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October 2015

  • Autumn is in the air, and here on the Wikia we've got the results of the latest main page poll from June! This would be the first time I'll track down the events of the poll, since I never did this before.

Favorite Big Idea spinoff series

  1. 3-2-1 Penguins! - 14
  2. The Larry-Boy Cartoon series - 17
  3. VeggieTales in the House - 14

So it looks like the cartoon series is the winner, with Penguins and House in tie. I personally think the cartoon series is the most underrated out of the series Big Idea has done over the last decade. I would like to see if Dreamworks could do a continuation since House is doing good.

Be sure to look for a new poll pretty soon! - MrMenfan94

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