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{{youmay|'''the tomato'''|'''[[Larry's Family#Steve, Bob, and Mark|Larry's older brother]]'''}}
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*'''Species''': Tomato
*'''Eye color''': Blue
'''Bob''' is one of the main characters for VeggieTales. He is Larry's best friend and they host the show together.
Bob and [[Larry]] first appeared when [[Junior]] was scared of Frankencelery. They told him that he doesn't have to be afraid because God is the biggest.
He also narrated the stories of Flibber-o-Loo and a Snoodle's Tale.
Bob is usually the "straight man" in his partnership with Larry. He is described by Phil Vischer as his inner Mr. Rogers. Bob is calm and nice, though he does get annoyed at time, especially the [[What Have We Learned|What Have We Learned song]].
He tries to keep things maintained and likes it consistence as it was. However, he gets frustrated when things don't go well, such as when he see what the of VeggieTales might be if robots take over, and when he wanted to tell a story of Jorgen and his pet monkey.
Bob is often a deadpan snarker, and he doesn't like taking jokes seriously, especially from Larry and [[Qwerty]]. He also didn't like the redo edition of the kitchen countertop and Qwerty, though he's gotten used to it afterwards. He often has his moments where he's often out of character, and sometimes devious. Regardless, Bob is calm and very nice.
Bob's favorite pastime is practicing his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Bob is a red tomato with a green stem. Up until [[Josh and the Big Wall]], he was shiny. Over the years, his body took from being elastic to more fruit-like consistency.
==Episode appearances==
Bob made numerous appearances since his debut.
Besides being the host, some of best known roles are Cavis Appythart and Dr. Watson. He is also head editor and chief of [[The Daily Bumble|the Daily Bumble]].
==Voice actors==
*[[Phil Vischer]]
*Bob makes a camoe appearance in the 3-2-1 Penguins! episode, "The Amazing Carnival of Complaining."
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