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Baby Lou is a member of the Carrot Family. He is the youngest and is just an infant. Baby Lou is the brother of Laura and Lenny Carrot. He doesn't know how to speak yet and only appears in The Toy That Saved Christmas.


During the first half of the episode, Lou is first seen participating in Can't Believe It's Christmas. After they sled into house #4, he and the kids see the commercial for Buzz-Saw Louie. After he, Laura and Lenny go home, Lou is seen witnessing his siblings' whining.

During the second half of the episode, Lou is seen with his family watching Junior's commercial and is shocked when Mr. Nezzer captures the group. He and the rest of Dinkletown go to confront Mr. Nezzer with Laura giving him a teddy bear. After Mr. Nezzer, Louie and the penguins get rescued, Louie joins everyone in a Christmas party (visible in the 1997 version of the episode).



Very Veggie Silly Stories[]


  • He's the only character who can only waddle but in Veggie Pile-Up he hops.
  • Baby Lou was actually created in 1994 along with Laura, Unca Joe and Lenny as seen in an early photo that is hanging on a bulletin wall at Big Idea's office that year.
  • He may be the youngest character in VeggieTales.