Bird on the Loose!

Bill Breneisen


Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


September 23, 2016


11 minutes

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Bird on the Loose! is the second half of the seventh episode from the fourth season of VeggieTales in the House.


Bob and Larry are on a nature walk in the woods, Bob looking through a pair of binoculars, before he sees a Pear-a-keet landing on a branch and describes it as "the reclusive Pear-a-keet". Larry becomes excited as he also looks through the binoculars in time to see the Pear-a-keet grabbing a worm. Bob then says that there must be another Pear-a-keet around somewhere because they always travel in pairs and that they can't be separated or else they'll have a hard time surviving. Of course, Larry wants to take the Pear-a-keet home, but Bob tells him that Proverbs 12 teaches that a wise man will listen to advice and that he's advising Larry to leave the bird in its habitat. Larry whines that he wants the Pear-a-keet, but Bob tells him that the Pear-a-keet is perfect where he is and that if he takes him home, he'll be without his mate, which causes Larry to sulk. Bob leaves while Larry stays behind as he looks around, saying that he doesn't see the Pear-a-keet's mate anywhere and becomes worried, thinking that the Pear-a-keet is all alone out in the woods. Because of that, Larry quickly sneaks up from behind the Pear-a-keet and takes him from the branch he is perched on and leaves. However, seconds after Larry leaves with the Pear-a-keet, another Pear-a-keet shows up and perches on the same branch and looks around, dismayed that her mate is gone.

Meanwhile, Petunia and Bacon Bill are going into the woods to do some planting, while Petunia is thanking Bacon Bill for helping her plant flowers for her flower shop. Bacon Bill says that he's never planted a flower before, then says that he's smelled a flower and ate a flower (which he says is a long story and not to ask), but he's never planted, before Petunia tells him that she needs them to be healthy and tells him to listen to her advice. Bacon Bill then claims that 'Listening' is his middle name as he goes over to the wheelbarrow, at the same time that Petunia places the rake on the ground and tells Bacon Bill to watch out for the rake. However at the same time, Bacon Bill is struggling to pick up a heavy bag of seeds before throwing it as it lands on the rake just as Petunia goes to pick up again, the bag of seeds landing on the rake and causing Petunia to get catapulted into the air and sent flying until she lands in a tree. Petunia then comes out from the tree as Bacon Bill comes up to the tree and says, "Did I mention my other middle name is 'Whoopsie-daisy'?" while Petunia can only give a disapproving look. Meanwhile, Bob and Larry return home while Bob tells Larry that that was a fun day of bird-watching which Larry agrees with, before Bob bids good night to Larry while Larry also bids good night to Bob. After Larry enters his room, he closes the door quickly then brings the Pear-a-keet out from behind his back and tells him "Welcome to your new home" and tells the Pear-a-keet that they'll have so much fun together and that he just has to make sure that Bob doesn't find out. However, Bob then enters Larry's room and asks him "Find out what?" which causes Larry to nervously say, "Find out I'm a cucumber!" while trying to hide the Pear-a-keet behind his back.

Bob is skeptical of Larry's claim but leaves after that, while Larry tells the Pear-a-keet that that was a close one, but Bob enters the room again and asks "What was a close one?" Larry hides the Pear-a-keet in his dresser drawer and nervously answers that he was throwing a ball and almost got hit. To demonstrate his claim, Larry throws the ball as it ricochets all around the room, while Larry says, "That was close!" but gets hit by the ball. Bob is still skeptical of Larry's claim but leaves the room again, while Larry opens the dresser drawer and takes the Pear-a-keet out again. Larry places the Pear-a-keet on the edge of the bathtub while saying he's not going to say anything else, but Bob then opens the door again, surprising Larry into knocking the Pear-a-keet into the bathtub while Bob tells Larry that he has a question, but realizes that he forgot before closing the door again while Larry takes the Pear-a-keet out from the bathtub. Bob then opens the door again and says that he remembered, but ends up forgetting again so he closes the door as Larry goes over to his bed, just as Bob opens the door again while saying that he got it, just as Larry throws the Pear-a-keet under his bed, but Bob realizes that he doesn't and leaves again. Larry takes the Pear-a-keet out from under the bed again and goes back over to the bathtub, just as Bob opens the door again, this time remembering his question, which is, "Have you seen my toothbrush?" Larry, who is hanging onto the ceiling light, tells Bob that it's in the bathroom, which Bob decides makes sense before he leaves again. After Bob has left again, Larry takes the Pear-a-keet back out from behind his back and says, "Now let's have some fun". The next morning, Larry starts playing with the Pear-a-keet, trying to fly like the Pear-a-keet, jumping on the couch while doing so and says that this is so much fun and that he wishes he could fly.

