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Beauty and the Beet

Tom Owens


Chris Wall


Brian Roberts
Cory Edwards
Mike Nawrocki
Len Uhley

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


Anderson Merchandisers
(Mass market)
Word Entertainment
(Christian market)


October 14, 2014


57 minutes

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Beauty and the Beet is the fiftieth episode of VeggieTales.

This is a retelling of the classic fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast," with a modern twist.


Opening Countertop

On the countertop, Bob greets the kids, as Larry interrupts him with an urge to start the show right away. Larry tells Bob that they had just received an urgent letter from a girl named Grace. She says how there is a new girl in her school named Mary, and notes that she acts rude. Grace says she’s unsure what to do, as Mary’s attitude makes her want to be mean right back. Larry then calls on the French Peas to change him and Bob into the outfits for the story Larry has planned, a VeggieTales retelling of the fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast," aptly titled "Beauty and the Beet."

Beauty and the Beet

At the Greensburg Talent Show, the host introduces a family band called the Veggietones, with siblings Mirabelle as the lead singer, Sabrina and Katrina singing backup, Buddy and Bobby (Jean-Claude) playing bass, and Robby (Phillipe) playing drums. Their father, Larry Dill (Larry) watches from backstage wishing them good luck, as the band performs the song “Show You Love”. Their performance goes well with the crowd at the talent show, and the host offers Larry the chance for the band to play another live performance whilst also getting paid. A montage plays of the Veggietones performing at different locations, including a used car sale and an elderly couple’s anniversary party. While at the party, Larry meets with an agent, who helps him set up a chance for the band to play on-stage in front of a large crowd. This helps them to grow popular, leading the band to perform at more locations across the country, and gaining new equipment, leaving Larry to deal with the band’s financial problems.

During a performance one night, Larry gets a call inviting the band to play at Vegetable Square Garden, to which he responds to with excitement. After the performance, a reporter approaches Sabrina and Katrina as they are headed towards their tour bus, and asks them about the band’s popularity. While interviewing them, the reporter takes notice of Mirabelle helping two roadies loading the band’s equipment into the bus. The reporter asks why she’s helping them, and she states that she saw that they needed help, so she helped them. As the reporter leaves, Katrina scoffs at Mirabelle, calling her a “goody two-shoes”. After the bus is backed, Larry calls his family to get in so he can tell them the news about performing at Vegetable Square Garden. Sabrina asks what it is, and he explains that it’s a venue that helped launch some of the biggest bands around. He suggests starting the drive to Vegetable Square Garden right away, while Bobby says that it’s supposed to snow hard soon. Larry insists he does not want to miss an opportunity like this, and starts driving.

While on the road, the snow starts to pile up heavily, and Mirabelle suggests stopping the bus somewhere until the snow dies down, and it’s safe to drive again. The family spots a hotel called “Beet’s Alpine Suites” After they park their bus, they walk up to the front door and ring the doorbell. The hotel’s receptionist, Manuel (Archibald) invites them in, and has the bellhop, Templeton (Jimmy) get their luggage. The hotel’s cook, obviously named Cook (Bob) walks into the lobby, and is awestruck by the fact that the Veggietones are there, as he is a big fan of their music. Manuel checks the family into the hotel, asking the family if they would like to rent a large suite, but Larry says that they would all like to share one standard room, due to the limited money they have. As Manuel checks the family in, Cook brings them a large meal for them to eat. Meanwhile, Templeton finishes collecting the family’s luggage, but accidentally lets the bus slide and fall off a hill, leading it to crash.

Templeton bring’s the family’s luggage inside, and informs Larry about the bus crashing, leaving him in shock and disbelief. Mirabelle tries to help him calm down, giving him a chocolate rose displayed near them. Cook and Manuel see Larry about to eat the rose, and try to warn them, with Manuel saying they’re forbidden to guests. As Larry eats the rose, the hotel’s owner, Mr. Beet sees him eat it, lashing out at Larry saying that the roses were meant for only him. Manuel tries to explain to Mr. Beet that the family are paying guests, but he learns that the seven of them are only sharing one standard room, and that they were offered free food. Mr. Beet orders them to pay for the food and leave. Manuel then explains that the family’s bus is damaged, and that the roads won’t be safe to travel on for a while. Larry says that the band can perform to pay their debt, but Mr. Beet says that the hotel already has entertainment, a magic show performed by Cook. He then says that the only way he’ll let the family repay their debt is by doing various chores around the hotel, to which Mirabelle says they will. She then apologizes to Mr. Beet for giving her father the chocolate rose and thanks him for the opportunity to pay their debt, leading him to rudely dismiss her. Manuel then shows the family to their room, being relatively small. As Larry gets ready to sleep, Mirabelle assures him that everything will be okay.

