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Boids is the fourth song from the VeggieTales episode, An Easter Carol. It is sung by Past Ebenzer, Present Ebenezer, Hope and Seymour.


(Note: To avoid confusion between the Past Ebenezer and present Ebenezer, Past Ebenezer is bolded and Present Ebenezer bolded and underlined.)

Seymour (Pa Grape): So uh, you called for an inventor?

Ebenezer: Why yes I did, Seymour. Ya see I got a little problem.

Seymour: Problem?

Ebenezer: Problem.

Seymour: Problem.

Ebenezer: Yes I got a little problem with my chickens.

Seymour: Chickens?

Ebenezzer: Birds!

Seymour: Boids.

Ebenezer: Birds.

Seymour: Well, I don't know why you called me, then.

I'm an inventor, and I don't know much about boids.

Ebnezzer: Boids?

Hope: Boids.

Seymour: Yup, and I don't know nothin' much about boids.

Ebnezzer: Well, that's exactly why I called you, friend.

I need a way to make eggs round the clock.


These real chickens are always needing a rest.

Ya see, they don't last.

Seymour: But where do I come in?

Ebnezzer: Well I hear you're a whiz when it comes to inventin'.

Seymour: Inventin'?

Ebnezzer: Inventin'.



Seymour: Inventing things sure is fun.

Ebenezer: Well, what I need my friend is a row of chickens.

Seymour: Chickens?

Ebenezer: Chickens.

Mechanical chickens as far as the eye can see.

Seymour: Boids.

Ebenezer: You catch on quick.

Seymour: But what about the eggs?

Ebenezer: Eggs?

Seymour: Eggs!


Ebenezer: What about the eggs?

Seymour: Can a tin chicken lay real eggs?

Ebenezer: Plastic.

Seymour: Plastic?

Ebenezer: Plastic, my friend.

In whatever color you can think it.

Seymour: Plastic.

Ebenezzer: Plastic.

Hope: Plastic.

Ebenezer: Yes, with mechanical chickens and plastics eggs I can make Easter bigger than before.

Seymour: Easter?

Ebenezer: Easter. Yes, Easter.

Seymour: Wait a minute! You can't make Easter bigger with plastic eggs!

Ebenezer: What I said my friend is...

Seymour: No no no no no no! You got it all wrong!

Ebenezer: Whaddya mean?

Seymour: Easter's not about plastic eggs and bunnies and baskets!

Ebenezer: But isn't Easter supposed to last forever?

Seymour: Of course!

Ebenezer: And doesn't plastic last forever?

Seymour: Well yeah, but...

Ebenezer: I don't see the difference!

Seymour: Well it's kinda...

Ebenezer: Inventing things sure is fun.

Seymour: How's that?

Ebenezer: I said inventing things sure is fun.

Seymour: Plastic?

Ebenezer: Plastic.

Hope: Plastic.

Ebenezer: Chickens!

Seymour: Boids.

Ebenezer: Chickens!

Layin' eggs all night long.

Seymour: Chickens.

Ebenezer: Chickens.

Seymour and Ebenezer: Boids!

Ebenezer: Chickens!

Seymour: Chickens!

Ebenezer and Seymour: Boids!

Ebenezer: Mechanical chickens!

Seymour and Ebenezer: Boids! Chickens! Boids!

Ebenezer: Chickens!

Seymour: Chickens!

Ebenezer and Seymour: Boids!

Ebenezer: Mechanical chickens!

Seymour: Boids!

Ebenezer: Chickens.

Seymour: Chickens.

Ebenezer and Seymour: Boids.


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Fun Facts

  • The song is based after the song "Rock Island" from The Music Man.