Bacon vs. Tomato

Bill Breneisen


Doug TenNapel

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


March 25, 2016


11 minutes

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Bacon vs. Tomato is the second half of the second episode of the third season of VeggieTales in the House.


Larry is awarding Bacon Bill a ribbon that reads "BFF," telling him that he made him this award, before putting it on Bacon Bill's chest as he reads what it says, before Larry tells him that it stands for "Bacon Friend Forever." Bacon Bill then says that he would like to thank the academy and that they like him. At that moment, Bob comes down the stairs just as Larry tells Bacon Bill that he's his BFF, while Bob realizes that BFF means "Best Friend Forever," not realizing that Larry's definition of BFF to Bacon Bill actually means "Bacon Friend Forever." Larry then tells Bob that he's just in time, though Bob thinks that he's in time for his award, but Larry tells him that him and Bacon Bill need a third person to play Three-Person Checkers, called Threckers. Bob, Larry, and Bacon Bill are now playing Threckers, while Bob says that he'll go first as he makes the first move, but Bacon Bill tells him that he shouldn't go there because Larry can easily jump him up one side and down the other. Bob then claims that maybe this is what a real Best Friend Forever does, which is that he lets him win. Larry says that he doesn't want to win yet before he places one piece on the floor next to him. Bob tries telling Larry that the floor is not a playable square. It is now Bacon Bill's turn as he literally jumps all over the place and is able to stack up all of the pieces which means that he wins, which Bob is surprised about. Larry congratulates Bacon Bill for a nice play before they high-five each other and say, "BFF" which only makes Bob feel even more glum.

Larry then notices that Bob looks upset then tells him to "scowl upside-dowl," but Bob turns him down before saying that he needs to get some air as he leaves the house while saying that it smells like bacon in here. Bacon Bill then smells himself, but says that he smells nothing. Outside, Bob is walking by himself while saying that Bacon Bill just became Larry's friend in just a few weeks. A Cherry Cat then comes up to Bob and rubs herself against him as he greets her. Bob then tells the Cherry Cat to help him think of a way to become Larry's Best Friend Forever once again. When the Cherry Cat meows, Bob comes up with an idea, which is that he'll buy Larry's friendship back by giving him all his favorite things. Bob calls the Cherry Cat a good kitty, then leaves to put his plan into action. At Pa Grape's store, Pa is preparing to close for the night, when Bob suddenly rushes into the store before Pa can close it, while Pa says that he was just closing up. Bob picks up several tins of sardines while saying that Larry will like the sardines, before he picks up some more sardines which are packed in mustard sauce, extra stinky, and sardines and marshmallow scream. Pa then comes back into the store, asking Bob when he took such an interest in sardines. Bob answers that the sardines are for Larry, because he's worried that Larry has a new best friend so he's going to buy him back with sardines. Pa is dubious about what Bob is doing, and he asks him if he's sure that that's what's going on, but Bob just rushes past him, then gives him a stack of money for the sardines before leaving. Back home, Larry is asleep, when Bob comes into his room while carrying the sardines and says, "Rise and shine, my bestest old buddy, old pal!" This causes Larry to wake up, before Bob tells him that he got him some fancy (as in 'smelly') sardines for breakfast, which is what Best Friends Forever do for each other.

