This is a list of wiki games authorized by the Big Idea Wiki staff. They only require a computer, Internet access, a web browser, and (optionally) a time-keeping device to play.

Wiki Race

This involves one or more players start on the same random article and making their way to an article of their choice by using ONLY the links provided in the article.


  1. You must not use the search bar at any time.
  2. You must not click any links outside of the page content.
  3. You must stay within the bounds of the Big Idea Wiki.
  4. You must not go back to a previous page once they go to the next one.
  5. You must not use automated tools to help find pages.
    • You also must not use the "Find" feature either. Players must look in the table of contents (if there is one) and go from there. However, they cannot click inside of it; they must scroll down after looking.
  6. You must not use their browser's address bar to go to another page.

5 Clicks to God

This involves selecting a random article and attempting to reach the article for God in 5 clicks or less.


  1. See the Wiki Race rules.
  2. You must keep track of how many times you click.
  3. Clicking the link here does not mean an automatic win.
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