Apollo Gourd
Voice Actor Phil Vischer
First Appearance Lyle the Kindly Viking
Gender Male
Friends unknown
Enemies unknown
Quote Unknown

Apollo Gourd (also known as Mr. Twisty) is a minor character in VeggieTales. He first appears in "Lyle the Kindly Viking" waiting at the trolley stop. He then appears again acting as Mr. Twisty, the creator of Cheese Curls. He appears again, given the name of Apollo. He is a member of Gourd's Gym, as shown in his first appearance.


Apollo Gourd is a giant yellow gourd. In his first appearance, he has warts and hairs growing all over him. He has a big nose and his chin is visable, and he grows a brown stem and eyebrows. He also wears a Gourd's Gym shirt. When he was Apollo Gourd, his warts and hairs were gone, and he grew black hair instead of brown.



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  • Apollo is a member of Gourd's Gym.
  • Apollo appears on the rooftop on a building in Bumblyburg (most likely Gourd's Gym) wearing a Gourd's Gym shirt in a Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple puzzle.
  • His voice is similar to Goliath's.
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