Larry then decides that maybe he can fly so he jumps off the couch, but ends up falling down to the floor after a few seconds, realizing that he can't fly. At that moment, Bob enters the living room in his tomato elevator and bids Larry a good morning, which makes Larry so nervous that he quickly hides the Pear-a-keet behind his back again and nervously bids Bob a good morning as well. Larry then nervously asks Bob if he had any dreams last night, Bob answering that he did, saying that he had the one where he was giving a speech but not wearing any socks. At the same time, the Pear-a-keet starts flapping his wings vigorously while still being hidden behind Larry's back, while Larry tells Bob that his dream is very funny then asks Bob if there's anything else or if that was it, all while still trying to keep the Pear-a-keet under control, Bob answering that that was it. Larry then asks if he could guess, just as the Pear-a-keet then picks him up into the air, as Bob asks Larry how he's doing that, Larry claiming that he has a perfectly good answer to that question but further claims that he left something in the kitchen for Bob and asks Bob to go get it. Bob asks Larry what it is, though Larry tells him that it's a surprise, so Bob goes into the kitchen, giving Larry a chance to take the Pear-a-keet out from behind his back again, causing the two to fall until landing on the couch again. Larry then tells the Pear-a-keet to behave himself or else he'll get them both caught, before Bob is heard asking Larry "Is this the surprise?" then comes back into the kitchen while holding a spoon, telling Larry that it was the only thing on the counter. Because of that, Larry quickly hides the Pear-a-keet in the closet, just as Bob comes up to him, before Larry nervously confirms it, telling Bob that he knows he much he likes spoons, so he got him a spoon, at the same time that the Pear-a-keet is trying to get out of the closet.

Bob asks Larry what that noise is, before Larry starts imitating the crashing sounds, claiming that he's just practicing his cartoon sound effects. Bob stares suspiciously at Larry, before the crashing sounds continues, which Larry starts imitating once again. Larry then says, "Bob, what's that over there?" which distracts Bob into leaving as he asks what he's looking at, giving Larry a chance to take the Pear-a-keet out of the closet once again. Larry puts the Pear-a-keet in his mouth, while Bob faces him, telling him that he didn't see anything, before Larry starts mumbling, due to having the Pear-a-keet in his mouth. Bob tells Larry that he doesn't know what's going on, but he has to go to work then leaves again. After Bob has left again, Larry sticks out his tongue, with the Pear-a-keet perched on it, before Larry then says that Bob doesn't have a clue and that "This secret pet thing is no problem", before he starts singing a song about how much he loves his Pear-a-keet, all while still keeping the Pear-a-keet a secret from Bob. After the song ends, however, the Pear-a-keet can't help but start to feel homesick for his home in the woods. Back in the woods, Petunia does a quick inventory check, asking Bacon Bill what they've got, Bacon Bill showing different tools like a rake, a bag of seeds, and a watering can, before picking up random items like a checkerboard, a pizza slice, a hockey stick, a bow tie, a pan flute, a statue of Ichabeezer, and a viking helmet, before Petunia stops him, telling him that they don't need any of that stuff, which prompts Bacon Bill to take off the viking helmet.

Back home, Larry puts the Pear-a-keet on his bed before he starts deciding what he should name his new pet, without realizing that the Pear-a-keet has flown away while he is deciding, before deciding on the name Tom, then asks the Pear-a-keet if he likes the name Tom. The Pear-a-keet has flown out the house and starts flying away, trying to find his way back to the woods and to his mate again. Back in Larry's room, Larry then starts calling out for the Pear-a-keet, now named Tom, before realizing that Tom is gone so far from the forest and that he'll never find his way back. Larry cries out in anguish that this can't be happening and that he has to find Tom. Larry then starts searching all over town, trying to find where Tom went, and when he looks in a dumpster, he then looks over to see a Cherry Cat, and believing that the Cherry Cat ate Tom, looks in the Cherry Cat's mouth, but doesn't find anything. Larry still continues looking and calling out for Tom, just as Madame Blueberry comes up to him, asking him if he's looking for someone. Larry answers that he is and asks Madame Blueberry to help him, Madame Blueberry answering that she possibly can then asks Larry what he's looking for looks like. Larry is about to tell her, but quickly stops himself and quietly tells himself that he can't let Madame Blueberry know that it's a bird and that it might get back to Bob. Because of that, Larry answers that "He's small", which causes Madame Blueberry to ask if it's Tiny Pea because he's right there, but Larry tells Madame Blueberry that "He's small, and he squeaks when he talks". Madame Blueberry once again assumes that Larry is looking for Bob, but Larry further tells Madame Blueberry, "He's small, he squeaks when he talks, he's got a beak and beautiful feathers and I lost him and he's gone forever!"

