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|image = [[File:PrincessandthePopstar.png|250px]]
|episode name = Princess and the Popstar
|director = [[Brian Roberts]]
|producer = [[David Pitts]]
|writer = [[Mark Steele]]
|music = [[Kurt Heinecke]]
|distributor =
|release date = July 1, 2011
|runtime = 49 minutes
|previous episode =
|next episode = }}
'''Princess and the Popstar''' is the 41st episode of [[VeggieTales]].
The story is based on Mark Twain's "The Prince and the Pauper".
==Fun Facts==
*As Bob stated in the episode, "The grass is always greener on the other side" is an expression for wanting something the person has.
*This is Laura's first main episode.
*Originally, Brian wanted to avert the "fitting in someone else's shoes" plot as he wanted the episode to focus more on Poppy and Vanna's friendship. However, he decided to go use the plot element anyway.
**There was also plans to have an antagonist, similar to the original story. But this was dropped due to it feeling it's not required. Had it gone through, it would've been either a stage manger or even Vanna's mother.
====Real-World References====
*Vanna Banana is a spoof on Disney's Hannah Montana.
*The show "Little Peas on the Prairie" is a spoof on the NBC drama series, "Little House on the Prairie"
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