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Bob and Larry have a very good relationship. Both of them are the hosts of the show and best friends.

When Phil Vischer designed the two of them, he designed Larry first and decided that he would be the tall, silly one, with his single tooth and cucumber physique. Then, he thought, like God after He first created Adam, "But he was alone, and that is not good." and so he created Bob, like when God created Eve, to give Larry someone to compare with. Out came Bob, who was short, round, and red, but most importantly, he was the straight man, as opposed to Larry's childlike and silly tendencies.

Over the course of their acting career in the show, their relationship grew stronger than it originally was. Bob went from being annoyed by Larry to genuinely liking his humor and childish tendencies. Larry went from a naive cucumber to a more responsible, persistent and reliable cucumber, and his teasing gradually lessened.

Bob is a little insecure about their relationship and how Larry sees him, as evident in "Bob's Vacation", where he was angry at Larry when he thought Larry thinks he's not special. Other issues might be how Larry often steals the spotlight of the show, as he is the main character so frequently, especially after King George and the Ducky, but Bob seems fine with that. He is happy to support Larry, as long as he doesn't ridicule him.

However, the creative team behind VeggieTales in the House did not notice the subtle differences between their relationship to the typical duo in comedic children's television, and their dynamic and character presentation drifted away from the original.


Bob's Annoyance with Larry


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