Once again, Madame Blueberry erroneously guesses that Larry is looking for Mayor Archibald, but that only causes Larry to sigh sadly before turning to leave. Larry stands at the edge of the window of the House while calling out for Tom, asking him where he is, then realizes that if he had just left Tom where he belongs, then he wouldn't be lost and that he should have listened to Bob. Because of that, Larry realizes that he should listen to Bob and that he can help. Inside, Bob is counting his socks, when Larry suddenly bursts into his room, surprising Bob into scattering his socks so Bob has to recount his socks again, but Larry picks up Bob while telling him to never mind that and that he needs his help and says, "Ya have to help me find him!" Bob is confused about who Larry wants him to help find, before Larry answers "Tom", which prompts Bob to ask Larry who Tom is. Larry then says, "Tom is a bird" and when Bob gives Larry a disapproving stare, Larry reiterates what Bob told him about not bringing the Pear-a-keet home but he did bring him home and now he's gone and that Bob was right while Larry was wrong and asks Bob to help him. Bob tells Larry to calm down and that they should make sure that they find the Pear-a-keet and get him home. Back in the woods, Petunia has planted a seed in the ground while telling Bacon Bill that the first step to planting flowers is to put seeds wherever you want them to grow, as she gives a seed to Bacon Bill, who then wonders where he wants a flower. Bacon Bill then decides to put the see under his hat, which he proceeds to do. Petunia then tells Bacon Bill that next, you water the area, which she does with the seed that she planted, before Bacon Bill also waters the seed under his hat then pours some water into his mouth and gargles it before spitting it out.

Petunia then says that next, you give it some sun and wait for it to grow, as Bacon Bill runs over to a sunny spot in the woods and stands there, until a flower blooms from out of his hat. Bacon Bill then runs back to Petunia and tells her that he got a flower, while Petunia says that that was fast as she turns around, becoming surprised to see that flower sticking out of Bacon Bill's hat. Bacon Bill asks Petunia if she likes the flower, just as the Pear-a-keet flies up to the flower on Bacon Bill's hat, as he says, "This guy likes it." Petunia is surprised, but proud nonetheless that Bacon Bill listened to her advice, which makes Bacon Bill even more proud. Back in the House, Bob and Larry are walking on top of the counter while still looking for the Pear-a-keet, while Bob explains to Larry that "the Pear-a-keet has a very distinct bird call that it always responds to if within earshot", then demonstrates the bird call, which is immediately answered. Bob and Larry then arrive in front of Pa Grape's store, as Bob does the bird call again, before Larry tells him to let him try, which he does. Tina then comes up to Bob and Larry, thinking that they're playing a game, before she brays like a donkey, but Larry corrects her that they're looking for a lost bird, before the bird call is answered again. Bob and Larry then approach the source of the sound again, while Tina tells them that if they're ever looking for a lost donkey, they know where to find her then brays like a donkey again. Bob and Larry then approach the fountain in the town center, while the bird call is heard once again, before Bob and Larry look to see Tom perched on top of the lampshade.

Larry confidently says that he's got Tom, though Bob tells him not to make any sudden movements because he's very easily startled, as Larry thanks him for the advice, then goes up to get Tom. First, Larry climbs up a lamppost, then gets onto the bookshelf, and climbs up the lamp, but Tom flies away before he can reach him, which Larry is frustrated about as he says, "Not again!" Bob tells Larry not to chase Tom because Pear-a-keets fly in a figure-eight pattern and that he'll circle back the way he came, which Tom does as Larry prepares himself before jumping up and catching Tom successfully. Bob and Larry have returned to the woods again, while Bob tells Larry that this is where Tom belongs, while Larry sadly tells Tom that he's going to miss him, before Tom then flies off while Larry says goodbye to him. Tom is soon reunited with his mate again, as the two Pear-a-keets fly away after that, before Bob notices Petunia pushing a wheelbarrow full of flowers, asking her if she's picking some flowers for her flower shop. Petunia confirms this, saying that this is her biggest haul ever, which Bacon Bill agrees with, before Bob and Larry are surprised when they see that Bacon Bill has some more flowers blooming out of his hat, which the Pear-a-keets are attracted to.


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