)

The Groovy Brothers: You and me

God's family

He's forgiven me


As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Uh Huh Get in the Groove

As long we're together

Everything is better

We'll be friends forever

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

Uh Huh Get in the Groove

Uh Huh Nothing to lose

Uh Huh Oo Oo

Come On! Celebrate get funky!

(Junior and Laura starts dancing to the music. Then, we pan out the Celery Park. Then we pan up to the sky. Then we fade to the earth as the disco ball appears. Then, as the song ends, the title card appears again. We fade to black, ending the story.)

Closing Countertop[]

(We fade back to Bob and Larry on the Countertop)

Larry: That was a super groovy story Bob!

(Jimmy and Jerry enters with their disco outfits.)

Jimmy: Outta sight!

Jerry: Dynomite!

Bob: Looks like you guys enjoyed the show!

Jimmy: Copy that, Papa Bear! Slap me some skin!

Larry: Does that mean you like the story?

Jimmy: And we learned the important lesson.

Bob: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Jimmy: The 70s were far out, man!

Jerry: Four sho!

(The disco ball appears as the disco version of What Have We Learned Song starts playing)

Singers: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today,

and God has a lot to say in His book.

Bob: That's not really the lesson I had in mind.

Vocalists: You see we know that God's word is for everyone,

and now that our song is done we'll take a look.

(The disco ball disappears)

Jimmy: And Larry, my brother, I know you didn't mean to lay a bummer on our summer. I forgive you for eating our pie!

Jerry: Yeah, me too!

Jimmy: Dig it?

Larry: Yeah, I dig it. Thanksally sorry for eating the pie. By the way, I got you guys another pie! It's back in the green room.

Jimmy: What do you say we veg out in the green room, bro?

Jerry: Later!

(Jimmy and Jerry exit as Qwerty has a notification offscreen)

Bob: Sounds like Qwerty's got a verse for us.

(Qwerty opens up the verse. It reads...)

Larry: "Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Ephesians 4:32."

Bob: Because God has forgiven us for the wrong things we had done, we can forgive others!

Larry: In our story, both Junior and Lanny messed up. But their friends, Laura and Dennis learned that rather than not forgiving and not having a friend...

Bob: That they could forgive and be friends again!

Larry: So Jason, your little brother might mess up and get on your nerves sometimes, but the best thing you can do is to forgive him!

Bob: That's right!

(We pan out to see Larry with disco outfit.)

Bob: What are you doing?

Larry: Being forgiven makes me wanna dance.

(Qwerty's screen changes into a disco. Jimmy and Jerry enter with their pies on their lack of hands as the disco ball appears again.)

Bob: Well, that's all the time we have for today! Always remember, God made you special...

Jimmy: And Groovies!

Larry: And He loves you very much!

Jimmy, Jerry, and Larry: Bye!

(Jimmy, Jerry, and Larry dance as they cut to black and roll the credits)

(End of transcript)