The next morning, Mirabelle wakes up before the rest of her family and heads down to the lobby. She prays thanking God for her blessings, and saying that helping Mr. Beet despite his rudeness is what He wants her to do. She then gets dressed and gathers cleaning supplies, making a list of the chores that need to be done. She then wakes up her family telling them the chores they need to complete. As they complete the chores, a man named Mr. MacNeil (Scooter) comes into the hotel for a meal. Manuel takes his order, and MacNeil asks if the hotel has a new entertainment act, as he finds Cook’s magic show to be lame. Cook says to Mr. Beet that he doesn’t want to perform for MacNeil, and suggests that the Veggietones play instead. Mr. Beet doubts his suggestions, but changes his mind after MacNeil shouts that he’ll stop coming to the hotel if they show the magic show again. Mr. Beet walks up to Larry saying that he’ll let them pay off a portion of their debt if they perform for MacNeil, to which Larry agrees. The Veggietones play the song “Now That You’re Gone”, to which MacNeil says that their performance wasn’t bad. Mr. Beet tells Larry that performing songs can be one of the family’s chores, though they still need to do the rest.

Later, a group of skiers arrive at the suite to see the Veggietones perform. This gives Larry the idea for his family to leave using skis, but he turns it down after imagining how badly that would turn out. Later that night, Mirabelle brings Mr. Beet dinner in his office, and she takes notice of the opera music he has playing. He says that music is what helps him calm down, and Mirabelle suggests that she could teach him to sing because of his love of music. He turns her idea down because he thinks that no one would want to hear him sing due to him being cranky and rude, but she insists on the idea, to which he detests. She leaves his office, determined to help him. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Katrina are cleaning the lobby, and are talking about how old and disgusting they find it to be. They then talk about how they would treat the hotel if they would have lived there, talking about how neat it would be. This leads them to clean everything in the lobby and dining areas, while also redecorating with lights and new wallpaper.

The next morning, Mr. Beet notices that the hotel was re-decorated without his permission, shouting and asking who it was that did it. Mirabelle then comes asking him if he’d like her to actually do any singing lessons with her, as he scoffs and walks away. Mirabelle brings him his lunch later asking if she could teach him a lesson, to which he finally accepts. His first attempt at singing is rough, but Mirabelle leads him through the process of what it takes to sing well. After multiple attempts with her, he starts to sing well. As Mirabelle leaves, he tells her not to tell anybody about their lessons, which she agrees to. She then sees Manuel and Cook standing outside of Mr. Beet’s office, relieved that the lesson went well. Later, Larry is frantically looking through the hotel for ways to leave, opening multiple doors. As a closet’s pile falls on him, he discovers a tennis racket.

As time goes on, the Veggietones continue doing chores and performing for guests. Mirabelle continues giving Mr. Beet singing lessons, and Larry plans for his family to leave the hotel. Manuel brings Mr. Beet his dinner one night, saying that it won’t be long until the snow melts and the Veggietones leave. Mr. Beet says that Mirabelle will be gone, but tries to correct himself saying that the whole family will be gone. Manuel suggests the idea of offering the family the chance to stay permanently, but Mr. Beet rejects his idea. Meanwhile, while Mirabelle and Katrina are cleaning, Katrina states that she is fed up with Mr. Beet’s attitude. Mirabelle suggests that no one has ever shown him kindness, and that they should show him love. Katrina ridicules the idea, but Mirabelle says that God wants them to show people like him love.

The next morning, Mirabelle brings Mr. Beet breakfast. He asks if the band has any new songs planned, which she says they do, and that she would like him to sing with them. He says he wouldn’t feel comfortable with it, as he thinks it would drive his customers away, just like the one-star review of the hotel from the travel critic, Madame Chalot. Mirabelle asks if he wants to talk to her about how he’s feeling, which he refuses. She states that she’s open to talk about it, which causes Mr. Beet to lash out, telling her to stop being nice to him because of how mean he is. Mirabelle affirms how rude he is, leading him to ask why she’s still helping him. She says that she’s also imperfect, but God loves her anyway, and she wants to show that same kind of love to him. Mr. Beet says that he won’t sing in front of an audience, and that he’s done with Mirabelle’s music lessons, leaving her to leave his office.

