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The Beaker Bop series was a trilogy of online games from the official website.


Beaker Bop 1

Larryboy has infiltrated the evil Alchemist's secret hide-out! Help Bumblyburg's hero capture the crooked scientist once and for all.

Beaker Bop 2

The Alchemist has escaped! Help Larryboy chase the villain through 10 new levels and capture him again.

Beaker Bop 3

The Bumblyburg Police just can't keep the Alchemist locked up! Chase this crafty bad guy through five more levels of mayhem, and put him away for good.

Fun Facts

  • This is the last game based off of the LarryBoy Cartoon series.
  • The games are similar to the arcade classic, Donkey Kong.
  • Beaker Bop 2 required a password. The password was PLUNGER.