However, the doorbell rings after that, as Larry goes to answer it, but Bob picks him up and throws him back in the bed while telling him to wait right there while he gets the door. After Bob has left, Larry wonders why Bob thinks he's his Bacon Friend Forever, because the last time he checked, he wasn't made of bacon, before licking himself and confirming that he's still made of cucumber. Bob answers the door and becomes sour when he sees that Bacon Bill is at the door, as Bacon Bill bids Bob a good morning, but Bob tells him that Larry is still in bed and for Bacon Bill to come back later before slamming the door. Larry comes down the stairs while carrying the sardines as he asks Bob who it was, though Bob tells him it was nobody. Unfortunately, Larry looks up and is able to see Bacon Bill at the door, though Bob tries to hide Bacon Bill behind him while claiming that there's nobody out there. Unfortunately for Bob, Larry opens the door, allowing Bacon Bill to come in, as Bacon Bill says, "Your BFF is in the house!" Larry tells Bacon Bill that he's just in time for breakfast, which only makes Bob even more angry, before he falls off the door after that. In the kitchen, Larry is telling Bacon Bill that one thing he loves about his BFF is that he eats sardines with him, which Bacon Bill agrees with, saying, "The stinkier the better!" Bob suddenly gets in front of Larry and Bacon Bill while saying that he could eat sardines while claiming that he loves eating things that are disgusting. Larry is about to eat another tin of sardines when Bob takes the tin from him and says, "Anything for my Best Friend Forever!". Bob then proceeds the eat the sardines, but after he finishes, he ends up getting sickened and turning green as a result, while Bacon Bill comments that he thought that tomatoes were supposed to be red, not green.

Outside the house, Larry and Bacon Bill are having fun, while Bob is standing outside sadly, while the Cherry Cat is eating a sardine given to her. Bob sadly tells the Cherry Cat that he doesn't know what to do because Larry keeps calling Bacon Bill his BFF. The Cherry Cat meows, which causes Bob to tell her that if she's asking what BFF stands for, it means Best Friends Forever, while adding that it really HMF, which stands for "Hurts My Feelings." The Cherry Cat meows again, which Bob interprets as that if BFF means something else and that he's just being quick to anger, then the Cherry Cat should mind her own business. The Cherry Cat meows again, and Bob says that he doesn't know "Cat-ese," but does manage to guess that the Cherry Cat is telling him to do crazy things like Larry, which he thinks is a great idea. Bob then leaves, but not without giving the rest of the sardines to the Cherry Cat. Larry is asleep in bed, when the sound of Bob laughing and whooping is suddenly heard, which wakes him up. Larry reenters the living room, looking around to find where the sounds are coming from, but doesn't see anything. When Larry looks up at the ceiling, he is surprised when he finds Bob riding his bike on the ceiling for a change, while Bob tells Larry that he'd be Larry's Best Friend Forever and make it even funner. Larry thinks that it looks like a blast, after a moment of looking rather stern about it, before the two then start riding their bikes on the ceiling. Bob then tells Larry, "So now who's your BFF?", which Larry answers is Bacon Bill, which Bob is surprised to hear, while Larry tells Bob that he could never be his BFF. Bob then falls off the ceiling and looks very sad, which Larry acknowledges as he asks Bob what's wrong, but Bob sadly tells him that he's going to find his own BFF. After Bob has left, Larry tells him to go find a Bacon Friend Forever while he does donuts around the light fixture, which Larry proceeds to do.

Bob has approached Ichabeezer's mansion as he rings the doorbell. When Ichabeezer answers the door, he asks Bob what he wants. Bob asks Ichabeezer if he wants to be his Best Friend Forever, but Ichabeezer says that he already has one, which is Rooney. Bob asks Ichabeezer if he has any chores that he can help with, telling him to give him a chance and that he'll show him that he's a very useful friend. Ichabeezer then tells Bob to vacuum the carpets for him while he considers it, which Bob proceeds to do while telling Ichabeezer that he'll show him that he's a best friend. Ichabeezer then turns to Rooney and tells him that if Bob wants a best friend, then it'll come quite in handy. Ichabeezer tells Bob that he'll consider him as a Best Friend Forever if he whipped up a few snacks for him and Rooney, which Bob says is a good idea and that he'll get right on it, while Ichabeezer gives a small smile to Rooney. Back at Bob and Larry's house, Larry and Bacon Bill are taking their cars for a joyride, before they proceed to do "synchronized wheelie-popping." Back at Ichabeezer's mansion, Ichabeezer and Rooney have finished eating their snacks, while Bob catches the plate that Ichabeezer throws behind him, then asks Ichabeezer what else he can get him. Ichabeezer tells him to go study the corner, which Bob proceeds to do, while Ichabeezer complains that Bob is driving him crazy, then asks what he's going to do. Rooney then barks, which Ichabeezer interprets as "Hide from Bob," which he thinks is a great idea. Bob says that he's studied the corner, which is 90 degrees. Ichabeezer then tells Bob that he needs him to go study the lawn, which Bob is a bit dubious about, before Ichabeezer tells him, "Get on my lawn!" Bob then goes out to do what Ichabeezer told him to, while Ichabeezer tells Rooney to help him with the bookcase. Ichabeezer and Rooney then approach a bookcase, as Ichabeezer pulls on one book, which is actually a lever that causes the bookcase to reveal a door in the wall, before Ichabeezer tells Rooney to sneak out through the door, which they both do, just as the bookcase closes soon after.