Mirabelle then walks by Manuel in the hallway, asking why the hotel received such a negative review from Madame Chalot. He explains that one year, during a terrible blizzard, Madame Chalot (Miss Minchin) came to the hotel looking for shelter, but Mr. Beet turned her away because she didn’t have any money to pay for a room. This caused her to write a harsh one-star review of the hotel, later covering it on her show “Hotel Undercover”. After Manuel shows Mirabelle the episode, Bobby tells Mirabelle that Larry has a plan to get the family out of the hotel and to Vegetable Square Garden. They would use the tennis rackets he found as snowshoes, providing them an easy way to trudge through the show. Larry says the family should start preparing to leave by the next day, to which Manuel and Cook congratulate them with hesitation. As Mirabelle is preparing for the band’s final show at the hotel, Mr. Beet comes out and apologizes for lashing out at her, saying he would like to continue the singing lessons. She says that her family is leaving the next morning, then leaves to get dressed, leaving Mr. Beet to feel deserted.

Later in the night, Manuel introduces the Veggietones on stage, clarifying that this is their last performance at the hotel. The band then starts playing “Love is the Song”, and as Mirabelle sings, she looks around the room trying to find Mr. Beet, who is watching from the kitchen, obscured from Mirabelle's view. He sings along with the song, singing about showing love to anyone at all times. The next morning, the family is set to leave, saying goodbye to Manuel and Cook. Larry calls Mirabelle down to leave, who leaves a letter under the door of Mr. Beet’s office. After they leave, Mr. Beet reads the letter Mirabelle gave him, saying that he’s worth five stars. As the family is travelling through the snow, they notice a helicopter landing. Madame Chalot and a camera crew come out of the helicopter, as she says she wants to film another review for the hotel after not believing the positive feedback people have been giving it. Larry urges everyone to continue their trip to the venue, as not to miss the opportunity to perform there. After some hesitation, Mirabelle continues with her family.

Madame Chalot starts filming for her show “Hotel Undercover”, and explains that she will be going undercover at the hotel to see if the hotel has improved at all since she last reviewed it. She walks up to the front door and meets Manuel, putting on an accent saying that she has no money and needs to stay the night. Manuel then welcomes her in, saying that they'll be able to work something out. While the family is travelling, Mirabelle says that Mr. Beet’s career could be in jeopardy if Madame Chalot gives the hotel another negative review, and that a performance from them could help save it. Katrina and Sabrina say that it isn’t their problem, prompting Mirabelle to say that they should help them if they are able to do so. They then ask her why they should help him if he doesn’t give them anything in return. Mirabelle then says that they shouldn’t love to get anything in return or to get love back, but because God loves us, whether we deserve it or not, and that she and her family should show that same love to Mr. Beet. She then tells Larry that they need to go back to the hotel. After some pondering, he agrees and decides to go and help him.

Cook gives Madame Chalot a beverage, and she asks about the dinner’s show. Cook proclaims that there will be a show, before rushing outside, with Manuel and Mr. Beet practicing a magic trick. Mr. Beet says that what they have planned is horrible, while right at that moment, Cook notices the Veggietones coming back to the hotel, exciting him and Mr. Beet. Cook rushes inside to tell the guests that the Veggietones are coming back, leading to them all running outside and cheering for the band. However, the guests’ cheering causes an avalanche on the mountain the Veggietones are walking down, leading Mr. Beet to rush outside and grab a snowmobile, in an effort to get to the mountain on time and save the family. The Veggietones notice the avalanche, and try to run from it. They climb on top of a stray tree hoping it will keep them safe, but the avalanche pushes the tree and the family downhill. Mr. Beet catches up to the avalanche, and lassos the tree close to him. After he parks the snowmobile, the family get off the tree, but Bobby, Robby, and Mirabelle fall off into the avalanche again. They hang onto another tree, but the branch Mirabelle holds onto breaks off. Mr. Beet then drives the snowmobile down the hill to catch up to Mirabelle, and as she is about to fall off a cliff, he finds land near the cliff and jumps the snowmobile off as she falls off the cliff, catching her and landing them safely in the snow. The crowd and Mirabelle’s family cheer for their safety. Mr. Beet states how kind Mirabelle has been to him despite being so rude to her and her family. She then says “You’re welcome”, leading him to smile. After that, the crew suspects that Manuel was the mastermind behind Mr. Beet's plot and he is arrested for his crimes.

The Veggietones then perform at the hotel later that night, with a reprise of “Love is the Song”, with Mr. Beet singing along with Mirabelle on stage. Madame Chalot then ends her review of Beet’s Alpine Suites by changing her rating to five stars, after seeing what Mr. Beet had done to save Mirabelle’s family. Mr. MacNeil walks up to Madame Chalot, and the two flirt with each other, as the band continues performing.

