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Cartoon physics is a fanon term used to describe all the unusual, impossible, and sometimes absurd moments in fiction where real-world physics do not seem to apply. While shows like VeggieTales try to be realistic at points (despite show about talking produce), they would often use cartoon logic.

Some common examples are unusual feats of strength and agility, surviving lethal attacks, and the magic satchel theory, sometimes called hammerspace (the ability to hold innumerable items in one bag).

Deviations from standard laws defined in the real world are common in some genres of animation, in this case with Big Idea.

Outer Space

Outer space in real life is airless and objects tend to float. There has been major consistencies regarding this. In the silly song Asteroid Cowboys, they stated that there's no air in space and no one could breath. However, in the case with episodes and shows that take place in space (such as 3-2-1 Penguins!), anyone can breath in the vacuum in space. Despite this, space would mostly be depicted like water, as anyone or anything can float, unless the character or object is standing on a small planet or space junk (asteroids).


  • Characters would often pull out an object behind their backs, or an object is bigger that could not fit in a bag or pocket.
  • The news minivan seen in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple is bigger in the inside than normally.