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Biblia de los Vegetales (stylized as Biblia de los VegeTales and marketed as Historias Favoritas de la Biblia de los Vegetales) is the Latin American translation of the VeggieTales Bible Storybook, in the Spanish language. It was distributed by Peniel in 2010.


Old Testament

New Testament


Fun Facts


  • In 2013, a rumor was started about a European Spanish dub named "Los Vegetales" existing (it was reportedly based off the Brazilian dubs). It wouldn't be until 2018 that the dub was indeed confirmed to be fake.
  • This is the only Latin Spanish translation of something by Big Idea to be done in Argentina.


  • The "Los Vegetales" title marks a heavy continuity error for Spanish VeggieTales media; the book is not marketed with the actual VeggieTales name and instead uses the former one.
  • In the 1st Latin Spanish dub, Daniel and the Lion's Den is named "Daniel en el Foso de los Leones." This book, however, changes "en" to "y" and "foso" to "jaula," which is also somewhat incorrect considering "jaula" is mostly used to refer to a cage.
    • Rack's name for Rack, Shack & Benny is also changed from "Drac" to his original name.
    • In the TV series, Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed is name "Larry-Boy y la Cizaña de los Rumores." This book, however, changes "Cizaña de los Rumores" to "Maleza Chismosa," which shares the same meaning as the original.
    • In the 1st Latin Spanish dub, Flibber-o-Loo was known as "Zapatolandia" (Shoeland in English). This book, however, reverts it to its original name.
    • While the title for An Easter Carol is mostly the same as the translation used for VeggieTales on TV, the only difference is that "cuento" is changed to "villancico," thus turning the title into a literal translation.
  • The titles for the stories are always purple, thus making the titles for some stories such as Frog Wars and Gideon: Tuba Warrior somewhat hard to see.
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