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Bert Bertman, also known as Baron von Cavitus, is an alien hamster in a robotic suit and the main antagonist in 3-2-1 Penguins!.

He is also the inventor of the Galeezle.


Bert was originally Fidgel's pet hamster while he was a student back at the Academy. He gained the ability to talk when Fidgel experimented on him. He then became a student at the school. He was very successful, though everyone, except Fidgel, made fun of him because of his size. Because of this, he tried to take over the school and called himself "Honorary Dean of Evil".

Sometime later prior to his first appearance, he built himself a robotic suit and took the name Baron von Cavitus. His main objection is to take over the entire galaxy.


Bert is very insecure about his size, and he does not like being called cute. He does not think very highly of his minions. In fact, he considers them idiots.

Physical Appearance

As a hamster, Bert is small with light brown fur with black eyes.

As Cavitus, he is tall with a red collar with the emblem "C".


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Fun Facts

  • Cavitus' name is likely a pun on the word "Cavity", intended to reference the fact that many of his schemes involve the theft of some type of food.
  • Cavitus' design resembles the main antagonist MegaByte from ReBoot, another show Garry Chalk used to be in.
  • Up until 12 Angry Hens, none of the Rockhopper crew members knew that Bert and Cavitus are the same person.
  • He is similar to Dr. Hamsterviel from the Lilo & Stitch franchise.