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Bumblyburg is a town and a city seen in the LarryBoy series. It has changed its look since its debut in Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space! due to damage to several buildings done by the Fib in it.


Main Series

Bumblyburg was first found in 1706 by Obadiah Bumbly when his ship the Cauliflower landed on the uninhabited land, and declared it a new resting ground for him and the folks in the ship.

Cartoon Series

Shipmates Sir Lester Bumbly and Sir Mortimer Burg landed on the uninhabited land after getting lost on a trip to Italy.



Fun Facts

  • When it first appeared, Bumblyburg was not very detailed and it was perfectly clean (e.g. no dirt or cracks on the sidewalks). Phil Vischer stated this was because they didn't know much about layout and they paid attention more on building. This was fixed in the next episode.