Celery Night Fever is the 50th episode of VeggieTales.


Fun Facts


  • This marks the first episode of Laura's redesign.
  • This is one of the few VeggieTales episodes not to have music composed by Kurt Heinecke.
  • Guessing that the events the Groovy Brothers broke up happened in 1975, and it was 38 years ago at the time, then the episode takes place at least in 2013. Which is about a year before it was release.


  • Despite Phil Vischer's wishes not to use magic on the show, Lanny did perform some in the episode.
  • Bruce Onion breaks the fourth wall when he scolds the kids thinking they're waiting for a Silly Song.
  • The DVD cover states it's around 45 minutes. But the entire episode runtime is 52. However, if you remove the runtime from the opening, Silly Song, and credits altogether, it's actually 45 minutes.

Inside References

  • This is the first time Bob and Larry had a written email since Larry-Boy's first episode.
  • Jimmy and Jerry are made Larry ate their pie.
  • One of the photos in Laura's scrapbook is Mr. Sly.
  • This is the first episode Khail had a supporting role in VeggieTales since Pistachio.

Real World References

  • The entire story plot is similar to the 2011 Muppets Movie. There, a main character tries to reunite an old band back together so they can save a historic landmark from being torn up by a rich tycoon.

The second record ablum in the credits is based after the Beatles' Abbey Road.



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