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Bob and Ichabeezer's relationship can be often good or bad depending on the situation. They'll usually get on each other's nerves if something happens, though they might be either working together or just being nice.

Getting along/working together

  • Sorry, We're Closed Today - Both and the other veggie's try to help each other by getting out of Pa's store.
  • The Bucket List - Bob and Larry were trying to help out Ichabeezer with his house chores.
  • Bacon vs. Tomato - Bob asks Ichabeezer if he wants to be his "BFF", so Ichabeezer lets him do his chores.


  • Place Trading - Bob scolds at Ichabeezer for acting like how Larry should be when the two swap places.


  • Popcorntastrophe! - Bob yells at Ichabeezer for his dog destroying his television, with the latter saying it's no different than destroying the town with popcorn
  • Off the Rails - Ichabeezer is mad at Bob for not picking him as a train conductor.