Buzz-Saw Louie
  • Species: Toy
  • Hair color: Brown

Buzz-Saw Louie is an anthropomorphic toy who only appeared in The Toy That Saved Christmas, where he was the main protagonist. He has the fully-functional buzz saw build to its arm, who created by Mr. Nezzer and he lives in Dinkletown.


Louie originated from the Buzz-Saw Louie toyline created by Mr. Nezzer. It's unknown how he came to life, possibly he was wired different. He didn't like the words programmed in his own head. He ran away from the toy factory, only to fall down and get stuck in the snow.

Voice Actor



  • According to Phil on Twitter, Buzz-Saw Louie had moved to Florida and become a realtor, hence why the character never returned on the show.[1]
  • Buzz-Saw Louie is one of the only characters in VeggieTales that has separated eyes along with Phil Winklestein.


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