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"BING, you're a corker"
Midgel, the Doom Funnel Rescue!

Beneficial Imprinting Neuralnet Gizmo, or B.I.N.G., is an artificial intelligible robot who was built by the Cosmic Cuisinse Corporation. He is from The Benefical Imprinting Neaurnet Gizmo line.


He was given free with a prune trifle burrito Kevin purchased while Midgel was refueling the Rockhopper.

He then given to Professor Wordsworth after the Colony was destroyed.

Physical Appearance and Abilities

BING is a round silvery gray robot with one eye, yellow lining, and green lights on his sides. He has retractable arms.


Fun Facts

  • In the concept art, he was going to be dark gray.
  • B.I.N.G. is pretty similar to R2-D2. Not only in appearance, but they both make similar sounds.
  • His design is reminiscent of Wheatley from the "Portal" series, even though BING existed before the "Portal" series was created.