The scream that started it all.

The moment when a character realizes that something awful has happened, or notices that something awful is about to happen, and screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" It can also be used when a character is angrily refusing to do something. Screams of "NOOOOOOOOO!" are even in Big Idea's works.



3-2-1 Penguins!

  • In Comedy of Errors, Michelle has this when Jason sings the song Michelle always sings to herself to the Comet Lounge.
  • In Wise Guys, Jason has two of these, first when he finds out that the batteries are not included with the time machine, and second when he is told that he and his sister are stuck in the future forever.
  • In Oh, Mercy!, Zidgel, Jason and the Gator King yell this in slo-mo when the Crown Jewel accidentally falls out of it's case and breaks to smitherines.

LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures

VeggieTales In The House

  • In Larry's Cardboard Thumb, Larry does this in slow-mo after accidentally tripping while carrying Petunia's daisy, which causes the daisy to get thrown into the air.
  • In Bacon and Ice Cream, Ichabeezer gives off one of these after the snarky-doodel strudel cone that he got gets eaten by a Venus fly trap. Also, at the end of the episode, just when it seems that Ichabeezer finally got his snarky-doodle strudel, the closing iris then knocks the cone right over, which causes Ichabeezer to give off another one of these.
  • In Junior Gets a Pet, Junior gives off two of these, first when Robert the Buffalorange is rampaging to Pa's store, and the second time when trying to get Mike to not let Ichabeezer catch Robert the Buffalorange.
  • In Cool as a Cucumber, Jimmy and Jerry both give off one of these in slow-mo when Larry decides to throw away his shades and abandon being cool in favor of helping Junior and Laura.
  • In It, Larry yells this when he loses a game of tag with Bob.
  • In Spacetato, Larry gives off another one of these, as his rubber ducky falls down the grate.
  • In Place Trading, Larry gives off one of those when Ichabeezer tells him he's got no cartoons and no friends. Later, Ichabeezer gives off another one of those when Bob tells him he and Larry have company tonight.
  • In Ichabeezer's Granddaughter, Bob gives off one of these after Larry makes the decision to pretend to be a grandpa.
  • In Glued at the Hip, Bob gives off one of these, because Larry did glue their bodies together. Later in the episode, Larry, Ichabeezer and Madame Blueberry yell this in slow-mo when Mr. Lunt throws a stick for Rooney to fetch.
  • In JimmyBoy, Jimmy gives off one of these after learning that Motato kidnapped Happy Sunshine Bubbles.
  • In Shrink-abeezer, Jimmy gives off one of these after his cookie gets shrunk too, after he gets shrunken.
  • In Leader of the Team, Bacon Bill gives off one when the mustache Motato shoots at him gets above his eyes.

The VeggieTales Show

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