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Casey Barker was a re-recording mixer for Big Idea.

Works with VeggieTales in the House[]

Season 1[]

  1. Puppies and Guppies/Sorry, We're Closed Today
  2. Bob and the Awesome Frosting Mustache/Bob & Larry Gettin' Angry
  3. Bob's Bad Breath/Trading Places
  4. Jimmy and Jerry Are Rich/Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!
  5. Laura at Bat/Pie Fight!
  6. Pa Grape's Son/Larry's Cardboard Thumb
  7. The Gong Heard 'Round the House/When the Dust Bunnies Came to Town
  8. The Bucket List/A Gift for Singing
  9. Lie-Monade/Let's Build a Fort!
  10. Bacon and Ice Cream/For the Honor of LarryBoy
  11. The Birthday Thief/Junior Gets a Pet
  12. Cool as a Cucumber/The Rich Young Comic Ruler
  13. Popcorntastrophe!/Junior Jetpack
  14. Monster Manners/You, Me and Tiny Pea
  15. Jenna Chive Live!/Captain LarryBeard

Season 2[]

  1. The Great Ice Cream Chase/The Guppy Whisperer
  2. The Silly Ray/The Camp Out
  3. Monster Truck Flower Delivery/Vote for Archibald!
  4. Ready for Action/Sickabeezer
  5. Plant-demonium!/DUO Day
  6. Mayoral Bike Lessons/It
  7. Callie Flower/World of Whiners
  8. Two Birthdays/Playground Tales
  9. Spacetato/Starved for Attention
  10. The Imposters/Place Trading
  11. Locked Out/Coach Ichabeezer

Season 3[]

  1. Scaredy Cat Boot Camp/Ichabeezer Moves Out
  2. The Missing Jetpack/Bacon vs. Tomato
  3. Motato Gets a Job/Pet Day
  4. Blueberry's Tickets/A Club Divided
  5. Laura's Animal Babysitting Service/Rise of Night Pony
  6. Takeasaurus/The Painting
  7. Ichabeezer's Granddaughter/Gone Lobster
  8. Bob Gets Glasses/Crossing Guard
  9. Glued at the Hip/The Action Figure
  10. The Lost Tooth/The Companion Ship
  11. JimmyBoy/The Larry Express!
  12. Larry Lives it Up/Petunia's Not Funny
  13. The Big Secret/Madame's Soccer Skills

Season 4[]

  1. Chef Larry/Lost in the Woods
  2. Shrink-abeezer/Motato is My Neighbor
  3. Invisible Arm Wrestling/Silly no more
  4. Stunt Driving School/Off the Rails
  5. Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess/Beatbox Bill
  6. Larry the Sleepwalker/The Case of the Missing Monocle
  7. Larry Gets a Bulldozer/Bird on the Loose!
  8. Leader of the Team/Tina's the Boss
  9. The Puppy/Larry's Cousin Comes to Town
  10. The Bob and Larry Show/Save the Cherry Cat
  11. VeggieCards!/Grow-tato
  12. The Good Samaricucumber/Destination: SPACE STATION!
  13. The Big Race/Yambot

Works with VeggieTales in the City[]

Season 1[]

  1. Burgers for Sale/Night Phony
  2. Space Pirates!/Rooney on the Run
  3. Junior Saves the West/The Treasure Hunt
  4. Race Ya!/Larry the Substitute
  5. Pizza Eclipse/The Robot
  6. Delivery Boys/Dueling Mascots
  7. Bob's Collection/The Cookie Caper
  8. The Rocket Boot/The Many Versions of Larry
  9. Aprilcot/X Marks the Spot
  10. The Priceless Sock/Jimmy Makes a Comic Book
  11. Book Club/The Lost Dust Bunny
  12. The Water Slide/Story Time
  13. Prodigal Junior/Where's the Mayor

Season 2[]

  1. Stranded/Junior Gets a Sister
  2. The Movie Star/New in Town
  3. The Hottest Pepper in the West/Karate Pirate Space Posse
  4. Plane vs. Train/Larry's Baby Birdies
  5. Two of a Kind/Moving to the City
  6. An Ichabeezer Christmas/A Christmas Play
  7. Ichaburgertopia/The Truth Hurts
  8. Employee Fun Day/Bringing Home the Bacon
  9. Books of the Bible/Monster in the Closet
  10. Arcade Showdown/The Audition
  11. The Singing, Dancing Lobster/It's Skatin' Time
  12. The Last Issue/Bob's Great Store
  13. Attack of the Marshmallow Laser/Bye Bye Bacon Bill!