• Species: Green Scallion
  • Hair color: Brown

Annie is a young girl who is friends with Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot. She is the granddaughter of George.


In her first appearance, her grandfather was telling some stories before she went to bed. Annie suggested she wanted to hear another story, which her Grandpa George decided to tell about what happened in Dinkletown.

She later appeared in Madame Blueberry, where she was having a birthday party and was thankful for everything she had in spite of living well below the poverty line, just when the French blueberry was starting to learn about thankfulness.

In later appearances, she is seen with the other veggie kids.

Physical Appearance

Annie is a green scallion with brown hair, a pink nose and wears a pair of glasses.


Voice Actresses

  • Shelby Vischer (The Toy That Saved Christmas - The Star of Christmas)
  • Ally Nawrocki (Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush - God Loves You Very Much)
  • Maggie Roberts (The Little Drummer Boy - Merry Larry and the True Light for Christmas)
  • Megan Murphy (Beauty and the Beet only)

Fun Facts

  • She is the first character to be voiced by a young family member of the staff.
  • There's been a debate about her last name:
  • She was seen without glasses in the dream sequences in Bully Trouble, though it might've been an animation error. Then she was seen without them again in the story of George Mueller.
    • It might be possible she uses contact lens at times.
    • She was the only character seen wearing glasses during Bully Trouble except for the dream sequences.
  • In Silly Little Thing Called Love and Sweetpea Beauty, her voice made her sound older than her age since Ally Nawrocki was a teenager during the time of those movies.


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