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Annie is a recurring character in VeggieTales. She is the tender-hearted friend of Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot and granddaughter of George.


In her first appearance, her grandfather was telling some stories before she went to bed. Annie suggested she wanted to hear another story, which her Grandpa George decided to tell about what happened in Dinkletown.

She later appeared in Madame Blueberry, where she appears as a poor french girl having a birthday party and was thankful for everything she had in spite of living well below the poverty line, just when the French blueberry was starting to learn about thankfulness.

In later appearances, she is seen with the other veggie kids.

Physical Appearance

Annie is a beautiful looking little green onion girl with short brown hair styled in a flip, a pink nose and eyelids, is a often shown to be a strong dapper wearing glasses (normally), a hair bow on her head (a black beret in Madame Blueberry) and either a variety of dresses or blouses and plain skirts.

Normal Dress

Annie usually wears a pink blouse and skirt with blue polka-dots on the skirt and a matching bow of the same pattern of the skirt. This began from Jonah onwards.

Other Dresses

In The Toy That Saved Christmas, she wore a white sleeping gown and a blue bow. In Madame Blueberry, when she played the poor french girl, she wore a slightly tattered outfit containing a black beret on her head and a peach blouse and skirt. In Bully Trouble, when she played Lady Cluck, she wore a white veil over her head along with light blue bands on her head and around her neck, and a light blue dress. In George Mueller, when she played Emily, she wore a white shirt and a brown overall dress, along with Laura and two unnamed Veggie kids. In The Penniless Princess, she wore a school uniform that was what the girls wear at, which contained a fair colored hair bow, and a white buttoned shirt under a fair-colored dress with a white ribbon strapped around the skirt.


Casting History

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Fun Facts

  • She is the first character to be voiced by a young family member of the staff.
  • There's been a small discrepancy in regards to Annie‘s full name:
  • In the dream sequences in "Bully Trouble", Annie is seen without her glasses for the first time.
  • In Silly Little Thing Called Love and Sweetpea Beauty, Annie‘s voice sounds significantly deeper than normal. This is due to the fact Ally Nawrocki was a teenager during the time of recording for those episodes.
  • In Annie's first appearance in The Toy That Saved Christmas, her hair constantly moved and flowed around unlike her later appearances.