Boyz In The Sink, often abbreviated as BITS, is a boy band from VeggieTales who first appeared in the episode The Ballad of Little Joe and have since made occasional appearances, both on CD and in episodes.


The band includes:

Khalil often shows up, though it's debatable if he's actually a member of the band.

They came out with an album, "Boyz in the Sink", which featured remixes of past VeggieTales songs and some original songs as well.


  • Belly Button
  • You Put this Love In My Heart (Keith Green cover)
  • Christmas Sizzle Boy
  • Easter Bunny Hop
  • Jesus is Just Alright (Doobie Brothers cover)
  • Boyz in the Sink
  • The B-O-Y-Z Dance
  • The Funky Polka
  • Cheeseburger
  • A Mess Down In Egypt
  • Bubble Rap

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