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"I'm temptation, I'll simply divide and conquer. No one can stand up to me on their own."
— Bad Apple telling Curly her modus operandi
Bad Apple
  • Species: Red Apple
  • Gender: Female

The Bad Apple (real name Bella Apply) is a villain against Larry-Boy, and is a descendant of Ephraim Apply.


Many years ago, Bella’s great uncle Ephraim Apply wanted to take over Bumblyburg by building a fun house that would distract the citizens of the town, but was banished after Obediah Bumbly stopped his dastardly plan. Now she wants to get revenge and continue her ancestor's modus operandi.

She resides at an abandoned water mill on the outskirts of Bumblyburg. She has an earthworm sidekick named Curly.

She uses temptation to subdue her enemies, such as using chocolate to defeat LarryBoy, using television to stop Alfred, using video games to stall Petunia and even using beauty to cripple Mayor Blueberry.

After her defeat at Larry-Boy's plungers, she is currently back at her secret lair planning her revenge on the Cucumber of Steel.


As a personification of temptation, the Bad Apple would rather use her manipulation to subdue her enemies. However, when she is pushed to the brick, she would not hesitate to resort to violence to get what she wants. She can even intimidate or threaten Curly to put him in his place.

Physical Appearance and abilities

The Bad Apple is a red apple with green eyelids, dark lips, and a green leaf, that reacts as hair. She also wears a belt and a green cloak.

She is very good at manipulating people after knowing their greatest weaknesses. She also wields a belt (that was likely invented by herself) which gives her spider legs, and allows her to spin webs and create worlds representing the victim's temptation.


Voice Actors

  • Cynthia West
  • Yllka Mujo (Albanian dub)
  • Joey Cordevin (German dub)

In the trailer for the episode, the Bad Apple had a different voice than what she had in the final. David Pitts stated they tried finding the perfect voice for her character. Mike Nawrocki confirmed that Melinda Doolittle had tried out for her before.

Fun Facts


  • She is the only Larry-Boy villain in the entire series not to get arrested, as well the first one in the main series not to die (although the Rumor Weed changed forms rather than died permanently).
  • Bad Apple would be the last female villain Larry-Boy deals with until he discovers Aprilcot, about a decade later.
  • The symbolism of an apple being temptation is based after the apple from the book of Genesis, where the snake temps Adam and Eve to eat the fruit God forbid them to go by.
  • If you compare her with the legs and cape, you'll noticed the legs are too far apart to be hidden well.
    • Also, in some shots before her legs are revealed, her cloak doesn't touch the ground, thus making her appear to float like a ghost.
  • Because of the episode dealing with temptation, the crew didn't want her to temp the others on doing bad things, which doesn't help how she was trying to make Larry-Boy eat her chocolate bar is a bit too much. So they went with the overindulgence to make it more suitable.
  • Her real name is Bella Apply.
  • Her sidekick being a worm is a reference to how worms eat apples, thus making her a literal “bad apple”.