Closing Countertop

Back on the countertop, Bob tells Larry that he enjoyed the story, and how great the lesson was. They then walk over to Qwerty to get the Bible verse:

"Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another."
— 1 John 4:11

Bob and Larry recap the story and the lesson, and encourage Grace to show love to Mary instead of mean to her in return. Before the episode ends, Bob says he prepared a surprise for the audience, a Christmas song from the Veggietones, leading to a music video for "Deck the Halls."



Fun Facts


  • Don't judge others by their past actions.


  • The peas stating bad things happen in dark hotels are most likely referring to horror genre films that would often take place in empty hotels, which turns into a catastrophic nightmare. The best example would be "The Shining," which took place in a haunted lodge during a snowstorm.
  • Wi-Fi is a signal with which computer devices can get the internet without connecting to a modem.
  • A quiche is an open-faced pastry filled with cheese, eggs, vegetables, and meat.


  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • The first time Bob and Larry get a letter that was written in crayon, as well as having little countertop time and being almost a complete hour long.
    • The first non-Larry-Boy episode to have a song at the end.
    • The first production established voice actor Rob Paulsen joined the cast.
    • The first time Tom Owens worked on a VeggieTales episode since Sumo of the Opera.
    • The first episode where Mike Nawrocki voices Scallion #3.
    • The third time a character has a tongue (while Mirabelle and Mr. Beet were singing, their tongues were visible). Before that, Larry blew a raspberry in Where's God When I'm S-Scared? and the trees also blew raspberries in Lord of the Beans.
  • This is the second time Bob and Larry's roles are opposite from each other, the first time being The Penniless Princess.
  • This is the last episode for several things:
  • This is the only episode to have its logo on the DVD credits.
  • The back covers on the DVD and the paper have slight differences. On the DVD cover, it shows the Silly Song. But on the paper sleeve, it's Deck the Halls.
  • This is the second Christmas episode not to include a Silly Song related to the holiday. The first one was It's a Meaningful Life.


  • Manuel doesn't know what Wi-Fi is, despite having a laptop on his desk. And his laptop doesn't have a cable to get bandwidth from a modem. Also, Mirabelle states that she can't get Wi-Fi on her cellphone.
  • A lot of duplicate characters were used, such as Larry meeting two gourds resembling Jerry.
  • The cover depicts Mr. Beet giving a rose to Mirabelle. This never happened in the actual episode.
  • If you look closely at Mr. Beet's record collection, some of them are duplicates.


  • Larry's tooth was missing when he was telling Manuel about getting a "Not-so-suite."
  • When Manuel greets the skiers, his mouth is out-of-sync with the dialogue.
  • The credits mess up Bobby and Robby's names, naming both as Robby.

Inside References

  • The Groovy Brothers were mentioned, and one of their albums was shown.
  • The peas sleeping in the dresser drawers are similar to what the ducks did in "Pistachio - The Little Boy That Woodn't."
  • The rubber chicken is the same one that appeared in "Sumo of the Opera."
  • The cliffs the bus drove through are the same ones seen from Meaningful Life, just without the tracks.
  • In the montage of the VeggieTones' rise to popularity, a signed album of The Hairbrush Song is shown in the background of the band's radio interview.
    • The Hairbrush Song is later heard by Manuel, who hums it as he sneaks away to find a way to escape the hotel.
  • In the same montage, many movie posters from the theater in "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella" are displayed in a backstage area.
  • One of the VeggieTones' performances is at the Malta Malts shop from "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush."

Real-World References

  • Because it's an adaptation of Disney's own adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, a few allusions from the story were used here:
    • Mr. Beet refusing someone to stay for free, which resulted in a bad review (the prince refuses to help the older woman, who turns out to be a fairy and turns him into a monster).
    • The hotel staff trying to make their guests comfortable while dealing with their boss (the animate objects making the visitors welcomed while dealing with their master. This mostly happened in the Disney adaptation).
    • Mr. Beet gets angry if anyone eats his chocolate roses (The Beast would get angry if someone touches the glass jar with the rose because it's enchanted and would make him a beast forever if it dies).
    • The main character helping the grumpy character changing their ways to become a better person.
  • In the montage of the VeggieTones' rise to popularity, a chart of the top 100 songs lists the song "Ruby Tuesday" by the British rock band The Rolling Stones.
  • The bus bears resemblance to a Mack bus.
  • The VeggieTones travel montage feature parodies of a few United States.
    • Spinachusetts is a direct parody of Massachusetts.
    • Squashington is a direct parody of Washington.
    • Okrahoma is a direct parody of Oklahoma.
    • Caulifornia is a direct parody of California.

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