Bob is still standing on the lawn, just as Ichabeezer and Rooney come out from a trash can in front of the mansion then leave. Bob comes back into the mansion telling Ichabeezer that has he 640,809 blades of grass on his lawn, then looks around to see that Ichabeezer and Rooney are nowhere to be found. Bob goes to look for Ichabeezer, then says that he must be playing Hide-and-Seek, which is what Best Friends Forever do. Bob then wonders how he finds Ichabeezer, before noticing that Ichabeezer left behind some money when he and Rooney left, before deciding to follow the money. Bob follows the trail of money, before coming out of the same trash can that Ichabeezer and Rooney came out of, while Bob says, "I'm hot on your trail, Ichabeezer!" as he continues to follow the money trail. Ichabeezer and Rooney enter Pa Grape's store, as Pa asks Ichabeezer if he can help him, before Ichabeezer tells Pa to hide him. Pa asks Ichabeezer if the IRS is after him again, but Ichabeezer tells him that it's Bob and that he wants to be his best friend, before telling Pa to never mind. Ichabeezer and Rooney then hide behind a nearby shelf, before being met with Larry and Bacon Bill as they greet Ichabeezer, but he shushes them because he's hiding. Larry asks Ichabeezer who he's hiding from, but before Ichabeezer can answer, Bob enters the store while still looking for Ichabeezer. Larry and Bacon Bill are happy when they see Bob come in, while Ichabeezer says that that's who he's hiding from. Bob asks Larry and Bacon Bill if they've seen Ichabeezer. Ichabeezer whispers to Larry and Bacon Bill that he's not here, but Larry promptly gives away Ichabeezer's hiding place, while Bacon Bill says that Ichabeezer keeps whispering, "I'm not here." Because of this, Bob is able to find Ichabeezer behind the shelf, greeting him as "Best Friend Forever Ichabeezer," but Ichabeezer angrily tells Bob to leave him alone and that he doesn't want to be his Best Friend Forever.

Larry is surprised when Ichabeezer says this, before telling Bob that he thought that he was his Best Friend Forever, but Bob tells him that Ichabeezer is his new BFF. Bacon Bill is surprised when he hears that Ichabeezer is made of bacon, which Ichabeezer is angered by, before getting licked by Bacon Bill, who claims that he was just checking. Larry tells Bob that Ichabeezer can't be his BFF because he's a zucchini, so because of that, he can be Bob's ZFF, Zucchini Friend Forever, which Bob is surprised to hear. Ichabeezer then realizes what's going on, realizing that Larry called Bacon Bill his BFF because he is a Bacon Friend Forever, and that Bob heard Larry call Bacon Bill his BFF, thinking 'Best Friend Forever' when he really meant 'Bacon Friend Forever'. After this explanation, Bob laments that he feels like a rotten tomato, because at first he was worried about not being Larry's best friend, then he got jealous and angry. Ichabeezer then tells Pa to wrap it up for them, which Pa proceeds to do, as he starts singing a song about how James 1:19 says that you have to be ready to be listen, not quick to speak, and especially to be slow to become angry. After the song ends, Ichabeezer asks Bob if he'll finally leave him alone, before Bob answers that he's going to be slow to anger and wait a while before he answers that. Bacon Bill then tells Bob and Larry that he can be both of their BFF's, while Larry calls out for a group hug, which he, Bob, and Bacon Bill do, while Ichabeezer gets caught up in the group hug, then tells them to get away from him.


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