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In order to conquer the world, the Bad Apple had a belt that contains mechanical spider legs.

The belt and legs are made of galvanize. It also has a hexagon shaped light on the buckle.


  • Its main application is the web of temptation. After it is spun by the devious Macintosh, it creates a holographic dimension of the victim's greatest temptation. The vegetable can walk into the web and experience it, and it is difficult to escape.
  • The second known use of the belt is the spider-like legs. These legs allow her easy mobility to go from victim to victim. They can stick to walls, which help when spinning a web of temptation. These legs also have great suspension, so leaping is no problem. If she needs a lift, the legs can extend until she is as tall as a building.
  • The last feature of the belt is the web squirter. It extends from the back of the belt and curves around so she can see what she is shooting at. It is an offensive weapon, unlike the web of temptation. It can be blocked only by a super suction ear.



Fun Facts


  • The Bad Apple's mechanical legs are based after Doctor Octopus' tentacles from Spider-Man.