Asteroid Cowboys is the 39th Silly Song. It is about Larry, Junior, and Jimmy being Asteroid Cowboys.


The Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry. The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

Background singers: Asteroid. Asteroid. Asteroid. Asteroid Cowboys.

Larry: Yee-haw! Oh my little rockie dokie your orbit has been stured. Don't dare be sneakin up gotta get back in the herd. It's lonely out in outer space they say it never ends. I know you'll feel much better back here with all your friends.

Larry, Jimmy and Junior: Home, Home out in space. Keeping them asteroids in place. And here they all stay but if one gets a-way we'll dig in our spurs and give chase.

Larry: Let's go get it, boys. On my trusty rocket horsie, so swiftly do I ride. I blaze the trail with fiery tail with my possie at my side.

Jimmy and Junior: Yeah we're his Asteroid Possie. We roam the Milky Way.

Larry, Jimmy and Junior: We lasso up them asteroids if an ay go astray.

Jimmy: (Gets hit by asteroid) Aaaah!

Junior: Didn't see that coming.

Larry: Home, Home out in space. Keeping them Asteroids in place. Oh we gotta take care cause with any air-

Larry, Jimmy and Junior: -The vacum will suck out your face.

Larry: You can't do that on Earth.

Jimmy: It actually kinda hurts when I do that.

(A big asteroid passes by the three. Larry sees it)

Larry: Come on, Boys. That's a big one.

Junior: I think it might be a little too big.

Larry: Giddy up, Possie. Just one more today. Oh why do I chase these asteroids? I suppose it's just my thing. Big or small. I'll rope them all. So yippee-ka-yay I sing. Yee-haw!

Jimmy: Yoppie-kai-yo there, Cowboy!

Junior: You better pull back soon!

Both: You're having fun but cut and run or you'll run into that...

(The Asteriod hits the moon)

Both: ...Moon.

Larry: Ow. Sleeping out under the stars. So much beauty out here to admire.

Jimmy: Oh the grounds never damp.

Junior: But when we set up camp-

Jimmy and Larry: It's impossible to light a fire.

Larry: I think it might that no air thing again.

Junior: Yeah.

Jimmy: You know you can roast marshmallows on Earth.

Junior: I wanna be a cowboy on Earth.

(Jimmy once again gets hit by an asteroid)

Jimmy: Aaaah! Me too!

Background singers: Asteroid Cowboys in space. Keeping them asteriods in place.

Jimmy: Aaaah!

Announcer: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Larry say...

Larry: Come on, Guys. You can't do this on Earth.

(Song ends)


  • This is the final time Christopher Davis composed for VeggieTales.



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